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Things To Know About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies



Bitcoin is a virtual currency or crypto-monetary, governed by a decentralized user network and not submitted to the whims of the central banking authority or national administrations. While hundreds of cryptocurrencies are currently in active use, Bitcoin is the most popular and widely employed—the closest cryptocurrency to traditional government-mined monies. This app can provide the best articles on crypto.

Bitcoin has value compared with other currencies and physical items like conventional fiat money such as the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin is incredibly volatile, like all cryptocurrencies – far more than most fiat currencies, although the overall value trend was higher. For example, during the 12 months ended on 1 May 2021, the value of the bitcoin rocket flared from around $9,000 to about $57,000 per BTC, approximately sextupled.

History and Origin of Bitcoin

The beginnings of Bitcoin trace back to the early 80s, when algorithms were initially devised supporting modern crypto-currency. His nearest predecessor, Bit Gold, was invented by Nick Szabo at the end of the 90s by proto-cryptocurrency. Although Bit Gold never achieved broad momentum, it shared several characteristics in common with Bitcoin, including the watertight duplicate safeguards and the Blockchain as the final transaction leader.

Development and Birth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s initial public record is from October 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudo-named person or entity, published a white paper on a new, decentralized cryptocurrency, including technical descriptions. The identity of Nakamoto remains unheard; however, suspicion focuses on a handful of U.S.-based persons (or diverse groupings of them) active in the 1990s and 2000s bitcoin movement. Nakamoto released in January 2009 Bitcoin’s open-source code that marked the start of public mining and commercial activity and shortly after that ended public contact. Bitcoin was founded on Bit Gold and b-money, a modern cryptocurrency concept that has never been produced in theory and technique. Besides being the first Crypto-Monetary to establish a wider influence outside of the ULC, the first crypto-currency marked by completely decentralized control is its most extraordinary claim to fame. No user is as significant in the arena of Bitcoin as anyone else.

Mainstream Acceptance

Other projects were followed in 2013 and 2014, including OkCupid, Expedia, Baidu, and Baidu then ceased to accept Bitcoin under Chinese government pressures, who regarded Bitcoin as a danger to its own money. In 2013, the market value of Bitcoin for the first time surpassed $10 billion. In that year, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the first ATM-dispense — more precisely, an automatic money exchange machine — arrived, and its numbers were exposed in the following years. 

Mining: Functions and Capabilities

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means that it has a source code that uses extremely complicated methods to prevent unauthorized copying or Bitcoin units from being generated. The codes are based on advanced mathematics and computer engineering principles, called cryptography. As a result, the source code of Bitcoin cannot be broken, and currency supply can be manipulated digitally. Bitcoin is the one who first blends specific crucial characteristics that are shared by cryptocurrencies most later created:

  • The Anonymity of the User. Additional safeguards permit users to disguise the Bitcoin source and movement further. For example, computer software for all Bitcoin users called mixing services and tumblers swap a particular Bitcoin device for another Bitcoin unit of the same value, obscuring the source of the owners’ holdings.
  • Exchanges of Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin exchanges allow Bitcoin units to be traded at changeable exchange rates for Fiat currencies, for example, U.S. dollars and euro. Most Bitcoin bonds are usually less than 1 percent lower than the value of each transaction.
  • Technology Blockchain. It is also Bitcoin’s lone arbitrator; no record is available anyplace else. Due to the ongoing development of new Bitcoin transactions, the Bitcoin blockchain will increase in the long run. However, while the Bitcoin blockchain continues its work and records current transactions, it will always remain a job.
  • Bitcoin Transactions Facilitation. A Bitcoin transaction did not place technically until it is included on the Blockchain. In addition, unlike conventional payment processors, Bitcoin does not have a standardized remittances or refunds facility. This prevents double transactions, called double expenditure, and safeguards the integrity of the system.
  • Two Key Systems. Store keys in the personal cloud storage or public bitcoin exchange online or on paper. Only enter them online during transactions, using physical storage mediums (such as thumb drives). Secure storage is essential as Bitcoin derives its value mostly from user keys. If a key is lost permanently, the respective assets are moved into a kind of perpetual limbo and cannot be restored.
  • Wallets for Cryptocurrency. Current Bitcoin units are stored in wallets or secure cloud-based storage that provide their owners (Bitcoin users) with specific data as guardians for the inside Bitcoin units. Though wallets such as Coinbase safeguard theoretically from the theft of Bitcoin units currently not being utilized, they are vulnerable to hacking. Hackers frequently target public purses that carry private keys for users, letting them spend the stolen BTC. The Bitcoin hacks are big and trim, and Ars Technica has a comprehensive summary.
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8 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views



YouTube Channel

With over 2 billion active users, Youtube is the most used social media platform worldwide. Another statistic to blow your mind: more than 5 billion videos are consumed every day on Youtube. The video sharing app/website is an incomparable opportunity for brands, individuals and artists and anyone else who wants to be successful on social media. Thousands of creators have changed their life using Youtube, and you can too. Follow these easy guidelines to get more views and to make your Youtube channel a success. 

  1. Make your titles tick 

The titles are an essential part of bringing more views to any Youtube video. Titles should be catchy, easy to understand and very tempting. A viewer should be able to understand what the video might be about while also having a sense of suspense. If you want your audience to keep coming back, don’t put misleading titles. It is also important to know that Youtube will never recommend videos with titles indicating violence or hate speech. If you’ve managed all that, remember to use as few words as possible. 

  1. Audience Matters: Take feedback and Engage 

On Youtube, your audience is all that matters. Ask for suggestions. Read the comments. Reply to the comments. To create a sustainable following, you must know what all your audience’s likes and dislikes. Plan your content according to the demographics and the socio-economic realities of your audience. Always be nice in your videos. Make your transitions smooth and clear the video of grainy or any other disturbances. 

  1. Focus on YouTube Seo 

About 70% of all Google search results show Youtube videos in the results. Youtube itself acts as a search engine in many ways. People log on to Youtube to find solutions to all their problems: from painting a house to making papier mache to peeling an onion. Use keyword tools to find keywords for your titles and descriptions. 

  1. Customize your thumbnail 

Your thumbnail is the first thing that a user sees when they come to the homepage on Youtube. Several times the thumbnail is the difference between a view and a scrolling past. Make your thumbnail enticing and aesthetically pleasing. Use any tool available on the internet to design your customized thumbnail. If you don’t make your own thumbnail, Youtube will select a random shot from your video. It could be a shot of you grimacing and we can’t have that now. 

  1. Write awesome Descriptions 

The description should elucidate what your video is about while also providing additional links or information. Any offers or discounts can be mentioned here. Also, contests and giveaways can be explained with ease. You can also include a timestamp for streamlining your audience’s information gathering process. Write all the links to your other social media accounts and request your audience to Like, Share and Subscribe. 

  1. Create Playlists 

Playlists make it easier for your audience to find content that they need and allows them to binge watch your Youtube channel. The Playlists option also allows you to make a series of videos for a specific purpose that you might want to achieve. Always remember: 10 short videos are better than 1 long video. 

  1. Try Live Streaming 

This is the future of all social media. There is no better way to engage your audience than to have them following you live. More and more the world is moving towards live streaming. In the gaming community for instance, gamers stream all their content live which is also available to be watched later. With the onset of Live Shopping, wherein special discounts are given to people who make purchases through a live stream, we can be sure that Live streaming is here to stay. Make the opportunity count.     

  1. Run YouTube ad campaigns

Youtube has multiple customizable options for you to run your desired ad campaign. You can choose one or run a bulk ad. These are the types of ads.

  • Skippable Ads 

These are ads that can be skipped after 5 seconds. They are available on mobile, TV, desktop and gaming consoles. 

  • Non-skippable Ads

These are ads that cannot be skipped. These are also available on mobile, TV, desktop and gaming consoles. These are about 15-20 seconds in duration.

  • Bumper Ads 

These ads are also non-skippable and run for a maximum of 6 seconds. 

  • Overlay Ads 

These are only available on desktop. These ads are the slightly transparent small bits on the bottom of the video. 

Youtube is an amazing platform for creators to share their content. It has the best reach among all its competitors, extraordinary engagement and it is here to stay. With Live Streaming becoming extremely popular with the young, we must watch out for the new opportunities that Youtube will bring and grab them with both hands. 

About Author:

Full Circus is a houseful of acts performed by circus masters who are the best at what they do. From content, design, and development to branding, ads, and digital marketing, the show never stops at Full Circus.

(No, we do not supply elephants or perform actual circus acts, sorry.)

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Know All About Florida Lottery Results – Is This Best To Play?



Florida lottery Results

These are the Florida lottery Results, jackpots, and prize payouts for Florida (FL). has the #1 fastest and most accurate online lottery results on the Internet for the United States (all states in the USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Ireland, Italy, and around the world.

You can obtain more detailed information about any game simply by clicking on the game name, and choosing the feature you want from the popup menu that appears.

At lottery results pages, you can get the latest winning lotto numbers, game information, current jackpot prize amount, statistics including hot/cold/overdue numbers, search past drawings, payouts, frequency chart, lotto wheels, lottery predictions, and odds of winning.

The lottery games offered by Florida (FL) include: Pick 2 (2-digit numbers game), Pick 3 (3-digit numbers game), Pick 4 (4-digit numbers game), Pick 5 (5-digit numbers game), Fantasy 5 (5/36 game), Lotto (6/53 game), Jackpot Triple Play (6/46 game), Cash4Life (5/60 + 1/4 game), Powerball (5/69 + 1/26 game), Powerball Double Play (5/69 + 1/26 game), Mega Millions (5/70 + 1/25 game).


Can I Purchase Tickets By mail Or Online?

No. The Florida Lottery does not offer tickets by mail or online. Tickets must be purchased from an authorized lottery retailer in Florida.

Can I purchase tickets by mail or online?

No. The Florida Lottery does not offer tickets by mail or online. Tickets must be purchased from an authorized lottery retailer in Florida.

Can I buy lottery tickets in advance?

Yes, you can add additional consecutive draws to your lotto playslip. Check out our Advanced Draws section to find out how many games you can play at a time.

Can I remain anonymous if I win a lottery prize?

No. If you win, your name, city of residence, the game you won, and winning date are made public. Phone numbers and home addresses remain confidential.

We suggest that you consult a lawyer before claiming any big prizes, however, as it may be possible to claim your prize through a trust to retain anonymity.

 How old must I be to play the Florida Lottery?

You must be 18 or older to play.

How long do I have to collect my winnings?

You have 180 days from the date of the draw to claim your lottery winnings. If you wish to choose the cash option, you must claim your prize within 60 days of the draw.

Where do the Florida Lottery funds go?

Florida Lottery ticket proceeds help fund the state’s schools, including by providing technologies, scholarships, and books.

What lottery games can I play in Florida?

You can pick from Fantasy 5, Powerball, Jackpot Triple Play, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Florida Lotto, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5.

Are Florida Lottery prizes taxable?

The Florida Lottery reports all winnings of $600 or more claimed by U.S. citizens or residents to the IRS. The Florida Lottery also withholds federal taxes on certain winnings. See our Tax Information section for more details.

What happens if my ticket is stolen or lost?

The Florida Lottery is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen tickets. Keep tickets in a safe place. Signing your ticket helps prove you own it in case you lose it.

Where can I find results for Florida on a particular day of the week?

Use the following links to find results for the day you are looking for:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Claiming Prizes

Here’s the process for claiming Florida Lottery prizes.

Prizes with an annual payment option have to be claimed at the Florida Lottery Headquarters.

Appointments are available but not required. Visit the Florida Lottery website to schedule your appointment.

When claiming prizes by dropbox, you need to deposit an envelope that includes the winning ticket along with a completed claim form and a copy of your ID.

To claim a prize by mail, send the signed winning ticket, a completed claim form, and a copy of your ID to any of the claim centers or directly to the headquarters located at:

Florida Lottery
Claims Processing
250 Marriott Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32399-9939

For claiming prizes over $50,000, you must also include the completed Method of Prize Payment form.

Keep a copy of all claim documents for your records.

Tax Information

The Florida Lottery withholds a percentage of certain lottery winnings for federal taxes. Here are the taxes withheld from lottery prizes for U.S. citizens or Florida residents.

About the Florida Lottery

In 1986, voters passed a constitutional amendment to establish a state lottery and raise funds for educational initiatives.

The first Florida Lottery tickets were sold in 1988. In its first three weeks of operation, the lottery repaid $15.5 million owed to the state’s general fund.

The Florida Lotto made headlines in August 2017 when a Panamanian woman won $30 million after playing through a concierge service. The winner had signed up from home to play every draw for an entire month, and lottery staff bought tickets in Florida for her.

Since its launch, the Florida Lottery has funded educational initiatives across the state.

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Things To Consider While Setting Up A Ecommerce With The Help Of Zoho Partner

The success of an e-store is dependent on how much responsive a website is, and number of payment gateways and methods it offers to customers.



Zoho Partners

The lock-down and ban on unvaccinated people to enter a grocery store and in malls to buy things has forced people to devise alternative shopping methods, as a result, shopping online or subscribing to essential services or subscription boxes. In such a situation, local businesses can not afford to have zero digital presence, and, the success is dependent on how soon you take initiative to set up an online store.

So, if you are in the process of considering setting up an online store, but got no idea how to set up and maintain an online store, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article, we have tried to answer two essential questions, usually asked by the merchants. First, important things to know about setting up an online store. And, which SaaS application to use while setting up an online store.

5 Important Things To Do Before Jumping Into The Ecommerce

  1. The first thing on our list is to conduct market research. Since, we are talking about the online store set-up, in this context, digital marketing research means conducting initial keyword research with company name and product to see where your business needs to focus. Alongside this, you have to look into the competitor too. This will help you to get a fair idea of what type of strategies is being used by the market professional.
  2. The next step is to determine which market to chose. Usually, there are four types, e.g. B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B. Every market section is already using specific platforms to sell and purchase goods. Therefore, it is important that you carefully select the one that your target market is using.
  3. Third thing you need to know is how to catalog and present your product. Since customers have no other source than reading the product description and reviews of a product. Therefore, it is advised that you conduct detailed keyword research to optimize product descriptions. Along with this, you have to invest efforts in crafting engaging and SERP bot-friendly content.
  4. Another important thing is to know that a store can not work in isolation or knowing how much quantity of product is left in inventory. Hence, it is important that when you analyze software, make sure that it has an option to synch inventory directly to the online store, so the merchant won’t have to go back and forth to check the inventory. In addition to this, it is important that you are using a reliable delivery method and offer multiple PCI-compliant payment methods to the customer.
  5. Lastly, you have to understand how different platforms work and which can produce favorable results. Remember, using the B2C platform for B2B transactions will not produce any results, since you target the market using entirely different platforms.

From the above-mentioned points, it is clear that whenever you plan to start an online store, you have to take into account the competition, opportunities, and strategies being used. This will provide you with working knowledge on how you can devise an effective digital marketing strategy.

To the question, which SaaS application would be best to build an e-store, we will recommend Zoho. There are two reasons behind this, first, Zoho offers a complete solution, Zoho Commerce, that contain all essential application that an e-store needs. Not to mention, you can consult a Zoho consultant, working around the globe to get customized Zoho CRM implementation.

How Zoho Ecommerce Works

Zoho Commerce is a complete solution that is pre-integrated with dozens of in-house Zoho Applications. It includes the Zoho Website, Zoho Partner and Zoho Marketing Hub, Sales, Analytics, and reporting. Along with this, it allows businesses to customize the system by integrating third-party applications. However, the best thing about Zoho eCommerce is, it offers a drag-and-drop feature and easy to comprehend configurations.

This means anyone with little to no technical knowledge can easily set up an engaging website, create a responsive workflow and manage everything from one dashboard e.g. order collection, billing and invoicing, payment collection, and processing. On top of, it is pre-integrated with dozens of payment gateways and shipping methods. You just have to enter the relevant information and your store will be up and running.

Parting Words

The most important thing for any business is to set up an online store to reach a wider customer base. Delaying to do so is like, leaving out huge opportunities and letting go of customers who are searching for you but can’t reach you because you are not active.

Today, there are dozens of options available which one can opt for and easily set up a store online, utilize a pre-integrated payment gateway to expand business globally, and much more. One of the best solutions that we have found is Zoho eCommerce.

It contains everything, additionally, it offers a drag-and-drop feature that requires aesthetic skill than technical knowledge. However, there are several Zoho Partner and Zoho Consultant at Techloyce working around the globe, whom you can reach, and get things done without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Why choose ACE and HBL for sending money to Pakistan?





Sending Money Online to Pakistan with ACE Money Transfer is fast, safe, and simple. You can keep track of your transfer’s progress and enter the transaction code to get email updates on the status of your payments. They provide a 24-hour service to send money online to Pakistan as straightforward as possible. Apart from these facts, the best thing about using ACE is that it provides the customers with various prizes, incentives, and offers.

Send Money Online to Pakistan with ACE: 

ACE Money Transfer is all about providing customers with a safe and quick platform for sending money to their family and friends. ACE aims for perfection while providing specialized, online solutions for all of your remittance requirements, going above and beyond the norm of finest services. 

Through a single portal, overseas Pakistanis may now make quick and easy transfers to Pakistan. Furthermore, compared to big banks and other prominent money transfer service providers, ACE offers unmatched exchange rates. 

You can send money online to Pakistan by debit/credit card or straight to any bank account with quick remittance delivery using various payment options. Using ACE remittance services is a simple process where transactions are accomplished in just a few steps. 

When you utilize ACE Money Transfer, you may avoid long and tedious procedures and needless formalities.

Here’s a look at what ACE has to offer in terms of payment choices for Pakistan:

Cash Pickup:

Recipients can pick up their remittances at any branch of a major commercial bank.

Bank Transfer:

Pakistanis may transfer money straight into the recipient’s bank account in Pakistan using ACE remittance services, which provide the best exchange rates and transaction costs in the industry.

Bill Payments: 

You can pay your bills from anywhere across the globe while sitting on the couch or on the go at the press of a button. In Pakistan, ACE Money Transfer offers the most effective bill payment services.

Top-up of airtime:

With the push of a button, you may also top-up any mobile network service provider in Pakistan. It’s that easy. Manage your cell top-ups with Pakistan’s most dependable services.

ACE Money Transfer and HBL’s biggest offer:

ACE Money Transfer and HBL’s exciting prizes are back with a fantastic reward. Send Money Online to Pakistan with ACE to any HBL Bank, and you’ll get an opportunity to win Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and brand new Toyota Yaris.

This ACE Money Transfer and HBL deal are valid from August 1, 2021, until September 30, 2021. They will do a lucky draw for all cash pickup and bank deposit transactions completed and paid through HBL during the specified periods.

A lucky draw will be led between the offer days for transactions made through ACE from any authorized country. Senders will receive a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphone, while recipients will receive a new Toyota Yaris.

The remitter might select a representative in Pakistan to accept the automobile on their behalf. Only paid transactions will be included in the lucky draw. Make any quantity of trades every day to increase the number of entries.

A lucky draw will be done once a week. Any personal, advance, and/or withholding taxes levied due to the incentives received via this contest are the responsibility of the winner, and ACE bears no obligation in this regard.

The winners will be contacted by ACE through email or phone. The firm has all rights to utilize the information of the winners for promotional reasons. The dates listed may be changed at the firm’s discretion. This is a one-time offer that cannot be combined with other offers or redeemed for cash. Employees of HBL Bank are not eligible for this program.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Taking Commercials Loans




credit card

You need money to start a new business. It can be a small business or a large business. You can borrow some money from your friends or family. If not possible, you can take a loan from a bank. You can apply for a commercial loan to start your new business.

Today, it is not difficult to take a commercial loan. Smart financing solutions have made it easy for businessmen to get a loan for their business. This guide will help you to know about some things before taking a commercial loan.

Debt Financing

You must know about debt financing. It occurs when you raise money by selling debt things to the investors. A great amount is secured by the companies along with business debt so that the business could be made successful. The financing of a business includes crowdfunding, venture capital, credit cards, and loans.

You can not manage all your business operations with free cash flow. Only cash flow cannot help you to achieve your obligations and contracts. Debt financing provides you more facilities than free cash flow. It is a versatile tool that grows your business fast and helps you to meet your business’s objectives.

Importance Of Credit History

You should know about the importance of the credit history of a business before taking a commercial loan. You can get commercial loans in Tacoma WA from any local bank. Taking loans is challenging for a company. You have to maintain the financial record and medical history of your business to overcome several challenges.

You can get commercial loans from the government or banks. But you must have the financial history of your business. It is because this information is reviewed by the lenders for the purpose of decision making. Some lenders do not lend money to some small businesses. In this case, the owners can take personal loans.

How To Use Commercial Loans?

You should spend the money of commercial loans on operating expenses and capital expenditures of the business. So, you should know how to use a commercial loan and where to consume this money. You should know that taking a loan and returning it back is not easy. You have to return the amount with a specified percentage of interest.

Taking a commercial loan does not mean you can take money only to start a new business. You can also take a loan to enhance your business and make it successful. You can spend this money on meeting short-term financial obligations. You can also spend this money on funding payroll.

You must know the procedure for returning the money. A specific amount is set according to the amount of lent money. So, a specified amount is to be paid to the lender by following a strict repayment schedule.

Cost Of Commercial Loan

You should select the best source for getting the best loan for flipping houses in Tacoma WA. You should calculate the cost of the commercial loan before getting it. You should know how to calculate interest on a certain amount. If you do not know how to calculate, you can ask any of your friends or family members who know mathematics and calculations.

The interest rate depends upon different factors such as the credit history of the company, personal credit history, relation with a lender, type of lender, term of the loan, etc. You should calculate the number of years in which you will return the money.

Capacity For Collateral

You should calculate your capacity for collateral before taking a commercial loan. The lender checks your capacity of returning back the lent money. A criterion is set to check the validity to take the loan. If the lender feels comfortable that you will easily pay him back, then he decides to lend you money. Collateral may include cash, bonds, stocks, cars, houses, etc.

Financial Documents

You should prepare the financial documents of your company. You should keep all the data organized before applying for the loan. The detailed financial information is checked by the lender. You should also maintain the balance sheet, tax audit reports, cash flow statements, etc. of your company.


You can lend money from a bank or government. You should take help from this guide to know about some important things before taking the loan.  

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