Things You Need To Know About NBA 2K21 MyTeam Mode

NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode will introduce the concept of season. Every six weeks is a season. The whole 2k21 will release new content in the form of season. Speaking of the season, can’t help thinking about FIFA, it should be an attempt to imitate FIFA. Most likely each season will set a theme, and then launch the corresponding card package and challenge. Anyway, it’s a new thing for 2K. You can look forward to it. What’s more, NBA 2K21 MT will be the most important items in games.


Evolution Card

It was said that the NBA 2K21 evolution card can customize some conditions for star promotion. Furthermore, it is revealed that when your players have evolved to full stars, they can also customize some badges. Anyway, it’s a good thing that we are free to custom things that actually needed.

Badge customization

Do you remember the badge cards in previous NBA 2K21 series? They also returned in NBA 2K21. Players can arrange their own badges to upgrade from bronze to purple. It seems that unlimited range will cost a lot. NBA 2K21 MT build your MyTeam and make your team powerful!

Championship Ring

This is a new mode that will be available from every Friday to Sunday, and there will be different themes every week. For example, one week, the players in the player team will be required to have the highest level of ruby; or one week, the players in the player team will be under the age of 25. It should be a kind of online competition, the winning team can get the championship ring and reward.

Unlimited game modification

Everyone is looking forward to the return of system! The online 5v5 in 2k21 will be divided into nine levels from bronze to galaxy, but the 12 win mechanism remains. Only when you rise to the highest galaxy and win 12 consecutive games, can you win the final player prize. Hopefully, 2K can improve the low-level rewards and the enthusiasm of novice players.


Idols (idol?) The series of player cards will replace the prime series of 2k20 and become the main theme pack of 2k21. A total of 15 player cards will be released. Players will welcome the first idols player card that can evolve to pink diamond in September. This kind of series card is almost the same every year, just a gimmick.

Player exchange

This is a new system that I am most concerned about, although this time the official only revealed a short sentence: players can trade cards that they don’t need into cards that they need more. Does it feel like “player sacrifice” in FIFA? SBC login 2K? Anyway, a large number of waste cards in your hands are expected to play a role this time. is the best place to buy cheap and legit NBA 2K21 MT PS5.

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