Tips to ensure functionality of your air conditioning system

The hot summer months are approaching, so now is the time to check sure your air conditioner is in good operating order. Taking the time to inspect and test the air conditioning unit before the summer arrives helps guarantee that your home remains cool throughout the summer. In addition, professional air conditioner maintenance may improve the efficiency of your equipment. As a result, you’ll save money while staying cool this summer. To ensure that your air conditioner operates well throughout the season, follow these basic air conditioner maintenance guidelines.

  • Keep the Filter in Good Shape

Keeping the filter clean is one of the simplest and most efficient methods to maintain your air conditioner in good operating order. Check your air conditioner’s filter to determine if it needs to be changed or cleaned before it begins working extra hard to keep your house cool. If the filter has visible dirt or debris on it, it should be changed.

Cleaning your air conditioner filter is an important element of any air conditioner maintenance routine. Filters that are clogged or unclean might obstruct the unit’s natural airflow, lowering its efficiency. A filthy air conditioner filter may also lower the quality of the air in your house by allowing additional dust to circulate through the air.

  • Clean the coils 

The coils are another component of your home’s air conditioner to pay attention to while doing routine maintenance. Over time, debris may accumulate on the evaporator and condenser coils of your air conditioner. The debris may obstruct airflow and cause its coil to be insulated, reducing its capacity to absorb heat. Both issues might lead to a system that is less efficient. As a result, your summer utility costs will be astronomical!

Furthermore, the exterior coils of your air conditioner might get filthy, particularly if your yard is sandy or who has many trees or bushes around the unit. That means you should inspect both the interior and outdoor units for filthy coils.

  • Examine the fins 

During your yearly air conditioner maintenance, pay special attention to your home’s exterior air conditioning equipment. Start by looking at the fins of the unit to see how much dirt and debris is on them. Remove the exterior covers from the device and use a shop vacuum to remove any visible debris. Then use a garden hose to remove any residual material.

After the fins have been cleaned, inspect closely to see if any portions have been bent, which might result in a decrease in air flow. If you discover a bend in the fin, straighten it out with a butter knife.

  • Keep the outdoor unit in proper condition 

During the summer, excess material on and around the outdoor air conditioning system may create major issues. Rake away leaves as well as other debris from surrounding the unit, and trim back branches and bushes if they are obstructing the air flow. To avoid obstruction throughout the summer, keep any neighboring plants clipped at least 2 feet away from the edge of the outside unit.

  • Go for an annual service 

It’s also a great idea to get a professional examine your air conditioner before the summer heat arrives to ensure it’s in excellent operating order throughout summer. A specialist will examine all the vital aspects of the unit, from the coolant to the duct work, during a routine air conditioner service check-up to verify that everything is operating correctly. If a problem is discovered, you’ll be relieved to learn that it can be fixed before summer comes.

If you can follow these tips, you can make sure that your air conditioning unit is functioning properly at all times.