Tips for Motorcycle Safety on the Roadways

Motorcycles enable riders to enjoy the open road and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. While there’s a misconception that motorcyclists are lawbreakers who try to buck back against safety procedures, the vast majority of them are very safe drivers who just want to get where they’re going without incident. 

There are several ways that motorcyclists can increase their chance of remaining safe, but the onus isn’t only on them. Other drivers must ensure that they’re watching out for motorcyclists. 

Proper Safety Equipment is Critical

Anyone on a motorcycle must ensure they’re wearing proper safety equipment. This includes a helmet to protect the head and neck, as well as sturdy shoes and clothing that can prevent road rash. Motorcyclists should also be sure that everything on the motorcycle is working properly. Lights, brakes, and steering are important for all motorcycles. They must ensure that they’re highly visible on the roadways so other drivers can see them.

Intersections are Dangerous for Motorcyclists

Intersections are one of the most dangerous places for a motorcyclist. This is because the small profile of the vehicle enables them to be easily hidden behind obstacles like bushes that are near the intersection. Some drivers might not watch for motorcycles before they try to cross the road. This can lead to a catastrophic crash. 

Right of Way Must be Respected

Another risk for motorcyclists is that other drivers don’t always give them the right of way that’s due to them. Some drivers think that because they’re bigger than motorcycles the car or truck should have the right of way. The fact here is that motorcycles have the exact same right of way as any other vehicle in the same position. 

Beware of Grass Clippings 

Some people don’t realize that grass clippings on the roadways can be deadly for motorcyclists. These clippings are slick, much like ice, and can cause the motorcyclist to lose control of the motorcycle. Anyone cutting grass should ensure those clippings don’t settle in the road. Motorcyclists might not be able to avoid grass clippings without having to drive into another lane, which can also be very dangerous. 

Catastrophic Injuries Can Occur

Motorcyclists don’t have the protection of a vehicle’s frame to keep them safe. It’s imperative that you get medical care immediately if you’re involved in a crash when you’re on your motorcycle. 

There’s a chance that the injuries you suffer may be catastrophic. This can involve spinal cord or brain injuries. Some of these might even be fatal. Medical care is critical in these cases, so be sure that you don’t wait to see a doctor. 

If the motorcycle crash was the result of another driver’s negligence, you need to find an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who can help you to file your personal injury claim. This can help you to recover the financial damage that you have because of the wreck. You only have a limited time to get this done, so be sure that you’re taking action quickly after the wreck. Working with someone who’s familiar with these cases enables you to focus on healing while they handle the legal matters on your behalf.

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