Things to consider when you plan to buy fresh prawns online

Many of us were introduced to the convenience of supermarket delivery as a result of the epidemic. However, it’s fair if the thought of having frozen seafood delivered still feels strange. Isn’t it true that fish and shellfish are intended to be fresh? Yes, indeed! Old fish isn’t really appealing. However, frozen seafood is generally fresher than refrigerated seafood, and ordering it online is simple. Let’s have a look at things to consider before you buy fresh prawns online in Australia.

Frozen fish may be a ready-to-eat protein for weekday dinners with a little forethought.

Meal planning and preparation may make your life simpler while also allowing you to make more nutrient-dense food choices and avoid wasting money on takeout. When dealing with fresh fish, though, you can only plan ahead so far.

You can sample various frozen fish alternatives before making a decision.

There’s no reason to limit yourself to the frozen alternatives at your local supermarket. Online shops provide a variety of options for purchasing tasty, responsibly sourced fish, including regular subscription boxes.

Boxes are enjoyable because they allow you to sample seafood that you may otherwise pass up in the shop (or might not be able to find). They are, however, astute shoppers and eaters. It eliminates the guesswork of figuring out how or what to buy, and you can depend on seafood to be part of your dinner rotation.

For white fish lovers: Many seafood subscription boxes feature Sitka salmon, but this one is all about white fish—think halibut, black cod, and rockfish. Local fishermen catch, freeze, and package all of Sitka’s products on-site in Sitka, Alaska. As a result, you’re not just supporting sustainable seafood, but also tiny, local economy. Try it out for a month or sign up for an ongoing membership to save 10%. (, starting at $136/month).

What can you do with prawns you’ve purchased online?

Delicious curries, fries, and salads can all be made with prawns. If you want to cook them, keep in mind that they have a tendency to dry up quickly. Simmer prawns in a coconut-based stew for a traditional and somewhat more coastal take on prawns. Make Kerala fried prawns, sriracha prawns, prawn masala, or batter-fried prawns as a side dish. Pulaos and biryanis may also be made with prawns for a great supper.

Is it necessary to clean prawns purchased online?

The nicest part about purchasing prawns from Licious is that they arrive cleaned and with the head and tail removed. They’ve already been deveined and are ready to be marinated. They’re juicy and flavourful, and they’re ready to go in the pan. For a delectable dinner or snack, just marinade our meaty and tasty chunks. If you’re in a hurry, try our prawn zaffrani, which are ready to eat, or our chunky prawn spreads.


If you’ve never bought prawns online or from a wet market before and want to buy prawns online, you need first understand the difference between shrimp and prawns. In the kitchen, though, they can be used interchangeably. Prawns have a somewhat sweeter flavour than shrimp. Prawns are also meatier than shrimp and aren’t as soft.