Tips for Choosing some assembly required living room sets

Buying living room furniture online has a lot of advantages, low prices and free delivery among them. But some furniture that you buy online needs a bit of assembly once it arrives. Most furniture from brands require a bit of assembly, but if you buy from a local furniture store they handle that for you. 

With the savings you get by shopping living room sets online, it can be worth it to handle these small tasks yourself. Here are some tips for when your new living room set arrives.

Go with the highest quality brands.

Getting furniture that needs assembly doesn’t have to mean that it will be cheap or fall apart easily. Going with the most popular brands ensures that you get a durable piece of furniture that won’t break easily. The better brands have good, strong, treated metal hardware that will not wear out, break, or bend. The quality of hardware for legs is the most important.

Seek out living room sets that don’t require assembly, but don’t dismiss the idea of assembly completely. Browsing a full catalog at an online furniture store will give you the most options. Once you have a short list to consider, look up the brands and the furniture store for all of the relevant details.

Read reviews of both the brand and the online furniture store.

Start by reading real reviews from consumers who have assembled the same living room set you are looking at for yourself. If there are any issues with flimsy hardware that doesn’t last or difficult instructions you’ll be able to find evidence of them in consumer reviews.

While there are many different sites that review furniture brands, most people turn to Amazon when looking for new products. Once the furniture is found on Amazon, you’ll have many reviews by people who have to assemble the furniture themselves. 

Keep in mind that the reviews about customer service or delivery will be specific to the Amazon seller, and won’t apply to the online furniture store from which you decide to purchase. If you want to see reviews of specific furniture retailers, look for consumer reports of service and delivery success. 

Keep in mind the weight and bulk of the furniture.

Imagine this: You’ve read the reviews for the perfect living room set for your home, and you feel confident you can assemble it yourself. You get all of your tools and hardware ready to go as you anxiously await the arrival of your new furniture. 

As soon as it arrives, the driver hauls it to your door and dashes off to the next stop. Can you lift the furniture? Drag it inside? Manipulate the size of it alone? Not considering these factors could leave you with the furniture you are forced to abandon to the elements.

Before ordering your living room set, check the living room sets specifications (click here) of each piece in the furniture collection to find its weight and dimensions. If you aren’t able to handle the assembly yourself, for this reason, plan to have somewhere there to help you when it arrives. If you don’t have friends or family available, consider hiring an assembly service, which is still cheaper than delivery from your local furniture store.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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