Tooth Extraction and Why It Happens- Explained by Dentist Dublin?

Getting a tooth pulled out is one of the most traumatic things that you can go through! Although some people get it done pretty easily, some have severe trouble while going through this difficult process. It is indeed possible to completely avoid this process by taking good care of your teeth. Dentist Dublin only advises you to get your tooth extracted when its health has completely been 

compromised. An infected tooth can have a bad effect on your overall health as well which is why it becomes mandatory to get the teeth removed. People usually get too upset while getting their teeth extracted because they are supposed to last a lifetime. 

If you are the one who is going to get a tooth extraction treatment, it is better if you study this procedure and get yourself acquainted with it. What you should expect while going for this treatment is not much exactly. Though it seems very overwhelming, it is an easy process and gets done in one appointment. Dentists Dublin are trained to perform this surgery in the best way possible so you do not need to worry about it! You are in good hands! 

What is the procedure of tooth extraction? 

Before anything, your dentist will give you local anaesthesia to numb the area around the tooth that is going to be extracted. Some people who have severe anxiety or a phobia of dental procedures prefer to be injected with general anaesthesia so they can sleep through the process. After cutting through the gum and bone tissue, Dentist Dublin tries to pull the tooth out by loosening it and twisting it. In some cases, the tooth is so hard that it needs to be removed by breaking it into several pieces. When the tooth is being removed, a blood clot is formed which is covered with a gauze. Dentist Dublin advises their patients to bite down on the gauze to prevent blood loss

What to do after a tooth extraction? 

To avoid any complications or pain, you need to take care of the few things that are listed below: 

● After getting this process done, you need to eat soft and cold foods for a few days. 

● Taking painkillers is necessary to avoid excruciating pain. 

● To avoid swelling, apply an ice bag to that side of your face for 10-15 minutes. 

● Do not overwork yourself after getting an extraction done. 

● Treat yourself to a good TV show and a tub of ice cream because taking a rest is necessary to recover from the tooth extraction. 

● Spitting should be strictly avoided so the blood clot does not damage. 

● Foods such as yoghurt, soup, jelly, pudding, soft cereal, and ice cream should be eaten. 

● Do not leave brushing your teeth and continue flossing too. Clean your tongue properly and use mouthwash as well. 

● Lie down on your back and use a pillow to keep your head straight and avoid internal bleeding. 

Why do you need to get a tooth extraction done?

As unfortunate as it may sound, there are quite a few reasons which can lead to tooth extraction. You must know about these problems so you can avoid them or treat them properly if you have any of them. 

Five of the most common contributor’s ones are listed below: 

● Tooth Decay 

Even though it takes a lot of time for tooth decay to progress till the point of extraction, it is indeed possible. First, the enamel deteriorated, and afterwards, the dentin does too which is when it starts to ache a lot. The bacteria eventually reach the pulp of the tooth which results in a root canal. Most of the time, people who wait to get their treatment done are the ones who go through an extraction. If you go to the dentist Dublin sooner, you may be able to save your tooth and not get it extracted. 

● Overcrowded Teeth 

Tooth alignment is one of the things that people are conscious about. To carry out this process, your orthodontist may need to remove permanent teeth to make more space into your mouth to align the rest of the teeth. 

● Severe Gum Diseases 

Most people think that gum diseases are not as harmful as tooth diseases, but that’s not entirely true. When your tooth structure is compromised, the teeth start falling on their own. So, if you develop a gum disease that causes your bone tissue to deteriorate and your bones and ligaments to break down, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible! 

● Impacted Teeth 

Impacted teeth, those that looks ugly are those teeth that do not erupt properly or erupt at a strange angle. These teeth need to be extracted for the well-being of your oral hygiene. A widely known example is the wisdom tooth which cannot erupt properly because of lack of space in the mouth or overcrowded teeth.

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