Top 4 Questions That Are Frequently Asked With Crystal Healing Wands

Whenever people discover something new, it’s natural that people either find it relatable or might criticize its use. Similarly, crystal healing wands’ implications are not new for the world; this practice started many years back. Earlier, wearing crystals and placing the wands near the living room fell under the luxurious lifestyle of royal people. No matter how deeply you go through with the study of crystal healing wands and crystal chakra wands. The scope of asking questions is never-ending. And that is completely okay to have.

Here you will get the answer to those queries that might be usual to pick up but didn’t hit the right words for fulfilling the queries’ strength:

1. Does The Size Of Crystal Matter While Having A Crystal Healing Wand?

Those who are more into astrology reading and often visit foretellers might have an idea about mass dentistry of crystals calculated before possessing them nearby. It varies from person to person because a crystal’s work efficiency is generally calculated on its mass. The diviner suggests it by keeping the age or weight of a person in mind. Although no matter what size crystal you possess, it works in all sizes if your sole purpose is to rhyme with its positive vibrations.

2. Can crystals draw a person towards them?

If you start believing that nothing happens without a strong reason in this world. Then you would be surprised by each minute detail while looking at your surroundings, whether it will be giving you lessons or shredding comfort. Yes, crystals indeed attract you towards them. If you are more sound intuitively, you can pick the right one by closing your eyes and holding them in your hand.

3. Does crystal work on the intention you decide for them?

It’s peculiar to say, but yes, crystals catch the person’s intentions and work at the same pace you urge them to perform. Before setting your wish, make sure your crystal is clean and charged. You can place the crystal under direct sunlight for a few hours or place the crystal inside the bowl filled with salt water to make it clean from all kinds of bad energies. At last, you are all set to make a wish.

4. What are common misconceptions lined with crystal healing stones?

When the survey was conducted, the common question asked people about crystal healing stones is whether they prefer buying crystal healing stones. They largely opted for the mentioned option ‘they are not in favor of healing stones possession.’ The analysis shows that many people have secured themselves with deceptive information. They believed crystals hold a magic potion. It was thoroughly rubbish that some people trapped themselves with wrong information and are believing it. Crystals healing wands are just a performance enhancer to improve those areas you are already working in your life. It helps you to stretch yourself mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.


With time crystals’ beneficial impact on the lives of strugglers has become more efficient among the countries. At present, people find it calmest and one of the most reliable therapies, where you can become your therapist.

Using wands while Meditating, massaging, and possessing for uplifting the specific low zone are those activities that are most often received from them. Crystals have become a great option for sharing inside Australia’s best pamper gift box. Let’s keep aside those giftings that we are commonly circulating in a circle, excluding ourselves from the race of buying the best grooming tools, products, deodorant, and others. Set yourself apart by sharing the goodness of crystals this time. It sounds and seems like wow.