Three Amazing Benefits Of Diamond Painting – 2020 Guide

Three Amazing Benefits Of Diamond Painting – 2020 Guide

In the day and age where technology and social media play an integral part in everything we do, it is understandable for us to be caught up in the perfect and make-belief world online. However, this constant need to be perfect and compare yourself to everyone on the internet can take a profound toll on your mental health. Moreover, with more social media usage and other technological advancements meant to provide comfort, we forget that a world outside still exists and go deeper in our pools of isolation, getting everything, we could want at the tap of our fingers. This ease of access to everything without human interaction has led to a significant gap amongst humans. As human touch is essential, feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression for unexplained reasons arise.

In times like these, it is essential to detach from social media and eventually find other ways to get out of your technology and social media filled bubble and discover new things about yourself. One such way through which you can do this is through finding other past times. An example of this is Diamond Painting; a concept where you paint on a canvas; however, the twist is that you paint it with colorful and shiny diamond beads. There are many different benefits for diamond painting, especially if you are looking to indulge in other activities besides regularly using social media.

This article will discuss three amazing benefits of diamond painting that users can experience. 

1. Diamond painting provides a break from social media

As mentioned earlier, the effects of regularly using social media result in harmful after-effects such as increased insecurities, a need to be perfect, which brings about anxiety and sometimes even depression.To prevent this, taking a break from social media is necessary; however, social media is exceptionally addictive. Therefore, a replacement activity should be engaging and interactive enough to gain our attention. Diamond painting does this exceptionally well as most diamond paintings take about 8-10 hours to complete on average, thereby providing a significant break from social media. This break can help to resume your regular day-to-day routine and even bring in a healthy twist. You can use this time to indulge in diamond painting with your friends and family, effectively getting out of your bubble and interacting with real people and giving yourself a much-needed break from social media.

2. Diamond painting reduces feelings of anxiety

As mentioned earlier, social media usage and technology can bring feelings of anxiety as there is a need to show and be your best self on the internet; otherwise, you might become subject to intense scrutiny. Diamond painting is a useful tool for reducing feelings of anxiety. It is scientifically proven to reduce heart rate and provide a good distraction, thereby removing any negative feelings and replacing them with a feeling of calm and serenity. Moreover, as this method is extremely relaxing, you can find comfort in these little moments and enjoy creating your artwork. This, in turn, might improve your confidence in the future as well. 

3. Diamond painting helps in maintaining concentration

Another essential benefit of painting by diamonds is that it helps maintain your attention span and remain concentrated for a long time. As diamond painting’s task is very detail-oriented and requires a steady hand, it ensures that all attention is towards placing the tiny beads in their proper position. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, each diamond painting takes at least 8-10 hours to complete; it is a guarantee that if you sit and perform this activity in one or two sittings, you will only be focused on the painting. This focus and attention can create a longer attention span in future activities, such as studying. Having your phone with you at all times has resulted in a shorter attention span as you are always tempted to check your social media. However, in this case, through diamond painting, you may improve your concentration, thereby providing a long-term solution.  

In conclusion, with the introduction of technology and social media, many benefits are available to us. However, the downfalls are just as significant, mostly, if ignored over time. It is necessary to find a way out of falling down the rabbit hole of social media and technology. Diamond painting can provide that way out and equip you with benefits that might be beneficial in the short term and the long term, like improved confidence, reduced feelings of anxiety, an increased attention span, and, most importantly, a much-needed break from social media.

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