Tips to keep in mind while buying second hand TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter is a variomatic scooter launched by Indian manufacturer TVS Motors. This scooter mainly targets female buyers due to its sleek design and low kerb weight. However, buying a new two-wheeler like TVS Jupiter can be an expensive affair. 

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So, potential buyers can consider purchasing a cost-effective second-hand version of this scooter. However, before buying such a model, one should be aware of certain factors mentioned below. 

Furthermore, individuals should note that obtaining third party insurance for two-wheeler is mandatory irrespective of new or second-hand models. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that driving a new or a second-hand two-wheeler like TVS Jupiter without a valid insurance plan will result in hefty traffic fines. 

Your guide to buying a second hand TVS Jupiter

Before purchasing a second hand TVS Jupiter, buyers must do proper research and ensure maximum benefits on their purchase. In this regard, they can consider following the given pointers and make an informed decision.

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•        Check the condition of the bike

It is important to inspect the overall condition of a used TVS Jupiter before purchasing it. A second-hand motorcycle might incur a few scratches and general outer body issues. All this is fine until and unless one finds deeper scratches, excessive tyre wear and tear, visible dents or fluid leaks. If an old TVS Jupiter comes with these damages, it is wise to not go for such a model.  

•        Check the RC

Buyers should mandatorily check the RC book of a second-hand two-wheeler like TVS Jupiter to avoid complications during the documentation process. A registration certificate serves as valid proof of bike registration. Moreover, it is necessary to transfer the ownership of TVS Jupiter. While inspecting the RC book of a second hand TVS Jupiter, one should verify details like the seller’s name, engine, chassis number etc. 

Furthermore, the RC book will contain a bank seal if the original bike was purchased on loan.

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•        Bike insurance

Driving a used vehicle without a valid insurance certificate is illegal as per the Motor Vehicle Act. The RTO will not register a second hand TVS Jupiter if the owner does not possess at least a third-party insurance plan. Additionally, one might need to bear hefty traffic fines if caught driving without insurance. 

•        Check PUC

Every two-wheeler plying on the Indian roads must have a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate to ensure their released pollutants comply with the Indian standards. Before purchasing a second hand TVS Jupiter, buyers must check whether or not it possesses a PUC certificate. In addition, they should verify the licence plate number, date of test, expiry and test readings. 

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•        Check the service history

It is crucial to factor in the servicing record of a second hand TVS Jupiter before buying it. This gives clarity on its maintenance record and how much additional work is necessary. In case the seller does not have a written service record, one can ask for an estimate. 

So, one can conclude that before buying a used two-wheeler like TVS Jupiter, consideration of the aforementioned tips is paramount. Following these will help a buyer to obtain a hassle-free documentation process. For instance, it is vital to keep some essential documents like TVS Jupiter insurance papers, registration certificates etc., handy. 

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