Things to know before starting your food import business in India

The food business in India is taking new roads to the international market. The import and export of food products are increasing rapidly, with some major food items across the globe interested in Indian brands. However, the entering the Indian import market is not that easy. One of the main requirements for any food import business in India would be the FSSAI importer license. For the FSSAI license of import, one needs to fulfill the issued guidelines by FSSAI for transparency and traceability.

Some of the significant features of FSSAI license registration for importers would be:

  1. Firstly, you need to obtain your import-export code, i.e., IE Code, as it is an essential requirement for an FSSAI license, collected through DGFT as an IEC certificate.
  2. Any company or individual doing import business could only apply for one FSSAI import license for every warehouse and promise mentioned in the IEC certificate document.
  3. Mainly Food business operator obtains the FSSAI license for the company’s head office, which is applicable only for those having businesses in more than one city.
  4. FSSAI license could be to import any food product or item approved by the FSSAI regulatory bodies or has obtained NOC for those food items.
  5. FSSAI license is valid for one year to 5 years depending upon your request during the license application. 30 days before the ending of the validation period license needs to be renewed.
  6. All the importers need to submit an annual report for their FSSAI license to its central authority.

There are several benefits of getting an FSSAI license

  1. It helps to import the quality of the product by providing definite rules and providing a framework for work.
  2. Helps to update and know new knowledge bringing progress to the food safety standards.
  3. FSSAI gives access to the higher researcher that provides facts and pieces of evidence that helps for the betterment of food standards.
  4. After getting an FSSAI license, it would be easier to take the business to higher food safety and security standards.
  5. Get customer support, and the FSSAI logo over the food item gives confidence and attracts customers.

If you are the one finding the FSSAI license process difficult, then contact agencies doing all the paperwork on your behalf and behave as an over the bridge between you and FSSAI. Today many individuals and companies in India are exploring food items and ingredients from all over the world in India. Some agencies are doing their best and giving the following services:

  • They have legal advisors for all your FSSAI license-related queries.
  • After finalizing the type of license your business needs, they help collect all the documents necessary to get an FSSAI license.
  • They fill the FSSAI application form on your behalf, including category list, Form B, and NOC.
  • Agency will inform you regarding every step taken and going to take further.
  • Finally, you get your license through the mail and a hard copy through the post.
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