Top 10 Mistakes that Waste Your Time When Cleaning

When cleaning time comes around we want to get it done quickly. We want it to be easy, efficient, and simple. For many homeowners it can be a stressful process that they view as time consuming and frustrating, especially when the results are poor. Our experience has revealed that the problems mostly arise from the products and methods that are used to take on the project. Some products and methods seem to double the time and work you have to put in to get a satisfactory result. Others are quicker. Here is a top 10 list of the most common mistakes made during cleaning projects that are waste of your time –

(1). You Can’t Get Clean Results until Cleaning With Dirty Rags

Once a cleaning rag has been used it needs to be washed before being used again. Sometimes people pile up old rags into a basket or receptacle of some kind and then pull them out to clean without considering they are dirty. With rags like that all that happens is dirty being spread all around. To keep your rags clean just rinse them really well before cleaning, in the middle of the project, and again at the end. Make sure when you rinse that the water comes our clear and clean and if you need a professional you can contact Carpet Cleaning Brisbane.

(2). My Mirror Looks Dull and Plain

This particular mistake is one of the classics. To clean your mirrors all you do is spray it with glass cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber cloth or newspaper while it’s wet. It inevitably winds up streaked and murky across the surface. You have to wipe them down with a clean cloth at the beginning to take off the surface dust and dirt. Once you get the surface dirt off the glass cleaner will be much more effective.

(3). The Un-Soaked Dishes Mistake

It only takes a couple of seconds to run some water over dishes that are in your sink. The payoff is tremendous. The soaking gives saves a lot of elbow grease by softening and loosening up the food particles. The water also helps to prevent things from hardening after long exposure to the air. Using the hottest water possible will help to disintegrate and cut most food stuffs. Just the simple act of running some water over your dishes saves a lot of work , unnecessary elbow grease, and headaches. 

(4). Window Cleaning (Dusting, Spraying, Wiping, Repeating)

When you clean your windows at the right time of day you probably won’t need to repeat the process. Lots of people believe the best time and type of day is a sunshiny day when the sun hits the windows directly. However, the truth is that it’s better to clean windows on a cloudy day or in the late evenings when the sun is not so harsh.

The sun heats your windows and your glass cleaner dries up quicker, causing it to streak when you wipe it down. That’s what constitutes having to clean it repeatedly to get the streaks removed. Clean your windows on a cool overcast day if you only want to do it once.

(5). Carpet Stains

Many times people attack their carpets so viciously to clean them that they wind up damaging the fibers. Gently blotting is a much more effective way of cleaning carpets. It absorbs the stains and wipes well with a clean cloth. and if you need a professional you can contact Carpet cleaning Logan.

(6). Understand Your Cleaning Tools

One of the big mistakes people make when cleaning is using the wrong tool for the job. There is a time for abrasive scrubbing tools and a time for gentle sponging and absorbing tools. Knowing the difference and applying it to your cleaning project makes for good results.

(7). Less Can be More With Cleaning Products

There is a tendency to believe that using more product will get cleaner results. This is actually not the case. A soapy residue can remain when you use too much cleaning product just like with washing clothes or using too much furniture polish. Use the least possible product to achieve the desired results.

(8). Frequently Empty Your Vacuum (change your bags)

A vacuum that is full of dust is of no use at all. Aside from not picking up dirt it spreads it out even further into corners and empty spaces. Always take the time to empty and clean your vacuum while cleaning. Change the bag as soon as it appears to be full.

(9). Standing Time on Cleaning Products

Certain cleaners require you to let the product stand after each cleaning phase in order to be effective. If you neglect that requirement you could wind up cleaning for a much longer time and with more effort (similar to using a toilet bowl cleaner).

(10). Cleaning Should be Done From The Top Down

The best cleaning systems are the ones that clean from the top down. Naturally, loose dirt and debris will fall downward because of gravity. When you start at the bottom and work your way up you drop excess dirt back onto the surface you just wiped clean.

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