Things To Know About Army Welfare Trust Society Lahore

Lahore is one of the dream cities for luxurious living. Its metropolitan advantage is another plus point that is attracting many people to live in.  And amongst many top names, Army Welfare Trust Society Lahore is a center of attraction for obvious reasons.

Army Welfare Trust Housing Scheme Phase 2, commonly known as AWT-II, is a first-class housing scheme located at Jati Umra Road/Raiwind Road. What makes it an anticipated community is it’s up to the mark felicitated environment and the serene vibe.

For its emerging popularity, AWT is a next dream destination of peace. Its LDA (Lahore Development Authority) approved society to ensure the legal property issues and litigation at bay! AWT is an investing place in Pakistan, Lahore, for the progress of your wellbeing.

Service and Facilities

Army Welfare Trust Housing Society comes with its rich and well-planed design. The approved and wise mapping system certainly makes AWT stand out for its facilities. Besides, the living environment, day-to-today tasks and highly advanced surveillance makes it one of the best places to be at, at face value!

Its recent motorway interchange approval and the vigorous development and progress are surely a sign of advancement in days. Motorway interchange is an indication of newer society making schemes that add value.

Army Welfare Trust Highlighted Features: Phase I

·         A well-composed housing society with the tranquil living environment

·         Protected and with fully secured wall boundary line

·         Thrived and profuse green parks and nursery

·         Strategically design electricity and gas pipelines all over

·         Tight security and controlled watch over via smart Fauji Security Services

·         Exit and entry from LDA Avenue 1 and Defence Road Lahore

·         AWT has been mapped out with Schools, Community Club, Play Area, Mosque and Horticulture

Service and Facilities

Phase ll of Army Welfare Trust Housing Society Lahore is certainly more robust and comes with additional perks related to environmental and living safety.  From an investor point of view you have it well- thriving too.

Its well-paved sewerage system and underground piping readily meet the standard requirement and keep the inhabitant trouble-free. Besides, the optimized concrete pipes from 9“to 42“in diameter work pretty much ideally under havoc situations.

Army Welfare Trust Highlighted Hallmark: Phase II

·         Ample streets 40 to 60 feet wider

·         Broaden and 100 feet wider main Boulevard

·         24/7 supply of electricity, water and Sui-Gas followed by ultra-security

·         Contemporary Schools, Play Areas, Mosques, Community Club and Horticulture

·         Features Raiwind Road Lahore lane roads on both side of Butcher Khana Distributary serve the Society

· AWT is surrounded by Fazaia and Lake City in the East, Beacon House Society in the North, Bahria Phase 9 in the West and Sui Gas Society, Sharif Complex City in the South

Overall, AWT has got you covered for all the basic as well as advance level living needs! It comes with a lot of beneficial plans and the progressing and developing programs certainly bring more power into the society.

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