Things to Do After Getting a New Android Device

Things to Do After Getting a New Android Device

Android phones are pretty amazing, and the majority of people are getting the same. With high-end Android smartphones, the users usually take proper precautions. Many people first buy the Flagship Android smartphone and then get the smartphone case. For example, as the OnePlus devices don’t have the TPU case in the box, the users often look for the OnePlus 8 Pro Transparent Case online. Well, it’s a good thing to get a smartphone case, but there are a lot of things you should do after buying a new Android flagship smartphone.

If you have ordered a smartphone case and are waiting for it to arrive, you should immediately set up the smartphone. If you are using an Android smartphone, you are at the right place if this is the first time. In this post, we will share detailed information on the things you should do on your New Android smartphone. I recently purchased the OnePlus 8 Pro device from the online marketplace and shared the things I’ve done on this device after setting it up with my Google account.

Things to Do After Getting a New Android Device

#1 – Install Necessary Updates

Most of the time, the smartphone manufacturers push various updates to the smartphone. When I got the OnePlus 8 Pro device, it already had the update pending. So first, I updated the smartphone to the latest version and started using it. Once updating the device firmware, I visited the Google Play Store and started the Apps update process. I updated all the inbuilt apps to the latest versions from Google Play Store.

#2 – Setup Google Apps

After updating the device firmware and most of the inbuilt apps, the next thing to do is set up Google Apps on your new smartphone. I’d already configured my Gmail Account on the OnePlus 8 Pro device, hence skipping this part. If it’s not, you can set up a Gmail account and then import the settings from Google Synchronization. This is a useful process as you can easily import the apps and contacts from the old Android smartphone.

#3 – Transfer Files Between Old and New Device

Android comes with the inbuilt device data synchronization feature. With the data transfer feature, you can copy the device data from your old smartphone to the new one. With ease, I’ve used the internal data transfer feature to transfer the data from my old smartphone to the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone. This reduces the issues with the manual data transfer. Also, this process reduces the time consumed when you install and long to the essential apps from Google Play Store.

#4 – Setup Payment Apps

These days, mobile payment options are taking over the traditional methods of payment. You can use the UPI payment apps or banking apps to transfer or manage your money with ease. When you get a new Smartphone, it’s essential to set up the payment apps. As I used the banking and UPI payments apps, I installed them on my device and configured them within a few minutes. If you don’t prefer mobile banking or hassle-free payments, then you can skip this step.

#5 – Personalization

After doing the absolute essential things, it’s time to personalize the smartphone according to your needs. This includes changing the wallpaper, changing the ringtone, setting the alarm, or anything that improves the usability of the smartphone. You can install the third-party wallpaper apps or the launcher apps if that suits your needs.

#6 – Smart Lock

Almost all Android smartphones come with the  Smart Lock System. With the Smart Lock, you can keep your smartphone locked while it is in your pocket. It will not unlock accidentally. Not just that, With the Fingerprints and Pattern Lock, you can keep your device safe from others. As OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone the fingerprint lock, I set up the same for the device’s security.

Final Words

It’s quite essential to perform some simple things to make your smartphone run properly. Non-Android smartphone users often get confused while using the Android device. So, setting up the device with these essential things will help you use the device without much hassle. In this post, I shared the best things you can do with your new Android smartphone. This was my personal experience, and you can do more or less the same things. If you are having some issues, make sure to use the comment section below.

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