Threes Are Uncertain For the Bucks

Threes Are Uncertain For the Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks have been nothing but impressive this season and are growing stronger and better through every single win going into the season’s midpoint. Led by the reigning MVP, the team continues to shine night in and night out.

One of the biggest surprises this season was how the Bucks was able to improve their three-point shooting. It has been one of the team’s strengths as they are currently hoisting the best record in the NBA.

It seemed like another day when the Bucks thumped the Chicago Bulls for a 123-102 road victory at the United Center. Sure, it looked simple as the Bucks had six players in double figures, but the team was not exactly the strong marauder that they looked in the season.

Milwaukee had everything going well in the first quarter, building up an early 13-point lead ahead of Chicago. The Bulls did not have a single free-throw attempt in the first half, which was a 54-year-old franchise record. They were also slumping at that time as they shot 35% from two-point range.

Chicago was able to turn things around, they made 10 of their 24 attempts from beyond the arc for a staggering 41.7% shooting. Their defence was able to smother the Bucks’ attempts and held them to just 1-14 shooting. That kind of rhythm allowed the team to erase the 13-point deficit to just three points in the second half.

The Bulls came a little closer in the second half, and they continued to hit shots as they drained seven more threes in that half. Milwaukee caught up and defended well, forcing turnovers and turning those into quick offensive chances.

The team got hot and torched the Bulls as they went on to hit 10 of their 18 threes in the game. It looked like another day for Giannis Antetokounmpo and the team – who has been crushing through the league one game at a time.

The three has been one of the team’s alleged weakness this season. That weak spot was shown in the team’s last nine losses, dating back to their disappointing Eastern Conference finals loss to the then-champions Toronto Raptors.

The game continues to be reshaped every single day. The three-pointer has been a big part of the league, but the Bucks aren’t that concerned especially after taking down the Los Angeles Lakers in a classic win.

The team defeated LeBron James and the best of the Western Conference thanks to Giannis’ magical night. The reigning MVP was hot as he drained five threes in that game – which is also his career-high.

Milwaukee may want to look into their three-point shooting issues if they are to stay ahead of the rest of the league this season. No matter how great they play inside the paint, poor attention to threes could prove to be futile for the team that has been aiming to enter the playoffs once more and get their shot for the title.

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