Top 20 Best Boat Names of All Times That You Should Know

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1. Aquaholic: According to BoatUS, after four years’ missing this name returns triumphantly to the Top 10. There’s a fair chance you’re addicted to the water if your ship is called Aquaholic.

2. Pearl: Maybe someone was inspired by the Johnny Depp-Orlando Bloom-Keira Knightley movie in 2003 — “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” Or, the name might symbolize the jewel pearl.

3. Forever Young: That Mel Gibson movie? Rod Stewart or Alphaville? Perhaps when boaters are out on the water sailing or fishing, it keeps them forever young.

4. Second Chance: A do-over or take two. Great way to do that? On a boat.

5. Squid Pro Quo: This plays off the Latin phrase “something for something” (quid pro quo).

6. More Cowbell: A pop culture reference to a “Saturday Night Live” skit in 2000 with Will Farrell and Christopher Walken. Ironically, there were no boats in that skit.

7. Pegasus: You might find this common boat name on sailboats, powerboats and University of Central Florida swag (Pegasus is the official mascot, logo and symbol of UCF in Orlando).

8. Energizer: It explains the energy within the drive of the boat.

9. Why Knot? More nautical wordplay. Why? Because it works.

10. High Engineering: Well, let’s call a spade. Owning a boat also means a lot of effort and money. It would help if you thought about it… Could you wait for it, wait for it? High maintenance. High maintenance. 

11. Thunderstorm– You guys take some chances, 

12. Defenders – You’re safe with the righteous. 

13. Demolition – Crew the squad takes the walls down. 

14. Desert Storm – Following the military invasion of Iraq. 

15. Divide and win – The team has a reputation for breaking down and dominating its rivals.  

16. Dominators – You guys are not only winning each contest, but you are also crushing it. 

 17. Hammer- All in reach of falling bombs. 

18. End Game – The game won’t last too long if you guys get involved. 

19. Enforcers – those who preserve the mob’s harmony. 

20. Fire Starters – The acts that you guys are doing bring down the whole house.


People across the world want to set perfect boat names for their boats, and we anticipate this content goes well for your purpose.

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