Tips and Tricks to Choose the Industrial Pedestal Sump Pump

Needless to say, no two sump pumps are the same. They are designed uniquely with unique features and specifications. This makes it hard for homeowners to choose the best sump pump for their homes. Before we proceed with the tips to choose an ideal sump pump, we would first look into the different types of sump pumps that are available. 

2 Main Types of Sump Pump Systems

Sump pumps can be broadly classified into two systems: the submersible and the pedestal. 

  • Pedestal sump pump

This type of top rated pedestal sump pumps is fitted into the pit but isn’t submerged into water. If you have a shortage of space, a pedestal sump pump would be your ideal choice. They are convenient and economical to be installed. They are also easier for be repaired. The only disadvantage is that this kind of sump pump isn’t equipped to handle large volumes of water. Also, they are quite noisy when it comes to operating them. 

  • Submersible sump pump

Unlike the pedestal sump pump, these pumps are submerged into water, as is evident from the name. You can fit these pumps in water deep into the pump pit. For larger spaces and private properties, submersible sump pumps are ideal to be fitted. These produce extremely little noise while functioning. But, comparatively, these sump pumps are hard to be installed and repaired. They are also quite expensive. 

How to choose the best pedestal sump pump? 

Once you have decided to go with the pedestal sump pump, you have to make your choice by keeping some factors in mind. To make the process easier, we have enlisted some things to look for in the pump that you choose to buy. 

  • Cast iron or aluminum core

Make sure the sump pump you choose features either an aluminum core or the iron core. These metals are capable of tolerating heat more than a plastic sump pump can. Also, they are durable, sturdy, and provide long-term utility to homeowners. 

  • Sturdy with solids

Choose a sump pump that’s capable to handle heavy solids from the outset. Make sure it has a no-screen pump intake and a solid well-fitted impeller. 

  • Alarm-equipped

The alarm now comprises an important component of your sump pump. The alarm would prevent accidents and save lots of your money and time in the long run. The alarm sensor is responsible for warning you anytime the sump pump fails to function properly or is overloaded with water. 

  • Mechanical switch with solid float

Also, check whether the sump pump has a solid float and a mechanical switch so that it will operate even if it’s waterlogged. Don’t go for pressure switches. It might toggle off, keeping the sump to run continuously until the motor entirely burns out. 

These are some of the tips that will indefinitely help you pick out the top-rated pedestal sump pumps from the market. Keep these tips in mind. You can also look for more useful tips from the internet. Also, while choosing a sump pump, consider important factors like your budget, location, requirements, etc. 

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