Tips On How To Change Your Career

Deciding to change your career path is not an easy decision. It can be emotionally overwhelming and life-changing, especially due to all the current uncertainties we are faced with. If you are one of those people that has realized you made a mistake and pursued something you don’t like, I am here to let you know I went through the same experience a couple of years back. Here are a few tips I can share with you when deciding to take this leap of faith:

1. You Are The One Who Wants A Change, But You Are Also Your Own Biggest Obstacle

Before I decided to resign and leave my last job, I recall seeing every red flag that made me realize I was not happy about the career I was in. The first thing I really hated was having to wake up early every morning to go to work. Secondly, I didn’t like my boss or admire her boss, so I wasn’t interested in getting promoted. Thirdly, I felt embarrassed talking about my position to others. While my friends often discussed their experiences in the workplace. I would usually just state that I had nothing worth talking about.

I felt despondent and the thing that scared me was that I would grow old, and feel like I had achieved nothing in my life. I was unchallenged, uninspired, unmotivated, and not proud in any way of my career. It made me feel numb, yet at the same time, I had no clue where to go from here. So I was not in the position to make that brave move and leave my job. Since I took that leap of faith, I have come to realize what was holding me back. It was me all along. I had no experience or knowledge of any potential careers that may suit me, I was scared of the potential of earning a lower salary, and losing all the benefits of earning an income.

With this in mind, any obstacle you are currently facing is actually only in your mind. You are your only limitation, and this also applies to your fears. These are the only things that are stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself.

2. You Can’t Work It Out By Working It Out

Making such a drastic decision as this calls for in-depth analysis. Since I already had experience with solving problems, having knowledge, and knowing how to interact with others, this made me think that through a complex process, I would be able to also work this out. I would lie in bed night after night trying to work out what career path I would like to pursue. I sadly never worked it out in my head and kept obsessing about why I couldn’t decide on a new career path even though I had knowledgeability and experience.

It now makes sense. You already know really deep down what you would like to achieve and do in your life. If you don’t, basic psychometric tests along with making lists of options, or reading books on other career paths will also do. A guided but simple analysis is everything that you will need to gain insight into a positive career change. For more information visit Tick Jobs.

3. You Won’t Find Your Next Job By Looking For One

The reality is that it is not possible to find a new position to replace the old one. Changing your career means you have to start from scratch. People that have more skills and experience will be your main competition, which means that the likelihood of employment may be significantly small. With this in mind, stop applying for a new career, sending out your resume, or conducting job searches, because you will face disappointments.

If you are ready to make a drastic change, this is all going to depend on you. This means starting small, with a few small ideas. Materialize this concept and gain as much knowledge as possible in a new field. This will allow you to come equipped with any necessary experience and skills, and to make sure you are certain about this choice.

Final Thoughts

While changing your career is a scary and complex process, use these 3 tips to boost your confidence and help you make that big leap.

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