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How to Make Summer 2021 the Best Yet



8 Surprising Benefits of CBD

The year 2020 took a lot out of so many people. It was a difficult year dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, and months of quarantine. Now, as the world is opening up, there are so many new opportunities for fun. Group gatherings are back and travel opportunities are starting to be more readily available. All of this is just in time for the summer of 2021. That means this summer season has the potential to be the best one yet.

There are plenty of ways to have fun in the sun and make the most of your summer. Whether you’re on break from school or just enjoying the warmer weather, this can be such a great time for exploring and trying new things. Take the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone a little bit and enjoy something new. Review your options and commit to some fun with your closest family and friends. Here are a few options and ideas to help you make 2021 the best summer yet!

Try some new recreational substances.

If summer is a chance for you to try new things, it may be time to explore new recreational substances. Of course, summer is a great time to break out those hard seltzers or sip on light beers while poolside, but it’s also a great time to try recreational or medical marijuana for the first time. While the use of marijuana is not allowed under federal law in the U.S., there are plenty of states that allow for recreational use.

American Marijuana does offer CBD products that can be used for potential medical purposes. CBD oil or edibles can often be used to alleviate pain, help you sleep soundly, or just calm your nerves. If you’re feeling adventurous this summer, consider trying the recreational use of marijuana or other CBD products.

Travel and enjoy some much-needed vacation time.

In 2020, Covid-19 stopped many people from traveling anywhere. You couldn’t even leave your front door to see your neighbors and friends, let alone explore a different city. Well thanks to science, we’re starting to get the pandemic under control and it’s been a godsend for improving our mental and behavioral health.

Start to plan exciting trips once again and explore new landmarks you’ve been dying to see. Whether you’re checking out the Key to the South, a national park, or just visiting family in another state, you deserve some vacation time in a new city.

Plan pool time and enjoy the water.

A vacation wouldn’t be the same without a few relaxing days just laying out by the water. Depending on where you live, this can be a couple of days out by the beach or even just chilling poolside. Throw on your favorite bathing suit and enjoy some time laying out in the summer sun and cooling off in the water.

Investigate local activities and summer fun.

Many local communities have tons of activities and offerings during the summer. From nighttime concerts to county fairs, there is something for everyone during the summer holiday. Do a systematic review of all the different opportunities in your area. Chances are you’ll be able to find fun for the whole family at affordable rates. Create great memories while enjoying these summer offerings.

Throw some summer parties.

It’s no fun to do summer alone. You want to be sure all the people you love are there to celebrate with you. Once your people are all vaccinated, you’ll be able to host those large gatherings that you’ve had to hold off on. This can be a great celebration of togetherness while you enjoy backyard barbecues and nighttime bonfires this summer.

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How to find the best online weed dispensary?



Cannabis dispensaries are a flourishing enterprise in Canada. You should realize how to pick and purchase from the best and highest worth of online dispensaries. The dispensaries sell a scope of items from medical pot to recreational cannabis Sativa like concentrates, edibles, break, and extras, for example, vapes and bongs. In this day and age, MOM(Mail Order Marijuana) practice has become exceptionally well known as a result of the express service systems. The following is a rundown of discovering online dispensaries that sell top-quality weed dispensaries online in Canada.

Best weed dispensaries online Canada: How to choose them?

Strolling into a legal cannabis shop and going up to the counter is a scary encounter for certain people. In case you are one of these individuals, purchasing cannabis online is ideal for you. 

Of late, weed dispensaries online Canada have expanded in number, and because of rivalry, they are offering more choices, better items, phenomenal help, and sensible costs. Notwithstanding, since you can get to pretty much any item you are searching for, picking the right dispensary can be somewhat of a troublesome undertaking.

Quality product options

A solid cannabis dispensary in Canada can give you unique and quality product choices. In exceptional ones, you can discover strains of different levels of potencies. Since developing and selling cannabis is a flourishing industry in Canada, and new strains are generated each day, focus on the wellspring of the strains. 

Go through the dispensary’s item list even before you request for the first time. Focus on dispensaries with a decent scope of items since you will most likely adhere to that store once you begin purchasing from them. In particular, guarantee that they offer altogether tried and exceptional items. Individuals running enormous dispensaries, as a rule, have their producers, and those overseeing more modest dispensaries, for the most part, purchase weed from local growers. At whatever point conceivable, accumulate data about the grower also.

Ask some questions

Assuming you need to better understand the items you are buying, you need to ask questions. This is particularly significant for first-time purchasers. Posing inquiries will assist your vendor with suggesting the best things for your taste and personal inclination.

Read reviews 

Assuming you need to settle on the right decision when picking and purchasing cannabis on the site, you need to find out what past clients need to say. Look at the dispensary store audits and different encounters from clients to assist you with acquiring a capability of how that specific dispensary works. You can discover surveys on their site, Facebook page, or Yelp. 

Compare prices

In case you will purchase weed, interestingly, you most likely don’t have the foggiest idea about the expense of different strains. Visit a few online dispensaries and look at the cost of a specific strain preceding settling on one. Remember that you should follow through on a superior cost-favored strategy for payment if you need a top-notch quality item.

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Weird History of dress in Wrestling and Other Ancient Sports



It is the time for the 2021 Summer Olympics.  The different athletic events can be seen on big screens of Bars and Casinos, and online sports gambling can be found at websites like Grande Vegas casino bonuses.

But I thought it would be interesting to take a trip down memory lane about the history of some these sports, and specifically their dress (or lack of dress in some cases).

History of the Gymnasium and Dress Standards

According to modern definitions, a gymnasium is a room or building equipped for gymnastics, games, and other physical exercise.  Today that can be anything from indoor basketball, to wrestling, to even in some schools roller skating.

This is not to be confused with the central European definition of Gymnasium, which is just a school to prepare students for University Studies.  So it is technically possible to find a Gymnasium (school that prepares a student for university studies) that does not actually have a gymnasium (room for physical exercise).

But the most interesting definition of gymnasium is “School of the naked dance”, because in Ancient Times, everybody who was exercising in the gymnasium, whether they were doing gymnastics or wrestling, were naked.

But alas, that is not true today (at least officially) — but if you do an internet search on the “school of the naked dance”, you will get plenty of hits that have nothing to do with ancient gymnasiums … but I will let the reader look into that more on their own.

The Greek gymnasiums also held lectures and discussions on philosophy, literature, and music, and public libraries were nearby — just to set the record straight.

Anyway …

History of Gymnastics and Dress Standards

Gymnastics started as ancient civilizations doing strength and acrobatic exercises. The word gymnastics comes from the Greek words “gymnos” and “gymnazo” meaning roughly to train, to exercise naked.

In other words, the original gymnastics were done naked.

The modern form of gymnastics started around 1793.  By 1881, it had become an organized sport, and it was first included in modern olympic games in 1896.

Today, well up until this most recent olympics, women gymnasts wore long sleeve leotards.  Men wore a singlet (sleeveless shirt) and long pants during rings, pommel horse, parallel bars, and high bar.  For floor exercise and vaulting, men wore shorts.

For the first time during the 2021 Summer Olympics, Germany’s team wore ¾ sleeve unitards, which is a uniform more similar to what men gymnasts wore.

History of Wrestling and Dress Standards

The earliest pictures of wrestling date back to 7000 BCE, with cave drawings showing two naked men wrestling with crowds around them.  And you thought that everybody during those biblical times were modest.

Even during the European Middle Ages, there is artwork of naked Wrestling.  Yes, we are talking about the same time period as the time of the Puritans.   Which only goes to prove, what we all know, that when government (or religious leaders) push too much in any direction, society pushes back in the other direction to balance things out.  Puritans pushed for people to be pure and holy and modest, and the people rebelled by hosting events like naked wrestling.  (What the Priests did not know, did not hurt them).

But anyway, as with gymnastics, wrestling is no longer done naked (and we will not talk about the places you can easily find with a quick internet search).

Today’s wrestling clothing for both men and women  is a sleeveless singlet that has shorts.  But unlike gymnastics, the wrestling athletes do not wear pants or shorts over their singlets.

History of Women’s Beach Volleyball and Dress Standards

It used to be that women’s volleyball players had to wear bikini bottoms.  But the rules changed in 2012 when Egypt’s women’s team wanted to compete.  So the Olympic team changed its uniform policy for Women’s Volleyball in order to be culturally appropriate.

History of Women’s Beach Handball and Dress Standards

In the summer of Olympics 2021, Norway’s team wore shorts for their uniform.  They were fined 150 EUR for each of its 10 players.

But why when Egypt’s women’s team did not want to wear bikini bottoms, the Olympic committee changed the rules in order to be culturally appropriate, but now when Norway wants to wear shorts, the Olympic committee fines them.  Talk about a double standard.

History of Women’s Swimming and Dress Standards

In terms of the swimsuit, swimming is another area where athletes are changing from the leotard model to more of a singlet model.  This is true for both men and women.

As for the swimcap, that is another area that has caused controversy in the 2021 Summer Olympics.  Traditionally, most swimmers wore a swim cap that contoured to their head.  That is fine and dandy when you have European style hair (straight, thin, and very flexible).  That type of swim cap does not work at all for African hair styles unless the athlete cuts their hair very short.  So a company called Soul Cap designed a swim cap that is specifically designed for the hair of black athletes.

FINA banned the swim cap because it does not follow “the natural form of the head,”

The Soul Cap is made of silicone, the same material as other swim caps, and because it is larger than most others, it could even put swimmers at a disadvantage, according to the Times report.

“They stated that there’s never been a need for the use of the caps. They’ve just never needed it and no one’s ever complained about it basically beforehand. But it’s also never been available,” Carey-Payne said. “I think it was just a very careless statement on their part to kind of push aside a whole community’s worries about their hair and just kind of put it together as well, it’s never been needed in the past, so we don’t need it now.”


Official rules on how athletes should dress changes depending on what time period in history we are talking about, and in modern day Olympics, which culture you want to respect.

When it comes to modesty, if it is Mulsim countries we are talking about, the Olympic committee is 100% in favor of changing the standards.  But if it is a person from a European or American country, the athletes get fined.  As long as all athletes have the same opportunity to wear each style of clothing, what is the problem?

The same can be said about the swim caps that are specifically designed for a Black person’s style of hair.  As long as everybody has the option to wear that style of swim cap, what is the problem?

There is a lot of crazy activism that is being associated with the 2021 Summer Olympics.  In my opinion, there are some that do not belong at the Olympics.  But in terms of the uniforms, if the athletes are protesting the uniform standards, regardless of if it is dealing with sexualization of the human body (men or women) or just accommodating different hair styles of different athletes, if the 2021 Summer Olympics is going to go down in history as the Olympics of Protesting, I am glad that at least some of the protesting has to do with stuff that actually has to do with sports and the Olympics.  I just hope that the Olympic related protests (uniform protests) do not get drowned out by the “other protesting”.

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Can you take CBD oil and melatonin together?



Can you take CBD oil and melatonin together

CBD oil is a chemical extracted from the marijuana plant and is also known as cannabidiol. It is used to treat anxiety, sleep problems, pain, and other physical and mental problems. On the other hand, melatonin is a hormone in the body that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

If your body cannot produce enough melatonin at night, you will not sleep well. To do this, you need to take a melatonin supplement to increase the amount of melatonin in your body so that you can sleep more soundly.

CBD oil and melatonin can be used for sleep problems. Therefore, you may have doubts about whether you can take CBD oil with melatonin. The answer is yes, you can take them together. It is normal to take these two pills together. CBD and melatonin are extremely effective as sleep aid. Therefore, by mixing CBD oil and melatonin, you can achieve better results. But you have to maintain the correct dosage.

From there, you’ll get a clear guide on how to combine CBD oil and melatonin in the proper doses. The concept is organized based on the uses of CBD oil and melatonin with the correct dosage, side effects, and compatibility. So let’s see step by step-

CBD oil and melatonin interaction:

Many people take melatonin for insomnia or other sleep problems. Today, the use of CBD oil for these purposes has also increased. CBD and melatonin both help you to sleep better. But the two pills work in different ways.

When your body cannot produce enough melatonin for sleep, a melatonin supplement can induce your body to metabolize melatonin immediately. CBD oil works the same way, too. Another function of CBD oil is that it can reduce cortisol levels and anxiety and provide relaxation and calmness, thus promoting restful sleep.

If you take CBD oil and melatonin together, you can get better results quickly. While CBD oil works by producing relaxation and calm, melatonin signals the body to sleep. Therefore, the interaction of the two pills can create a powerful effect against sleep disturbances or insomnia.

Appropriate Dosages for Combining CBD Oil and Melatonin:

If you want to take CBD oil and melatonin together, the doses need to be calculated. It is very important to adjust the dose. When combining the doses of CBD and melatonin it will not be the same as taking the pills separately.

You should start with a low dose of CBD oil. Then the dose can be increased slowly if necessary. There is also the same suggestion for melatonin. You should take 0.3-0.5 mg of melatonin tablet with 10 mg of CBD oil. This combination can be ideal for effective results. Then you can increase the dose of melatonin up to 5 mg and in the case of CBD oil up to 50 mg. But one must be vigilant with increasing their doses. If you can determine the correct dose, it will be safe for taking two tablets together. You can consult a doctor to determine the right dose for you.

Side effects of taking CBD oil and melatonin together:

Taking CBD and melatonin together does not have any recognized adverse effects. CBD oil contains less THC, so it does not cause any side effects. But some may experience headaches, depression, or irritability from taking melatonin. If you are on a limited dose of CBD oil and melatonin, you will not have much trouble. For safety purposes, you should choose natural CBD oil and melatonin, which are not toxic. You can find effective non-toxic CBD and melatonin products at


If you want to get the right result from the combination of CBD oil and melatonin, you must mix the right concentration. By following the instructions I have provided, you can easily get the idea of  taking CBD oil and melatonin together.

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Top 9 Factors to Consider When Starting a Cannabis Company



If you’re a cannabis enthusiast then you might know that it dates back thousands of years. If you’re passionate about the cannabis industry then you might be interested in starting a cannabis company.

While it might seem overwhelming to pinpoint what’s necessary to start a cannabis company, there’s hope. This article will take a look at the different factors you’ll want to consider before you begin. Read on to explore these different factors and make sure that you’re ready to start a business today. 

1. Picking Your Angle

Different industry leaders in the cannabis industry such as Jasdeep Singh, COO of 3BC can give you helpful tips and tricks for starting a cannabis company. Before you begin, it’s important to pick your angle carefully. 

Determine whether you’re interested in selling clothing, consumer items such as toilet paper, perfumes, etc. Decide what your strengths are for different cannabis products, and do what you’re passionate about. 

2. Hire a Lawyer

Even if it’s legal in your state, there are local cannabis laws that you’ll need to abide by. There are also different fees, taxes, permits, and licensing requirements. 

As with any other business, you’ll need to look into tax paperwork, checking copyrights and trademarks, etc. Even if you think that you’re all set, it’s still a good idea to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable on the legalities and requirements of the cannabis industry. Even if you’re selling cannabis online. 

3. Have a Business Plan

All businesses need to have a business plan including their goals, budget, and plans for the future. This can include your digital marketing strategy as well. 

While it’s not a requirement, it’s good to have in order to figure out whether you’ll be borrowing money or not. This can include money from investors. It’ll also include how you plan to scale your business and make a profit for the long term. 

4. Understand Your Consumers

Starting any business will require you to identify your ideal audience and target them in your digital marketing strategy. This will let you know who is interested in the products or services that you’re offering. Dive deep and figure out what their different wants and needs are. 

It’s best to form connections with your ideal audience. Be active on social media and offer informative advice and provide meaningful content on your blog as well. When someone has a comment or concern, write back to them in as little time as possible. 

5. Raising Capital

Unfortunately, many investors won’t put their money into the cannabis industry since it’s a gray area. Many banks won’t fund these businesses either. 

Your best option is to reach out to private investors. While some might decline, there are others who are excited about this prospect. 

6. Time

Certain states will make you wait months, even over a year before you can obtain a license. You’ll need to be patient and willing to wait for your license.

7. Business Structure

You’ll need to form your business with a name that’s not copyright or trademark. This needs to happen before applying for a license.

There are different business structures as well such as corporations, LLC, etc. It’s best to speak with a lawyer and accountant for legalities and fees. 

8. Don’t Cross State Lines

If you cross state lines, it can get you into legal trouble. This includes transporting cannabis from one location to another. This includes transporting funds that’ll be used toward the cannabis industry. 

Before you consider crossing state lines, look into the laws and regulations for each state. This is especially important if you plan on operating in more than one state. 

9. Trademarks Are Tricky

The Patent and Trademark Office might refuse your application for cannabis services and products. This is because while it might be legal in your state, it’s not legal in all states. A way to work around this is to submit an application that isn’t specific to cannabis. 

Tips on Starting a Business

First, think about what you’re willing to do in order to be successful. Take a look at your motivation level and make sure that a business is right for you. The biggest risk is putting money toward a business and then burn out fast or lose interest. 

Be Passionate About It

Make sure that the business that you choose is something that you’re passionate about and that you’ll enjoy. Think about different needs that consumers have that you can fill. Remember that being unique will help you stand out. 

Check if There’s a Market

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to make sure that your business will be profitable. Head over to Google Trends and you can type in different keywords to see the interest online for different topics. 

Know Operational Requirements

Think about how your business will operate. Is it in a building or online? 

If you’ll accept credit cards, will you need to create invoices? Figure out whether it’ll be you or someone else who will promote your business on social media, and on your website. Decide what the requirements are if you’re going to open up a physical shop. 

The Different Factors To Consider When Starting a Cannabis Company

There are different factors to consider when starting a cannabis company. Follow this guide to make sure that you’re ready to open up shop for your business.

Would you like to read more informative content and how-tos? We can help! Check out our other articles today for more buzzworthy and up-to-date content. 

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