Safer Pregnancy

Tips to Prepare for A Safer Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for a woman. Although men do not get those cramps and health issues women typically face during pregnancy, they, too, have to fathom a lot during the term of a pregnancy. This is why it is important to make preparations for a safer pregnancy, even before the term has started. In fact, preparations should start when you’re trying to conceive.

Speaking about conceiving, some couples have it tough to get pregnant. Sometimes various issues can happen in both partners, due to which pregnancy might not happen. Although female infertility treatment is now done by advanced methods. But preparing for pregnancy some weeks earlier can solve most of your infertility issues and help you to achieve pregnancy.

Following are some tips that can lead you to prepare for a safer pregnancy.

Pre-Pregnancy Health

Pre-pregnancy health is your bodily health condition some weeks before pregnancy. Good health before pregnancy will assist you to get pregnant easily. Maintaining the same after getting pregnant will protect the baby from any damage. So you should maintain good health if you are planning to get pregnant.

In case your body is weak l, you can have many hazards in your path towards pregnancy. You need extra nutrients for your body during that period as your baby has to need these nutrients for proper and healthier development. You should focus on taking those nutrients as well which can boost your fertility rate. Make sure that you are taking folic acid with your diet. 400 mg of folic acid per day before pregnancy may improve the pregnancy chances and mental development and spinal growth of the baby.

Medical Checkup

Many people might wonder why there is any need of visiting a doctor when you are not even pregnant. But this is the wrong concept as you have to visit the doctor to check whether your body is ready for pregnancy or not. This checkup will also help you to check your diet and your health consultant will suggest some diet plans and nutrients that can help your body to get ready for pregnancy.

Your medical consultant can also give you some useful advice that can prove useful during your pregnancy period. These precautions and tips can also help you to avoid any damage to yourself or your baby.

Your Family Health History

Before planning about pregnancy, you should definitely visit your health consultant and share your family background and history with him/her. Make sure that you are not going to discuss these things alone, your partner should be with you. You might wonder why this should be necessary, the answer is simple. The history and genetics of both partners have a deep effect on pregnancy.

This will help you to understand what are some possible genes that will be inherited by your baby from you. If you have some diseases or problems that are traveling in your families from generation to generation, you should also discuss it with your doctor. This will help you to prevent your baby or the entire next generation, from this genetic disorder.

Ask your doctor to suggest some medicines or preventive measures that can avoid or minimize the chance of any genetic or other diseases in your child.

Physical Activity

Getting ready for pregnancy does not mean that you lie on a bed and start eating more and more food to gain nutrients. This will turn your body into a fat, chubby body and this will be bad for pregnancy. So proper physical activity is required to prepare for pregnancy and even after you get pregnant don’t stop doing some light workouts.

Average adults should do some intense workouts for 2 to 3 hours per week before pregnancy. After achieving it you can lighten your workout routine but never miss it.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these tips will help you have a safer pregnancy. However, if there are issues related to infertility that are not hindering your chances to get pregnant, it’s recommended to get ICSI treatment in Lahore. It is basically an advanced method that deals with men with infertility. Give it a try and the results may bring good news for you, a news that you’ve been longing to hear for a long time.

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