Those who stuck due to lockdown want return Uttarakhand by their car ..they have to register on this link

There is a good news for the residents of Uttarakhand trapped in the outside states. Let us tell you that you are going out of Uttarakhand state for a job or important work and due to the lockdown there is a relief for those trapped there.

If you have the facility of your own private vehicle then you can return to the state. Hundreds of people have been stranded in the outlying states due to the lockdown due to jobs and other reasons and are requesting the state government to withdraw from the state. Every effort is being made by the Uttarakhand government to bring back the migrants.[adace-ad id=”5691″]

In such a situation, there has been news of relief for those people who are residents of Uttarakhand and have gone out for jobs. Employees with private vehicle facilities can now return to the state without any problems. For this, they have to apply online.

During the online application, they have to submit documents, after which the pass will be issued to them. District Magistrate Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava said that this facility has been given in view of the problems of most of the employed people. Those people of Uttarakhand can now return to the state who have their own private

[adace-ad id=”5691″]vehicle. Only those people can apply for the pass. If you too meet the above conditions and are willing to return to the state, you can apply by visiting the link given below.

By visiting this link, the portal will open and you will be able to apply for the pass. Let’s also inform you about the figures who have registered so far to come to Uttarakhand. 1,75,880 migrants have registered on the website so far, of which 18,156 have been returned safely.

Within 3 days, the state government is working on a plan to bring 8700 people from Gurgaon. At the same time, the Uttarakhand government is in constant contact with the concerned state government and the Ministry of Railways to bring back the stranded migrants to Gujarat, Pune and Kerala. Also, more than 45 thousand calls have been received so far in the call center of the control room. It now remains to be seen how long the state government brings back the migrants from Uttarakhand stranded in the outer states.

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