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Top 4 Benefits of Solar Panels in Your Home

Solar energy is advancing and becoming a mainstay across the Australian energy market. Companies such as Captain Green Solar Panels Brisbane have seen an increasing demand that is only increasing with the advances in technology, reduction in costs and climate changing driving the need for renewable energy solutions. With so many Australians adopting solar and experiencing its benefits, here are the top four benefits of solar we want to share with you.

  1. Clean Climate Conscious Energy

Solar systems produce clean and renewable electricity using energy from the sun. Traditional methods of electricity generation emit substantial amounts of carbon emissions. They not only use finite resources but are slowly killing our environment. Solar energy is a renewable and clean energy solution which you can use to power your home. Depending on your budget and needs you can partially offset your reliance on carbon emitting energy or even go 100% renewable!

  1. Reduced Energy Bills

Reducing your reliance on the electricity grid is also a great way to diminish your energy bills or even cut them down to zero. The advances in technology and reduction in cost are increasing the cost efficiency of solar energy solutions. They have the potential to not only save the environment but save you money too! What’s even better, if you are generating a surplus amount of energy to your requirements you can feed it back into the grid, earn money and supply others with renewable energy.

  1. Improved Energy Stability

By having an off-grid source of energy you are also improving the energy stability of your home. In emergency situations which affect the electricity grid such as blackouts you will still be able to power your home. Advances in battery storage technology allow you to store increasing amounts of energy so you can still power your home at night or when the sun is not shining.

  1. Earn Tax Credits and Rebates

Not only can you take advantage of solar by earning money through feeding back into the grid, but there are also a number of tax credits and rebates to reduce your initial costs for purchasing and install your solar products. State and Federal Government are helping consumers and business with schemes to help reach renewable energy targets.

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