Six Phases of Buying a Home

Tips For Negotiating With A Builder

Want a beautiful house for your family? You have different options to choose from such as an apartment, a pre-owned house or hire a builder to build your house. Let’s don’t talk about all the factors dictating your choice. This article is for those who have made their mind to buy a house from a builder. Investing in a property is an important decision.

This is the reason why you speak to people you trust for the right advice. You are likely to be told that a builder is there to make a profit. However, apartments and pre-owned houses are also sold for profit. It is also a fact that builders are very reluctant to negotiate.

However, you can make the builder negotiate. Before that, you need to check ratings and reviews of the builder. Even when you are working with big names like Dr. Horton Homes, don’t forget to check Dr. Horton Reviews. Builders take time to negotiate.

So, keep talking. Here some tips for negotiations with a builder:

Know the Incentives

After reading Dr. Horton Homes reviews or reviews about other builder you choose, consider the builder’s incentive. Builders want to make a profit. Therefore, they always try to maximize the price. High sale price does not only increase profit but also set a baseline for other properties. They can sell other similar properties at the same price. However, they have a minimum price as well. So, keep communicating. The builder will arrive to the minimum price.

Look for Financing Options  

When you are considering financing options, the builder may also suggest a lender. Some builders also have mortgage companies. If you work with a builder’s preferred lender, you may get incentives.

However, don’t forget to read the terms offered by the builder’s preferred lender. You may get a credit at closing. If you show that you are getting better interest rates, you can be in a good position to negotiate. Let the preferred lender compete with offers available to you. The preferred lender is also likely to offer a discount.

Ask About Upgrades

Negotiate on change order items and finish upgrades. Upgraded lighting fixtures or floors and other similar things are included in finish upgrades. Built-in speakers, non-standard build-ins and other custom items are included in change order items. If you want to make any changes after moving in, you can ask the builder to make those changes.

There are some changes that can be very expensive when you make them on your own. You can save money by getting them done by the builder. A builder may also offer an appliance package, landscaping package and other upgrades. You can take these packages if they are more affordable than doing these upgrades on your own.

Request to Pay First Year’s HOA Dues

If the property is in a community, you will have to pay HOA dues. These are monthly charges that can be in two or three figures. This amount covers the maintenance of exteriors, shared structures and common areas. You can request the builder to pay the first year’s HOA dues in advance.

Choose a Premium Lot

If the builder does not budge an inch, you get premium lots at the same price. It can be a corner lot or a lot without any rear neighbors.

Ask for Discount

When it is a buyer’s market, builders offer discounts to sell their unsold units. The builder has an excess of inventory and there are less buyers in the market. A builder can also avoid upcoming taxes and debts by offering discounts.

Get Help with Closing Costs   

Closing costs cover costs related to application, inspection and attorney fees. The builder may help you with closing costs.  

Builders also offer different plans. For example, if you are working with Dr Horton Homes, in addition to reading Dr. Horton Homes reviews, also learn about Dr. Horton Homes plans.       

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