Tips to Grow Your ECommerce Fast and Best

E-commerce is the future of business. Our work opportunities are growing every day. With this increasing pressure, our schedule is getting tight exponentially. So, who has the time for grocery shopping on some agro farm or fancy shopping which takes more than 8 hours?

The solution came in the name of E-commerce. You get absolutely everything, everywhere, and just on one tap. 

If you are planning to set up your own business and grow it faster, for sure E-platforms are your best shot.

Some Options 

As a small business owner, let’s think your capital is little. Now, will you spend it on bringing unique and various products? Or on a web designer, boosting, PR, domain hosting, and such stuff. We understand your worry. So here are some suggestions of best E-commerce platforms that are already enriched and helpful for small business owners.


This site is undoubtedly the best e-commerce platform for small businesses. Shoppiko is an India based online business platform.  

It Offers

You get free domain hosting—professional maintenance and softwares to maintain your online shop. Like you can add the cart option, customize the colour theme, the select layout of catalogues, write descriptions accordingly, and have fun.

To arrange a next-gen shop online, you need to know the feedback. So this website shows you daily visitors, feedback, reach, analytics, and reports ready on your desk every day. You are getting a shop and a manager bonus without paying a penny. 

Analyze reviews, customer feedback and decide which your best selling product is. Try to reach more people with Shoppikos blog posting, affiliate marketing, or related pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Find the target audience and categorize your product accordingly.

This features will soon grow your base customer and congratulations; you’re a businessman now. The best news is you can start a free trial with all the features mentioned above to know if you can do it or not. 


Amazon is the most prominent affiliate and e-commerce site for online business owners. You can open a shop just in a few taps and create a marketplace. Now sell from grocery items to gold jewellery, everything, quickly. 

This site has the most significant buyer base already. So you don’t have to worry about boosting your page or product separately. People will search and find you. But remember, this space is enormous, and people like to buy from either big brands or known faces. So you have to outstand with your product and marketing strategy. Don’t worry, here are some marketing and maintenance ideas for your small business.  

Tips To Grow Fast

Your photos talk to the customers in the first place. Try to capture some unique and clear images with detailing of the product. Do not edit too much, and it’ll raise questions on the quality.

Update your page regularly. Reply to the customer’s query as soon as possible. If not, at least set some automatic reply or question sending message box to make the customer feel wanted. Shoppiko is known for its care feature. 

Analyze your page insight regularly. Check the abandoned cart items. You have to find a reason and modify that.

Keep your best selling product in stock always.

Write a clear and catchy description of products. Answer the FAQs of products. This trick will gain customer faith quickly.


Business is all about honesty and hard work. If you are starting, there’s a tip. Work hard and work smart. Work with an online business platform for a smooth running experience because reach and intelligent management are essential always.

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