To Safe Environment we should use Solar panel.

Solar energy is an energy that we get from the sunlight. Solar energy is vital for every living creature on earth. We get vitamin D from sunlight; we can release our brain-hormones, the tree can make food with the sunlight’s help with photosynthesis.

Solar panel

Nowadays, technology is making our life more comfortable. The solar panel is a panel that absorbs energy from the sunlight and generates that energy as electricity. The solar panel contains so many small cells called “photovoltaic cells.” Photons of light make the electrons free from the atoms; the solar panel allows the photons to do that; the link-up of these so many cells make up a solar panel. The cells (photovoltaic cells) make a Reuben of two slices of semiconducting material like silicon. An electric field needs to be established. The electric field or magnetic field transpires as opposite poles; an electric field transpires when the opposite charges are detached. The silicon with the other materials gives each slice of the Reuben a positive and negative electrical control to get this field. Then the panel can absorb energy from sunlight and then generate it for electricity. And then we can use the electricity for our use.

Why We Need to install Solar panel

  • To produce electricity, we spend a lot of money. The solar panel is a more affordable way to produce electricity.
  • Traditional electricity depends mostly on fuel, coal, and natural gas. They are bad for the environment and costs so much, and also, these are a limited resource. The cost of these resources is rising high day by day. So, to save money, the environment, and natural resources, we should use solar panels.
  • Solar energy stands for a clean, natural source of energy. By using solar energy, we can save the ozone layer. We can reduce carbon usage by using solar energy. We can reduce the greenhouse effect to nature also.
  • Suppose we keep using solar energy for everything. There are so many lands that are not used for anything at all. So, we can use those land for solar farms. And we can generate electricity or energy for much more consumers than before.
  • The generated electricity by the traditional way we face electricity loss. And as it is so costly to generate electricity traditionally, we sometimes face load shedding in many countries. But by using the solar panel, there will be no electricity loss.
  • The solar panel does not generate electricity only; if your car has a solar panel, you do not have to pay for fuel. The solar panel will generate energy for your vehicle, and you can drive your vehicle by that generated energy.
  • Solar energy is a free source. The sun gives us unbound power that we ever used. The solar panel will absorb the power that the sun gives us. Then the solar panel will generate electricity for us.
  • Solar farms are opening day by day, and many jobless people are getting jobs, So Solar energy is releasing the unemployment problem from the world.
  • Also, California is the first place that declared a mandatory use of the solar panel in every house. However, it is so costly for the house owners. But the process is going on to reduce the utility bill.

Solar Panel Night Use

The solar panel cannot generate electricity at night or dark. They can only be used or generate electricity at day time when the sun is out. So, in this situation, the consumers can reserve the generated electricity or energy in a battery. And then use it at night by net metering.


From the article, we know how to use solar energy in so many ways and make our lives easier. And now you can buy a solar panel from some online shop.

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