Tips to Choose a Laptop on Budget

Laptops and notebooks are compact yet versatile to run various applications. Whether you are at play or work, or at home, in college, on-road, etc. laptops are the best tool one can have. 

There are multiple options to choose from according to features, utility, prices, and sizes and this article is a compilation of tips on how you will use the best laptop.

Tips for choosing a laptop on a budget

  1. Screen size: 12.5 inches to 14 inches screen will offer you the best balance between portability and usability. If you travel too much or if you have kids then larger screen options won’t be a feasible option. 
  1. Specifications: Look out for minimum specifications like Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM size, and SSD storage unit instead of any hard drive.
  1. Battery: Over nine hours of battery life is appropriate or ideal for you if you carry the laptop and work on it almost the whole day.
  1. Flexibility: You can consider a two-in-one laptop that can be either a detachable model or a bend-back model. This feature will allow you to use your laptop as a tablet which will be even more convenient. If not you can always choose a standard idea notebook.
  1. Chromebooks: These are great for scholars and kids and their use is increasing rapidly. Windows laptops & MacBooks offer numerous functionalities but what platform you need to buy should be your personal choice, keeping in mind the budget as well.
  1. Operating system: Generally most laptops come with these 3 operating systems (OS), Windows 10, macOS (only for MacBooks), or Chrome OS.
  1. Touchpad and keyboard: Your laptop should have good ergonomics as well. If you are a robust user then make sure your keyboard has a solid tactile response, ensure most of the key goes down to a distance of 1-2mm and has enough space between them. If you are opting for a touchscreen, ensure that it does not give a jumpy cursor or respond poorly to multi-touch gestures.
  1. Graphics: If you are not into creating three-dimensional objects, playing games, or doing high-resolution image or video editing, then an integrated graphics card or chip will work just fine. But if you have the above requirements then a discrete graphics chip or processor is essential.
  1. Connectivity: If you require using the laptop while traveling or on the go, you can consider buying a notebook or laptop with 4G or 5G support. You need to pay for data plans, this method will provide you with internet access other than a router. 
  1. Rent: If you want to own a laptop on budget and if you do not have any issue with renting one then go for it. Rent MacBook Pro or other laptops and notebooks if you want to own one on budget.


Keeping everything above in mind you must mind the laptop brand as well. Buy a laptop that matches all your purposes that is worth your money as well. You can even take a laptop on rent in Hyderabad.

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