Tips for Moving to Georgia - Shipping Your Car & More

Tips for Moving to Georgia – Shipping Your Car & More

Georgia is an excellent state to relocate to if you want to enjoy sunny skies and comfortable living costs, while offering everything from big cities with lower costs of living, to charming historic towns that cater to families and more. But getting there and getting around may be a hassle, so read on and learn more about what to expect.

Shipping Your Car to Georgia

Georgia, known as the Peach State, is a top choice among corporate executives relocating to Atlanta or military members relocating to Fort Benning. But before you can settle in your new home in Georgia, navigating its roads requires having reliable means of transport – shipping your car with an established auto transport service is made simple!

Auto transport costs vary based on your choice of carrier and delivery dates, while broker services offer several carriers who may accommodate your schedule better; booking early could save money.

Decisions between RORO and container shipping will also have an effect on price. RORO offers lower costs as your vehicle can be driven onto the ship directly; containers provide extra protection for luxury or classic cars that need extra coverage. In addition to your choices, the type of car also plays a factor in total costs.

Once your car arrives in GA, it’s important to inspect it carefully for damage that may have occurred during transport. Make sure that every inch is checked before bringing it to any auto transport companies in Georgia, particularly the underside. Make note of any problems. If any are discovered contact your transport company immediately as well as inquire about their insurance policies if needed.

Once in the state, it’s integral that you establish residency quickly to avoid legal complications. Once that is completed, it is time to plan the rest of your move – such as registering your vehicle, enrolling children in school, and getting a driver’s license. Once you’ve become a true Georgian, you’ll be fitting in in no time.

Finding a reputable moving company should be one of your first priorities when planning to relocate to Georgia. There are various national and local options to consider when searching for reliable movers; make sure to get multiple quotes, and compare services offered and prices as well as insurance coverage before making your selection.

Based on your household size, items to move, timeframe for preparations and budget considerations, and any extra services that you require – you should select an ideal plan that addresses these aspects. It’s also wise to factor in costs associated with shipping vehicles as well as any extra services required during this process.

Driving to Georgia

Assuming you have either a car or a campervan, Georgia’s roads are relatively straightforward for driving. Although this site presents data that road quality may vary from good to poor, most routes should be easily navigable unless heading into more mountainous regions. Unfortunately, roads outside city centers such as Tbilisi tend to be poorly maintained with poor surfaces and inadequate lighting as well as livestock crossing the roadway at times.

Plus roadwork can become poorly managed leading to confusing situations where two lanes become four or five as vehicles jostle for position without clear give-way rules or clearly give-way rules in effect.

Main roads traversing between Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia are subject to heavy truck traffic which causes wear and tear to the main roads. To combat this issue there is currently an ambitious program of new expressways being constructed which should speed up journey times significantly once complete.

Georgia offers some challenging mountain passes that can only be navigated during the warmer months when the snow has melted and roads are dry, so winter driving should be avoided as much as possible. Late spring can be an amazing time to take a scenic drive as the weather improves, wildflowers bloom, baby animals appear, and life returns to a livelier pace.

Driving in Georgia

Georgia has a zero-tolerance policy on drunk driving and requires seat belt use by drivers and passengers; children under 12 must sit in the back (source: Holding your mobile phone while driving is illegal – you should only use it through hands-free capabilities.

Georgian roads tend to be of poor quality and have poor lighting, and it is important to plan ahead when driving here. Many roads outside major cities are gravel tracks so having a 4×4 vehicle is ideal. Traffic in Georgia can often be chaotic so short journeys may take an extended amount of time to cover; especially in Tbilisi, it would be wiser to avoid driving during rush hours for maximum efficiency on these busy roadways.

At times, Georgia drivers can drive aggressively; it is common to witness drivers passing between lines without paying attention and disregarding priority traffic signs. An open mind and patience will help you adapt to this driving culture; for a smooth experience renting from local companies may offer better rates as well as off-road vehicles which are much safer.

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