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Top 3 Web Application Development Trends to Follow in 2021

We are living in a digital era where it is crucial for businesses to have an online presence. For a second, imagine having an online presence without a website. Well, you can’t do it, can you? Of course, not. That is why having a website is so important.

But just having a website is not enough. You must have a website that is in accordance with the latest web application development trends. What are the latest trends you must follow this year; you may be wondering?

In this post, we have talked about the direction in which web development is moving.

Enhanced Accessibility

One of the trends we would see this year is increased accessibility. It is no surprise that web development is focusing on broadening accessibility. Not only in web development, but also in the tech industry generally. Thanks to this trend, users can easily access the content and services that they couldn’t in the past.

We have seen an increase in the use of voice search since 2019. According to a report, 60 million people in the US use smart speakers. In the same report, it was mentioned that 54% of Americans use voice commands on smartphones, speakers, and other devices.

Keeping this in mind, businesses must optimize their apps or platforms with voice search. Even pages that are optimized for voice search are ranked in SERPs.

Moreover, some changes in the UI of the apps can improve the comfort of mobile users. For instance, by changing the placement of interactive buttons, you can make it easy and comfortable for the visitor to navigate the site. When it will be easy for the users to surf and spend more time on your website.

Increased User-Friendliness

People tend to use an app that is easy to use and convenient. It is one of the most significant trends that every business must follow in 2021. In recent times, progressive web applications (PWA) are growing in number. For those who don’t know, PWA is a slimmer version of the applications. It is application software that is delivered through the web using technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

PWA is designed to work on all platforms using the standards-compliant browser. It means that such apps can be used on both mobile devices and desktops. A great thing about such apps is that it is faster and easy to use.

However, native apps are much more integrated with the system. That is why it provides an exceptional smoother experience.

Another type of web application that is among the latest trends is single-page applications (SPA). In this type of application, you will not have to reload the page you are using. The best examples are Facebook and Gmail. Such apps are perfect for delivering an excellent and seamless user experience. You can just keep scrolling down and new content will keep on appearing. Also, these apps store local data, enabling users to view content without an internet connection.

This year, we will see web applications make a comeback. You can rely on web Application Company like Viral Square to help you with all your web development needs.

Improved Site Interaction and Content Experience

As mentioned above, user experience is the top priority. For this purpose, developers are making a lot of changes for enhancing site interaction and consumption of content. Mostly, the main focus of developers is on speed.

For example, developers try to integrate AI into their websites. With the help of this, the website offers a more personalized user experience. That also leads to delivering more relevant content and retail suggestions.

Without a doubt, AI is capable of storing user data like purchase history or search history. Thanks to this, you can provide an experience that is specifically tailored for them. As a result, it will decrease the bounce rate because the visitors will get what they are looking for.

Furthermore, another change that helps in decreasing bounce rate is motion UI. It includes things such as motion graphics, content transitions, and animations. By using such things, you can make your site more fun and enhance the user experience. Eventually, it will lead to improved site performance and happy customers.

Final Thoughts

In the end, web development companies have interesting and innovative trends to look forward to in 2021. Many of the developments are not new or unique, they have been used for quite some time now. Since our dependency on the internet and smart devices is increasing by the day, these things are more crucial than ever.

A wonderful thing about these web application development changes is that they are beneficial for both businesses and users. By implementing these changes, you will be able to improve the user experience. It will help increase your revenue and traffic.

What developments are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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