Tips on Application Development for the Fintech Industry

How to find FinTech software developers

The market for fintech applications is expanding. Companies are introducing the latest innovations in them: AI, ecosystems, paperless services. These sophisticated options make life easier for people, but can be overwhelming when presented.

You cannot have too much security

Card binding by fintech software developers is a must have for any application that sells its products or services. A person is more likely to make a purchase if they do not have to search for a card number or access third-party mobile services. In addition to the already familiar for many Apple and Google pay systems, another form of payment has appeared – SBP (Fast Payment System).

As soon as banks determine the sources of loyalty for it and ensure the acceptance of payments, this payment method can become popular both online and in stores. SBP enables self-employed people without tax penalties to receive money on their card. Or, for example, pay bills for gas, water and other social services using a QR code in any mobile bank. That is convenient for the user, which has connected an SBP.

Create a user-friendly environment

Suprap is called an application with its own ecosystem, consisting of different services – from financial to lifestyle. For example, a user can view the status of their current account or buy theater tickets. To create a super application, you need to build a complex IT structure from scratch. Should be included working out a huge number of relationships between services within the superapp.


Everyone has different scenarios for using the application. Someone transfers money to children on a weekly basis. Someone pays for utility bills every month or repays a loan. Artificial intelligence recognizes and analyzes the actions and interests of the user. It offers him relevant services.

A personal account has become a necessary part of any application. It deals with customer retention, increasing the core of a loyal audience, an average check, and the time spent in the application.


One of the important trends in mobile financial services is hyper-personalization in digital banking fintech. It is based on analyzed data about user behavior, and not about its basic characteristics. It is possible to build work with hyperpersonalization only iteratively (). The more information about the client’s actions, the more accurate the proposals for him will be.

Hyper-personalization allows you to spend less time looking for options and information in money transfer app development. THis frees people up time for more important things, like spending time with their children or finishing a work project. When the options you need are at hand and accessible, then it is more likely that the person will return to your application again.


Functionality and emotionality now go together. In addition to advanced services, do not forget about beautiful screensavers. Also are important interesting animations and icons. A fintech app doesn’t have to be boring just because it only deals with financial transactions.


Keeping users bored and leaving the app is not an easy task that requires professional product development. Due to the high competition in the market, all companies go out of their way to make it clear to customers that they are special. Loyal ones are assigned premium status, personal managers.

This personalized escort further enhances loyalty and builds up a caring company image with fintech development.


Fintech software development allows you to entertain users with original options that increase comfort. It delights them with a nice looking design, so that they want to return to the application and use it more often and longer.

If there are increased requirements for information security, performance and complex custom widgets, you should give preference to native development. If you need to quickly test hypotheses on different platforms – cross-platform.

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