Tips for getting more plays on Spotify

If you are an aspiring music artist, a Spotify account is the way to go to get your name on people’s minds. According to, Spotify is the second most widely used music platform available, with 45 million people flocking to it to hear the latest music from their favorite artists. You don’t have to make a name for yourself before getting your work out there to a limitless audience anymore. 

Spotify integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter and is considered a social media platform. According to, Spotify introduced a beta feature in 2018 that now allows artists to upload music for free, without a distributor. Now, like other social media platforms, anyone can use the platform to promote their work – it just takes dedication and knowing how to sell yourself. 

With that in mind, here are some tips to get more plays and followers. 

First and foremost, make fantastic music! . Since Spotify is a free platform, there are many other artists to contend with. It takes a lot of time and effort spent to rise to the top with anything, but the music industry is especially competitive. Like any other platform, content is king. Make sure your uploads are clear and properly edited.. 

You’ll need to make a page that is unique, with attention grabbing art. Draw people in with a little flair that gives followers a feel for your personality. Claim your profile on Spotify and make it stand apart from the rest! On your page make your own playlists highlighting some of your best work. Remember to always lead with your favorites. If you start with something that might need some time to grow on people, they might not stick around to see what you’re really capable of. After making your own playlist, listen through it to decide if it has a good flow. Also, playing your own music will give it more views adding to the appeal for other people to try it out. A playlist with no views won’t make many people stop to give it a try so you may also want to purchase Spotify plays. You can also team up with Spotify users who create playlists to get your music on the playlist of someone who has established themselves as a reliable source of good content. That way someone looking for a specific genre might just happen across a song of yours on their favorite poster’s playlist. Collaboration is a must in any industry, especially music, and having friends to help you out goes a long way toward reaching your goals. 

Allowing Spotify to add your music to a pre-curated playlist is another great way to get noticed. You do this by pitching your music to curators on Spotify by filling out an application. A curator will then listen to your songs and decide if they are quality material to be added to a list. Think of this as a sort of audition, so make a good impression. The algorithm will then automatically 

add your music to similar genres. If someone is searching for music similar to yours, they will get a taste of your style. This would make your music available to a limitless audience. Make sure these are some of your best to get people searching for you. 

As with any social media, take advantage of the ability to post your music on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, . Make sure all your friends and family know that you’re pursuing your passion for music. They will be your biggest supporters and will be able to pass along your tracks to other people they know. Keep putting yourself out there. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Make sure to let fans know what you’re up to by posting tour dates and other career information for them to follow you. Many artists will keep an updated calendar of events on Spotify to keep everyone in-the-know and updated on the latest happenings in your career. Keep things fresh by letting fans know you’re active in the industry. 

Create a personal website if you don’t already have one. Encourage friends and followers to check it out. Promote your Spotify playlist there where it is easily shareable for people. 

There are many ways to sell yourself and get more plays on Spotify. This is a wonderful platform since it’s free and has the potential to make your music available to such a broad audience.

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