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Top 3 Custom Aviation Software Solutions for Your Business

Commercial airlines face high demand in today’s evolving market, and aviation solutions might just be the right tools that help companies stay competitive. The challenge is to effectively balance profitability and customer satisfaction without compromising security and stringent regulatory compliance. Plus, the changing technological landscape is a condition that supports surging customer expectations and a more competitive market. 

Working in a bespoke software development company with more than ten years of experience in partnering with aviation companies, I can confidently say that this is one of the most modernised businesses in terms of technology. If you think about it, custom aviation software solutions are the backbone of each airline company, be it commercial or private. For airline companies, automation of routine tasks through custom aviation software solutions means that they can speed up their daily operation. Above all, improving operational efficiency will help your company achieve seamless processes that save money and time. 

So, in case you’re considering innovating your airline business, here are the top 3 custom aviation software solutions to keep in mind:

  1. Custom Compliance Solutions for Aviation 

It’s no secret that the aviation sector is among the most heavily regulated industries in the world. International agreements apply when several countries are affected, for example, when using foreign airspace or landing rights. For example, The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), founded during the Chicago Convention of 1944, focuses on key objectives such as flight safety, capacity and efficiency, sustainable economic growth, environmental development and of course, (cyber) security

Rapidly changing requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic provoke an increased need for aviation solutions for compliance. Airline businesses thus need to constantly keep track of newly updated Covid-19 country policies and prohibitions and adhere to changing regulations. To overcome these difficulties, airline companies need reliable technology that helps them stay on track in this dynamic environment. Custom aviation solutions that are specially designed to comply with international and country-specific regulations are one of the essential success elements. Not only can compliance software solutions automatically make all necessary documentation changes, but they can also take corrective actions as they perform compliance monitoring management (e.g. important policies, reports, reconfigurations, etc.). 

  1. Aviation Software for Flight Planning 

In the aviation industry, reliable flight planning software is of utmost importance for numerous reasons. First, well-thought-out flight planning software promotes drastic reductions in dispatch workload. Second, automation lies at the core of workflow efficiency, and when you can rely on a secure software solution, flight planning can cut down the flight costs as the program automatically choose the most appropriate and short flight route, saving valuable time, fuel and financial resources. Third, flight planning software is also essential for maintaining top security levels in aviation. Each moment, nearly 10,000 airplanes are somewhere in the sky above us, which calls for careful coordination and route planning. 

At the time of writing this article, the world is still shaken by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The neighbouring countries have been in a state of military conflict since February 24, 2022, and as a part of all the sanctions and restrictions, almost all European countries have closed their airspace. Reuters shares an image where we can see that shows what a massive impact this military operation has on aviation. With this newly imposed ban from and to Russia and Russia-supporting countries, flight planning has become an extremely challenging task. Many airline companies such as Lufthansa, British Airways and United Airlines have to divert their flying routes to comply with the current ban. Besides, during routine flights, flight planning software plays an utterly important role in such extreme situations. 

  1. Aviation Solutions for Airline Financial Management 

According to Statista, the global airline industry is estimated to be worth $471,8 billion in 2021. Despite the major Covid-19-related losses such as cancelled flights, lower passenger traffic and grounded fleets, aviation remains one of the most expensive and most profitable business domains worldwide. Be it cargo air traffic, regular passenger flights or private jets – all these need proper aviation finance software to manage all ongoing expenses and profits. In most cases, airline companies will require a custom software solution for finance that successfully can integrate with third-party systems and performs payment operations, produce electronic invoices and calculate airport cost estimates. 

Just think of all the necessary steps needed to perform a single flight. From pre-flight approval procedures, scheduling time slots, crew assignments, passenger communication, check-ins, onboarding, etc. – behind all of them are financial elements. For example, we all know that airline companies must pay harsh airport fines in case they miss their open slots for departure or landing. Plus, airlines also have regular ongoing expenses such as salaries, payments for various services, maintenance, crew safety trainings, etc. Custom aviation software solutions for airline financial management can easily produce electronic invoices for third-party vendors such as airports, the IATA (International Air Transport Association), insurance providers, contractors, food suppliers, etc. 

All in all, modern aviation is heavily dependent on technological advancements. Not only do custom aviation software solutions reshape the everyday job of all aviation professionals who might require some digital upskilling, but they also help businesses save time and money, provide higher passenger satisfaction and improve flight security. Readapting to the new normal and more digital than ever business landscape, compliance software in aviation are a must-have for companies that want to remain competitive and avoid potential heavy sanctions. 

Besides, custom flight planning solutions are also an inseparable part of today’s modern aviation. Failing to do adequate pre-flight planning can lead to unnecessary airport costs, more expensive routes and longer flight duration. Since the beginning of the pandemic, flight planning software solutions can also assist companies in managing passenger volume. A document by the European Commission regarding slot relief measures from 2020 states that the pandemic provoked changes in the booking behaviour of passenger decisions, and now these are made within weeks or even days of scheduled flights. In these highly unpredictable situations, technology comes to the rescue and helps companies better manage their resource and minimise risks and potential business losses. 

Author Biography Aleksandrina Vasileva 

Aleksandrina is a Content Creator at Dreamix, a custom software development company, and is keen on innovative technological solutions with a positive impact on our world. Her teaching background mixed with interests in psychology drives her to share knowledge. She is an avid reader and enthusiastic blogger, always looking for the next inspiration.

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