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Three Amazing Benefits Of Diamond Painting – 2020 Guide



Three Amazing Benefits Of Diamond Painting – 2020 Guide

In the day and age where technology and social media play an integral part in everything we do, it is understandable for us to be caught up in the perfect and make-belief world online. However, this constant need to be perfect and compare yourself to everyone on the internet can take a profound toll on your mental health. Moreover, with more social media usage and other technological advancements meant to provide comfort, we forget that a world outside still exists and go deeper in our pools of isolation, getting everything, we could want at the tap of our fingers. This ease of access to everything without human interaction has led to a significant gap amongst humans. As human touch is essential, feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression for unexplained reasons arise.

In times like these, it is essential to detach from social media and eventually find other ways to get out of your technology and social media filled bubble and discover new things about yourself. One such way through which you can do this is through finding other past times. An example of this is Diamond Painting; a concept where you paint on a canvas; however, the twist is that you paint it with colorful and shiny diamond beads. There are many different benefits for diamond painting, especially if you are looking to indulge in other activities besides regularly using social media.

This article will discuss three amazing benefits of diamond painting that users can experience. 

1. Diamond painting provides a break from social media

As mentioned earlier, the effects of regularly using social media result in harmful after-effects such as increased insecurities, a need to be perfect, which brings about anxiety and sometimes even depression.To prevent this, taking a break from social media is necessary; however, social media is exceptionally addictive. Therefore, a replacement activity should be engaging and interactive enough to gain our attention. Diamond painting does this exceptionally well as most diamond paintings take about 8-10 hours to complete on average, thereby providing a significant break from social media. This break can help to resume your regular day-to-day routine and even bring in a healthy twist. You can use this time to indulge in diamond painting with your friends and family, effectively getting out of your bubble and interacting with real people and giving yourself a much-needed break from social media.

2. Diamond painting reduces feelings of anxiety

As mentioned earlier, social media usage and technology can bring feelings of anxiety as there is a need to show and be your best self on the internet; otherwise, you might become subject to intense scrutiny. Diamond painting is a useful tool for reducing feelings of anxiety. It is scientifically proven to reduce heart rate and provide a good distraction, thereby removing any negative feelings and replacing them with a feeling of calm and serenity. Moreover, as this method is extremely relaxing, you can find comfort in these little moments and enjoy creating your artwork. This, in turn, might improve your confidence in the future as well. 

3. Diamond painting helps in maintaining concentration

Another essential benefit of painting by diamonds is that it helps maintain your attention span and remain concentrated for a long time. As diamond painting’s task is very detail-oriented and requires a steady hand, it ensures that all attention is towards placing the tiny beads in their proper position. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, each diamond painting takes at least 8-10 hours to complete; it is a guarantee that if you sit and perform this activity in one or two sittings, you will only be focused on the painting. This focus and attention can create a longer attention span in future activities, such as studying. Having your phone with you at all times has resulted in a shorter attention span as you are always tempted to check your social media. However, in this case, through diamond painting, you may improve your concentration, thereby providing a long-term solution.  

In conclusion, with the introduction of technology and social media, many benefits are available to us. However, the downfalls are just as significant, mostly, if ignored over time. It is necessary to find a way out of falling down the rabbit hole of social media and technology. Diamond painting can provide that way out and equip you with benefits that might be beneficial in the short term and the long term, like improved confidence, reduced feelings of anxiety, an increased attention span, and, most importantly, a much-needed break from social media.

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Brighten Up Your Field Day Display with a Printed Marquee




Field day events are people magnets. They draw large, diverse crowds of people brimming with energy. Visitors typically take their time to look around and appreciate the festive vibes that surround them, whereas marketers use these field day events as excellent branding avenues. The best way to capture the attention of the crowd is through a vibrantly printed marquee.

When done right, field day events offer exciting new opportunities to introduce more people to your business. You can reach out into the community and showcase how your brand is helping create an impact in your neighbourhood. You can also use a custom marquee to promote your sponsors, represent your club or raise brand awareness. Branded marquees make a bold, professional statement and drive business.

Whether you want to sell a product or find like-minded entrepreneurs, field day marquees are a wise investment. All you need to do is let your imagination run wild and devise a well thought-out promotional strategy.

Marquee purchase – Things to look for

Field day events are typically organised outdoors. Therefore, the marquee that you purchase should factor in the weather and comfort of your visitors and team.

  • Make sure that your custom marquee is waterproof and UV-resistant. You never know when the weather will take a turn for the worse, and a weatherproof marquee is the only way to go. Buy marquees from reputed sellers with premium products and extended warranties. All Extreme Marquees are waterproof, UV-resistant and flame-retardant and come with a manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and fabric for up to 5 years.
  • Go for a portable and easy to install marquee. You want a foldable and lightweight canopy that can be easily carried to and from the setup location, so that you don’t have to worry about logistics at all.
  • Pay attention to the materials used to make the canopy of your marquee. The fabric should be resilient enough to withstand a gentle breeze and a light drizzle. This will allow you to carry on with your event even if it starts raining or becomes windy all of a sudden.
  • It is always a good idea to buy a marquee that comes with extra features such as loops and space to add promotional banners and valances. This way, you can add more zing to your promotional campaign at no extra cost.

Custom printed marquees – Ensure all information is present on the canopy

This is an extremely important step to ensure that that the marquee is printed properly. Unfortunately, many business owners often leave printing in the hands of their vendors. The outcome is an inadequately printed marquee that doesn’t add any value to your promotional efforts.

You must be thoroughly involved in the printing process from the beginning. Ask your vendor what kind of printing they will do on your marquee and the kind of fabric and inks they will use to embellish the fabric. Make sure that the final printable file is shared with you before it goes into printing. Double-check for spellings, sentence coherence, the accuracy of your social media handles and sharpness of the images (if any).

Reputed vendors like Extreme Marquees will not leave any room for errors. For instance, we will never proceed to the printing stage if you have not provided to us your written approval of the final artwork version. In several cases, our designers are also happy to provide a no-obligation 3D mock-up, to give you a look and feel of what to expect from your printed marquee.

Some pointers to ensure optimal printing of your marquee:

  • The logo should be placed prominently on the roof.
  • The company name should be placed in the valance panel so that when visitors are walking past, the business name is visibly prominent.
  • Use the back and the side portion of your marquee to showcase your brand. Highlight deals and discounts, add beautiful, compelling pictures and add a persuasive copy to convince people into buying your products.
  • The sides of your printed marquee are detachable so that you can customise your signage to reuse your marquee for different kinds of events.

Ask your vendor about promotional attachments such as flag and feather banners, billboards and printed table covers to add that extra WOW factor to your booth.

Keep customers engaged – Top off your campaign with engaging activities

Now that your booth is ready, it’s time to take the campaign to the next level. When your marquee convinces people to approach your booth and interact with you, it’s imperative to keep them engaged. You should plan out a few different activities so that visitors can have an enjoyable time inside your booth.

For instance, you can create a selfie kiosk and give people freebies for taking a selfie in front of your banner, uploading it with the event hashtag and tagging your brand on their social media. You can also have a lucky draw competition to announce surprise winners. There are a tonne of different activities that you can implement. Simply research on the web or come up with your own creative ideas.

Remember me – Give visitors something to remember you by

Post-event promotion is as important as on-ground promotions. How will visitors remember you after the event has finished? Offer affordable souvenirs such as bags, sunglasses, pens, cups or hats and print them with your brand logo. You can even add QR codes that redirect people to a limited time deal page on your website or through your app. This way, visitors will remember you after the event has concluded and you might end up converting some of them into paying customers.

A custom marquee is a versatile marketing and branding tool. With the right strategy in place, you can elevate your field day display setup to become the focal point of the event.

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How Long Does A Couch Take To Clean And Dry?



Your couch is a significant item in your home as it provides a platform for work comfort and relaxation. Many families spend quality time relaxing on their sofa after a hard day’s work. However, spills and dirt can spoil the beauty of your sofa with time, and when that happens, you will need to clean and dry your couch. Are you a Sydney homeowner who wants to keep household upholstery free of dirt? Consult couch cleaning Sydney experts to tidy up your upholstery.

Experienced couch cleaners observe the best practices and use appropriate cleaning supplies to remove stains, dust, and all kinds of dirt. You can extend the lifespan of your couch by thoroughly cleaning it at regular intervals.

Comfortable black leather couch with cushions  near wooden coffee table and white armchair in modern cozy living room

Just How Long Does It Take To Clean And Dry A Couch?

In professional couch cleaning, water may be used alongside other chemicals to get rid of dirt. A hot water extraction process starts with the use of upholstery cleaning solutions and a watery soapy solution to coat the fabric. The next step involves scrubbing the soils and rinsing the fabric. It can take about 8 to 12 hours to clean and dry your couch. 

You may have to use ceiling fans and oscillating fans to speed up the airflow and boost the drying process and reduce the drying time. Opening your window and turning on the heat are also recommended for quick couch drying after cleaning. 

Couch cleaning services that apply water and soap-based chemicals to clean upholstery will leave your couch wet after the process. On the other hand, you can opt for professional couch cleaning solutions that include fan-drying techniques. Switching on your ceiling fan in addition to using a drying process can help you cut down your couch drying time to about four to six hours after cleaning.

How To Dry Your Couch Cushions

In refreshing your couch cushions, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of your furniture. One threat is for sure: porous couch cushions can soak up moisture and expose your furniture to mildew mess. Also, the heat from your electric dryer can melt your couch cushion and distort its shape. Here is how to dry your couch cushions appropriately:

  • Remove your wet cushion and take away the outer covers if possible
  • Lay out a neat towel and place a cushion on top of it. Then roll the towel to absorb excess moisture. Allow the cushion cover to dry up.
  • Place your couch cushion in your bathtub and press it hard against the surface of the tub to get rid of moisture
  • Keep your couch cushion in an area with good ventilation. You can use sun-drying or fan-drying to enhance the drying process. 
  • Once a while, check to see if moisture remains in the cushion and replace the covers if they are fully dry.

Couch Master Cleaning Services is the premier couch cleaning Sydney expert. Our well-trained staff has all the experience to give your couch a facelift. Get in touch with us now to receive your quote.

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Here’s why homeowners need professional pest control in Texas




Here’s why homeowners need professional pest control in Texas

Ants, spiders, roaches, bed bugs, termites, rodents – Numerous types of pests have been found in Texas homes. Living with pests is not merely bad for your health, but also can cause massive damage to your property. There are many cases where rodents and termites have even caused structural damage to homes. In case you are thinking of DIY pest control, just remember that this doesn’t resolve the problem, although you may kill a few pests in visible sight. If you are in Texas, consider talking to professional exterminators, such as Schertz pest control. Here are some solid reasons for spending on known pest control companies. 

  1. Get professional, free consultation. The first meeting or inspection by a pest control company is likely to be complementary. You can get a firsthand idea of the possible types of pests on your property, along with treatments that can be considered. Pest control companies hire the best workers, who are trained and certified for the job, along with entomologists, who will make sure that no pest infestation goes undetected. Ask for an estimate, and it will be offered free of obligation. 
  2. Protect your health. One of the key reasons why you need professional exterminators is to protect the health of your family members. Pests often carry diseases and cause allergies and other health issues. If you have pets, kids, and older parents at home, you need to be even more careful. The best pest control companies don’t merely know about how to deal with different infestations, but they also have the best equipment, resources, and methods to work in a safe manner. 
  3. Save your time. DIY pest control may seem effective at first, but this cannot be a permanent solution to the pest problem. Call an experienced and known pest control service, and they can get the work done in a record time. Also, many companies stress on using pesticides and products that are safer for people, animals, and the planet. 

Not to forget, you need an exterminator in Texas because you don’t want to save money too. Yes, hiring these services may mean spending more than DIY pest control, but you can be assured that they will take care of the work professionally. In fact, many companies do offer a warranty on the work done, and if the same problem persists within that period, they can offer the second or third treatment for free. 

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How to grow a real estate company through social media marketing?



How to grow a real estate company through social media marketing


Digital marketing plays a very important role in the expansion of any industry. If you have an e-commerce site, what steps should you take to move forward? If you want to make your commerce site grow faster, you need to start marketing digitally from now on. You can easily use social media platforms for digital marketing. Social media has become so popular for advertising that all types of e-commerce sites rely heavily on growth. Also, if you have a real estate company, how do you reach the designated client? Do digital marketing, advertising on social media platforms twenty and get a lot more traffic from there. To learn more about digital marketing, read the full article. Hopefully, this will be very helpful for your real estate company.

Important of Digital Marketing for Your Real Estate Company

If you have a real estate company and you are thinking of doing real estate digital marketing, you first need to know how and on what social media platform you will create your ads. Success is not achieved if you can’t advertise social media platforms in the form of proper guidelines. There are several guidelines you can follow when advertising on social media. One of these is content creation, if the content you create doesn’t appeal to the customer, they will skip it and leave.

Digital marketing creates a challenge with your competitors and seeks out unique ways to make your business shine. Nowadays, most customers try to find high-quality services from social media platforms without accessing websites. In this case, if you create an ad on social media, your brand will easily find a customer and contact you to receive the service. Social media is a platform where people of all ages spend their leisure time, even as one of the most popular platforms for entertainment. So if you can place ads for your real estate company on this platform, it will show under multiple customers and show interest in taking your services according to their needs.

Before you run any ads, you first need to consider, where does your target audience spend most of their time? When you select a designated platform, you can easily reach your audience by creating content accordingly. Digital marketing is advertising with social media, it can be of any kind. You can make a video about your brand or product, or prepare an article, or you can send your brand information to different customers via email. Digital marketing allows you to get your business up the rankings faster and grow your business successfully. Since every business provider adds to social media through its advertising digital marketing, you must create unique and different design content to survive. So social media platfrom is a great option for e-commerce marketing.

Last words

So I would tell you that you do digital marketing with a proper guide and quickly present your brand to the customer. You can visit the website to get a Proper Guide on Social Media Marketing. From here, things get trickier for you with Pure Ideas and the best solution for surviving a competitive market.

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How to Pick Up the Best Refrigerator to Suit Your Needs?



Best Refrigerator to Suit Your Needs

Refrigerators are an essential part of most of the households in this era. To keep vegetables, fruits, condiments & frozen foods fresh for a longer period especially during summer, you must spend a little amount of time in finding & picking the right refrigerator for your home depending on the usage & kitchen style.

We recommend the following checkpoints which you must consider before deciding a refrigerator to buy  depending on the space, storage, freshness & eating lifestyle:

Perfect Size: This is the most important factor you need to check once decided to buy a refrigerator.  

Firstly, choose a size that will be the perfect one for the kitchen or that dedicated space for the fridge. Refrigerators usually list the total storage capacity, it is also good to check the width of it, so it’s the best fit to your home.

  • 1-2 People:  250-380 L would be recommended
  • 3-4 People: 350-530 L would be recommended
  • 5 or More: 440L+ would be recommended

Configuration: This is the common factor that everyone tends to fall for the style & design without understanding the need & usage.

Now, after deciding the size you must check for the required configuration. Like the type of the fridge or the doors style etc., It depends on one’s usage & requirements.

If you are on a budget constraint you could opt for a classic top-freezer refrigerator. On the other hand, a counter-depth fridge is good for a smaller space.

  • Freezer on Top: Long-lasting economical fridges comes in wide ranges to choose
  • Bottom Freezer: Logical fridge design that saves you from back pain
  • Side-by-Side: Good storage capacity with swinging doors
  • French Door: Comes with lots of features like ice & water dispensers

Make sure to check the refrigerator configurations and buy the refrigerators suitable for your needs.

Additional Features: This is the phase where you check on the additional features based on the requirements & sometimes status quo.

Now is the time to check for additional features on the fridge that is more convenient, latest & stylish:

  • Dispenser Outside the Door
  • Water Dispenser & Ice makers
  • Temperature control
  • Shelves & Functional Drawers
  • Rollers & Adjustable Feet
  • Dairy Compartment
  • Quick-Chill Zone
  • Child Proofing

Before buying the refrigerator, exploring the features of any appliances is prominent.

Energy Rating: Everyone wants their monthly electricity bills to be lesser and this is the area where you need to focus on.

Based on the usage and size of the family, one must decide on the right energy ratings that are more power-efficient.  New model fridges are more energy-efficient compared to the older ones. If you wish to buy a refrigerator online regardless of its type – you need to focus on energy & star ratings.

Energy ratings range from 1-star to 5-star. More energy-efficient refrigerators are costly, so it’s wise to opt for a fridge that fits you both economically & efficiently.

  • More Energy = More Investment + More Savings
  • Large Capacity Fridge Consumes More Energy & We Recommend More Energy Star Ratings

Unlike other appliances, the fridge runs 24×7, which consumes more power leading to high electricity bills. Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating standards indicate the energy-efficiency of refrigerators. When you decide to buy refrigerators via online, the experts ought to help you pick up the suitable appliance for your home based on the need & budget.

Right Finish: This is where you must look out for design, shades & finish of the refrigerator you wish to buy.

You could choose the finish that matches or complements other appliances in your kitchen. You could go in for the same brands, or color. James & Co the perfect onlinedestination to buy home appliancesthathas an array of collections for you to choose from:

  • Stainless Steel – For a professional look
  • Classic White – Easy to keep it clean
  • Bright Colors – For a vintage look
  • Black – Gives a signature look

Price & Warranty: Last but not the least, price matters to everyone & it is a bigger task to find out the right refrigerator that’s cheaper & with warranty.

To buy the perfect refrigerator online, you must buy it from a reliable online store that provides good offers & deals along with a warranty for the fridge you select from. There are year-round offers from various online stores available. Along with the offers on price, you need to check for the following:

  • Reliable Seller
  • Warranty
  • Installation
  • Exchange
  • Return for Damages
  • Maintenance/ Service
  • Finance Scheme

Buying a refrigerator through online is a mixture of one’s preference & what they actually need, so, explore and buy the perfect refrigerator for your home.

Bottom Line:

Refrigeratoris one of the essential kitchen appliances of any household and the one-time investment you are going to spend must be all worthy. To conclude, we repeat that you must check for the capacity & width of the fridge you would want to buy. Next, you must explore the configuration types & additional features as per your requirement. Then comes energy star ratings – an important aspect to save money on your monthly consumptions. Once, you are all set, it’s time to decide on the outlook of the appliance. Last but not the least you need to buyit from a reliable onlinestore who provides you long term warranty, amazing offers& finance scheme.

We hope this article was helpful to you to buy the right refrigerator via online that perfectly suits your requirement/ need.

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