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Top 16 myths about nathan fillion weight loss

There are many prejudices and preconceptions regarding an issue as important as losing weight. And not only when it comes to aesthetics, but also health. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at the following article, in which you can learn about some of the most widespread myths about losing weight, and of course, their corresponding explanation.

16 Myths and Truths About nathan fillion weight loss

here are some myths about nathan fillion weight loss you need to know If your goal is to nathan fillion weight loss, it is best to consult a nutritionist to obtain an appropriate meal plan. In addition, you must be consistent with healthy habits such as physical activity and good rest.

  1. To lose weight, you must eat many times a day

This may be true. In theory, if you go longer without eating, the fat will be absorbed faster. However, there are several different theories about it (such as intermittent fasting ) andeverything will depend on the content of each meal, the characteristics and needs of each person and their goals.

  1. Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets are best for nathan fillion weight loss

False. In order nathan fillion weight loss, it is recommended to have a balanced diet plan, which includes all the nutrients. Do not believe in magic diets or diets that are based on a single food group, since these present various difficulties .

  1. Everything you eat at night turns into fat

It’s false. If a person usually eats several times a day in small quantities and also maintains her routine at night, she does not have to gain weight in that period.

It is different if it is “saved” to eat more for dinner (something very common) . In this case, the body will convert the intake into fat, since it will not expend that energy in the following hours, when we go to sleep.

  1. The more you exercise, the more nathan fillion weight loss

It is also false. What sports or physical activity does is stimulate the metabolism, causing calories to be burned. However, someone who does not eat a healthy diet will not lose weight just by spending hours in the gym.

  1. Red and green tea are used to burn fat

True. Both infusions are excellent for roller weight loss , not only to burn fat, but also to reduce the accumulation of fluids. This is due to its diuretic properties and the stimulation of the lipoxidation it produces.

Three cups per day are suggested, but this can vary from person to person. The first should be done on an empty stomach, along with a healthy breakfast, which is part of the nutritional plan drawn up by the nutritionist.

  1. Age is not a determining factor in diets

This is false. Although the age does not matter, everyone can diet and lose weight, the truth is that an adult will need more time to lose the same kilos than a teenager, for example.

  1. The blame for the “rebound effect” is expressdiets

It is totally true. In this type of fast diet you do not learn to eat well, but you suffer for one or two weeks, nathan fillion weight loss and it is believed that those kilos will no longer appear.

However, these types of “miracle diets” all they do is mess up your metabolism by eating only a few food groups. As stated in the cited sources, there are no magic bullets: losing weight is a process and takes time.

  1. Lightfoods lose weight

It’s false. There are many myths regarding green label, reduced calorie, light or diet products, whatever you want to call them. People often confuse these words with 0% calories, and this is the mistake. This UPF document clarifies several questions on this subject.

The same goes for whole grains. For example, black bread has more calories than white bread, but it provides more fiber and nutrients .

  1. You need to starve to lose weight

100% false. You need to know what foods to eat, in what quantities, and when. These are the keys to a good diet. Contrary to popular belief, suffering and starving is counterproductive for the body.

If this mistake is made, when it is time to eat, the person will eat desperately, without weighing the consequences. That is why it is so important to plan a varied and balanced diet with the supervision of a professional.

  1. Drinking liquids with meals makes you fat

It is not always true. Many say that it is preferable not to drink anything at lunch or dinner, so the stomach will focus only on the food it needs to fill itself. However, other specialists do not advise against doing so, since what really matters is the level of hydration of the person and the nutritional quality of the food that is eaten.

The arguments for this theory are that water (or any drink) generates a false feeling of satiety that ends after 30 minutes. So the person goes back to the kitchen, opens the fridge, and eats anything.

Beyond this discussion, outside of meals drinking water is vital because it releases toxins and lowers anxiety . In addition, hydration is a key need of the body.

  1. There are 0% fat foods

False. All foods have even a little fat, even skinless chicken breast. To lose weight, you need to change harmful habits for healthier ones. For example, you should eliminate fried foods from your diet, as they contain trans fats , use olive oil and consume more lean meats .

  1. Hot water force a seriously weight loss

It’s false. The body is believed to act like a greasy mess for food, which can be removed with hot water without problems. The body acts in a different way.

To get nathan fillion weight loss, several factors are necessary, knowing the foods that are eaten and, in addition, the calories they provide. As we already said, it is about having a healthy style that also focuses on caloric expenditure through physical activity .

  1. You can prepare healthy fast food

True. Fast foods are not always unhealthy, it all depends on how they are prepared. The salads are a clear example of fast food healthy and there are hundreds of different recipes.

  1. Everything natural is beneficial to health

It is a myth. This is not always the case, as there are some products that are sold as natural and are not . For example, fruits and vegetables can have agrochemicals, pesticides or also be transgenic .

  1. Red meat is bad for your health

It’s false. While beef, pork, or lamb have fat and cholesterol, they also provide nutrients such as iron, zinc, and protein . The issue lies in the portions you consume and how often you serve it at the table, in addition to many other issues that we must consider.

  • What you can do is  choose leaner cuts and also remove the fat before cooking if you want to nathan fillion weight loss.
  1. Eating while watching television makes you fat

It may be true. If you are busy with something else (which can also be your PC, mobile phone, video games or even a book), you will not realize what you are consuming . Therefore, not only will you eat anything but, in addition, you will not know when you are satisfied.

However, it is clear that this does not apply in all cases . If you are leaning towards healthy snacks and striving to control your portions, watching TV shouldn’t affect to nathan fillion weight loss.

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