Top 10 most popular Cocktails

There are so many drinks, but where to start? With the most popular ones in the world, of course. They must have become popular for a reason, after all. If you are interested in trying some very nice cocktails, Gigi’s Hoxton is a very good cocktail bar. So, without wasting any time, here they are (with the most popular listed first):

  • The Old Fashioned is the defining cocktailing in the history of cocktails, with no frills to hide its rich, smooth, silky strength. It’s a short drink made with sugar, water, bitters, whiskey, and a cube of ice. It can also be served with a lemon or orange wedge or peel.
  • The Negroni is a balanced bitter/sweet cocktail–think licorice. Like the Old Fashioned, it’s a no-frills drink consisting of gin, vermouth wine, and Campari liqueur. It’s generally garnished with an orange peel.
  • The Daiquiri, in its traditional form, is made with white rum, lime juice, and simple syrup, and is generally garnished with a lime wedge. For variety, drinkers may choose to add a splash of juice or a wedge of the fruit of their choice. 
  • A Dry Martini is a mix of gin and dry vermouth wine. The theme for these world top cocktails is quality of ingredients versus number of ingredients, and this is no exception. The term “dry” indicates a stronger drink, and this is the case with a dry martini.
  • A Margarita is the first on this list with a predominantly tangy twist. It’s also the first with a tequila base. Drinkers may choose to add a splash of citrus fruit liquor or juice, usually lime, but sometimes orange. Some drinkers do choose to add sweeter fruit flavors, like strawberry, though. The rim of margarita glasses are coated salt to compliment and balance the sharp tang of the beverage.
  • The Espresso Martini is relatively new to the cocktail scene, having been created in 1983. It is excellent for a little “wake me up while chilling me out” moment. The espresso adds a pop and bitterness that compliments the relaxing effects of the vodka and the sweetness of the coffee liqueur and sugar.   
  • A Whiskey Sour is a light drink, with subtle sweetness and tangy citrus. It’s made with whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar. The taste is akin to a well-balanced and well-prepared citrus juice. 
  • The Manhattan is made with spicy rye, sweet vermouth, bitters, and a cherry garnish. The warmth of the spice compliments the bitter, and the sweet adds a complexity reminiscent of holidays.
  • The Aperol Spritz is another newcomer, made famous on social media in the twenty-teens. It’s made with white wine, orange bitters, club soda, and an orange-slice garnish. It’s often associated with the summer months and the bubbles certainly put it in a light, airy, refreshing drink category. 
  • Mojitos are a member of the refreshing drink club, too, with their mix of white rum, lime juice, cane sugar, club soda, and mint leaves. The rum gives a feeling of warmth while the lime, bubbles, and mint provide a crispness, and the sugar provides a balance for each of these. 
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