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Tips To Improve Your Mobile Video Advertising Campaign

Mobile video marketing keeps gaining popularity among businesses both small and large. This is because of the huge results that can be achieved.

Right now, the market is dominated by a video-first strategy. As a result, advertisers have to be very careful with the videos they create. It is very easy to get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds of videos that are presented to your target audience every day. Although video marketing is one of the advertising trends that will dominate the industry this year, when preparing content for mobile campaigns, you should remember the following.

Optimize For The Low Bandwidth Users

Both video ad quality and length have to be optimized when mobile phones are targeted. This means that having video ads with a length of 15 seconds is preferred, especially when targeting millennials. At the same time, video quality should be suitable for perfect viewing even when connected to slow internet.

Nowadays, most video used in advertising is delivered through HTML 5 video. This is preferred since speed and performance are improved.

Advanced Video Streaming Optimization

Blogging Tub highlights that video quality is the main factor that advertisers have to consider when it comes to satisfying the audience. Video publishers can do this in various ways but the use of Multi-Codec Streaming technology is preferred. This allows players to stream with the use of the right codec and is the technology used right now by video industry giants like Netflix.

Always Offer Something Valuable

You have to create a very clear idea of what the video should achieve in order for it to be powerful and effective. At the same time, it is not a good idea to include product-promotional content in excess. The best mix is always possible when the focus of the video is put on the value that is provided for the viewer.

Keep in mind that smartphone users are becoming more and more tech-savvy. As a result, using an approach that first focuses on instant value for them and then on promoting company products is preferred.

As an example, it is better to offer access to a case study than to show the business behind the case study. This exact same idea can be used with a  lot of success in mobile video marketing.

Always Maintain Brand Consistency

The most powerful video in marketing is the one that can communicate definite messages in just seconds. This is why you keep information at a bare minimum in mobile video marketing. However, this does not mean that you should make sacrifices with your branding efforts.

It is often seen that video marketers overlook brand identity elements like overall tone, fonts, colors, and logos. These are very important because they make the brand stay consistent. Users know brands like Starbucks and McDonalds because of the logo and the overall branding done. Do not hesitate when it comes to including a clear, large logo inside mobile video ads. At the same time, make sure all brand recognition elements remain consistent.

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