Top 2 generators for home

Top 2 generators for home use in India

Generators are a need of today’s world in a time of power outages. Power outages can be an outcome of bad weather or any other technical issues. But a generator in your house can keep it going. But we often get confused about which generator to buy and what their pros and cons are. 

Here are lists of 10 power up top models of generators to resolve your issue, and you can give any of them a try. 

● Emax PEG3200B C2 Petrol Generator

It is any to use the generator and has an accessible petrol tank which opens out. So in case, your generator runs out of fuel, you can refill it without any issues. It is an ISO certified generator so that you can be assured of the quality. 

It has a very compact design and makes no noise while working. So it is not irritating; rather, you will get your work done in time without any hassles that may power outage could have done.

Are you living in a small house? Don’t worry. The compact design of this model takes less space from your house and provides you with better wattage services than its size.

It has a wheel for easy mobility. You don’t have to work hard to move it from one place to another. It has automated initiation. You don’t need to spin a wheel like the old model generators.

Due to all the above reasons, it tops the list.

● HONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000

It is one of the most used generators in India and comes under 10 Power Up top models. It has a metal structure that covers the generator. It has also been handled to make the moving of the generator easier. Still, it’s so heavy, and this model is preferred if you don’t need to move it more often.

It has a four-stroke engine, and the maximum output can go up to 850VA.

It has no automatic start option, so you have to pull a string repeatedly till the generator starts. That’s why it requires manual labor.

This model’s fuel tank has a capacity of around 3.5 LTRs, and the mileage it shows is 0.5 liters for an hour. 

To add up to its pros, it has an air cooling system and doesn’t add much to the pollution. The price can go up to around 30,000.

Another thing to keep in mind is, Honda is a very trusted company in India. So as a product of that company, this model owns people’s trust.


You can check out other 10 power up top models of generators if you want to know more. But one thing you should make sure of, you have checked all the features of a generator before you buy it. Starting from how many kgs it weighs to its fuel-efficiency, you have to keep everything in mind and then decide what suits your needs and requirements the most.

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