A plumber is a specialist in the installation and maintenance of systems used for sewage, drainage and drinking water. He installs and fixes pipes which brings water into the home.

You can’t undermine the necessity of a good and trustworthy plumber-he’s like a superhero who saves your home from flooding. 

Your drainage system may decide to go berserk at the least expected moment and you need someone ready to be at your beck and call.

In this post, you will find helpful tips which can assist you in finding that reliable and trustworthy plumber. 

Consult Your Network

 When in dire need, your first port of call should be those you trust. Same is applicable when finding a reliable and trustworthy plumber. 

Make enquiries from your neighbors, friends, family and relatives. They are bound to give you useful contacts on who to fix that damaged drainage system or malfunctioning water heater

Also, it is essential to consult your neighbours. They most likely would have had experience with good plumbers in your neighbourhood. 

Thus, they would be in a better position to recommend plumbers to you. 

Recommendations by friends and relatives are vital. If they have a plumber who has been very useful to them, who is trustworthy and who they can vouch for, you can ask them to recommend him or her to you. 

Pay attention to reviews in online sites

You can check local online directories, listings and reviews of plumbing site owners. An effective and proven way of getting a plumber in your local area is by searching for the keyword: “plumber near me”. Pay attention to the level of responsiveness and attitude to service in the reviews. 

If the plumber had been rude to a client before, there’s a huge tendency that they’d do the same to you.

Check if the fee is right

 This is also an important parameter. You don’t want to pay high for something that is not a big deal. Some plumbers charge hourly for their services while others have fixed rates. 

You can consult multiple plumbers to have an idea of the average rate for that service. In making a choice, ensure that you can go with the payment pattern that suits your purse.

Emergency Availability

 The importance of this factor cannot be overemphasized. This should be the number one question you should ask a plumber at the first meeting. 

A plumber who is easily accessible for an emergency is worth five more. If a plumber can’t turn up when you are in dire need of them, this can cost you dearly. So you don’t want a plumber who you can’t rely on for an emergency.


This is equally important. Ensure that your plumber has an insurance cover before you hire him. In case of accidents or if he damages anything, then the insurance cover can suffice, and you won’t be under any burden. 

Bottom Line

We hope the list above assists you in locating that perfect plumber who can come to your rescue at any particular time.

In closing, really do your homework when researching local plumbers. Keep in mind that some may specialize in certain parts of plumbing — like solar water heaters — while they will likely have greater expertise than one who specializes in drain and sewer cleaning.

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