Things you need to do Before Sending a Parcel

Do you want to send a parcel from one locality to the other? If yes, this guide is worth reading for you, especially if you want to ensure that เช็คพัสดุ reaches safe and sound. There are several considerations that you must give importance to before sending a parcel from one location to the other.

While sending a parcel, we usually rely on the courier service to take responsibility for the parcel and ensure that it reaches safely and promptly. This is a nice approach, but the best thing is that you do your homework before handing over everything to the service providers. Your responsibility is to make sure that everything is fine on your end so that your parcel reaches safely and timely. 

Regardless of the courier service provider you are using to send your parcel there are always a risk of missing packages. you must pay importance to the following factors before sending the parcel. Either you are a small business sending stuff to your customers or an individual sending a gift to your loved one, you must keep the following factors in your mind before sending the parcel.

5 Things to Know Before Sending a Parcel

So, let’s discuss what things must be given importance before sending a parcel from one place to another.

1.   Conduct Research about the Courier Company

Your first step can be researching to find the best courier service provider in your locality. Compare their services and prices with other service providers and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Above all, make sure that the service provider you are using is trustable and is recommended by friends and peers. 

Once you find the best courier service provider you can เช็คพัสดุ ems เคอรี่, it is suggested to research the courier service you will use to send your parcel. Ensure they have an online presence; otherwise, sending a parcel through them can be a little dicey. 

Another method of exploring information regarding the service provider is by reading reviews of the previous customers. These reviews will help you get detailed information regarding the company and will help you build trust.

2.   Check for Any Restrictions

It is essential to check for any restrictions that come with service providers. Different service providers offer various restrictions. Generally, there won’t be any restrictions on sending parcels, gifts, or documents; however, this does not apply to all packages.

Restrictions may vary for different items. So make sure that you check for the restrictions carefully to avoid any unnecessary headaches.

3.   Make Sure Your Parcel is Properly Packed

Generally, service providers take the responsibility of packing your sample; however, it is advised to pack your parcel correctly before handing it over to the service provider. Ensuring safe and secure packing enhances your package’s safety and minimizes the risk of damage to your parcel.

Make sure to select suitable packaging that best suits the contents of your packet. Hard and double-walled cardboards are generally best for shipping items in a box because they are sturdy and are less likely to get undone during transit.

4.   Note Down Address and Instructions Clearly

Noting down the address is an essential part of sending the parcel. While marking the address on your parcel, make sure that you mark the address on the box. It should be readable and precise. Also, make sure to write down the return address so that if due to some reason, it gets undelivered to the designated location, the parcel comes back to you.

Furthermore, mark essential instructions as well on the box such as:

  • Write Fragile for parcels that need to be handled with care.
  • Write urgent for parcels that need to be sent ASAP.

5.   Track Your Parcel

Many customers don’t know that they can also track their parcels. While choosing a courier service, make sure that you choose the one that provides tracking services. After sending the package, you will get a tracking ID to get detailed information regarding your parcel’s whereabouts. Along with providing detailed information, the tracking also gives you mental satisfaction until your parcel reaches its designated location.

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