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You must be hearing a lot regarding the recent technological shift in the world that it has been shifting to the digital technology and is pacing the way in the development of websites and apps. Those who followed the conventional means are now facing the greatest difficulties the world has ever been into. But the recent times of the pandemic has shown the worth of developing to the entire world. In this regard the work and developments of Andrea Nepi are not only worth sharing but worth appreciating as well.

So, what more? If you need a flutter app developer or web app developer, you are going to be rewarded after reading this as you will then, have an amazing web developer App Italy Software House for you.

Andrea Nepi is the CEO of App Italy Software House, an IT firm specializing in custom software solutions. He manages and runs an extraordinary developer house which can crack every nut. It offers both the services of web app development and flutter app development.  

App Italy Software House meets the demand of its customers and care for their customers choices. Not only it meets the requirements of their customers but also taking their relationship to another heights with trust and creative work. 

Andrea Nepi, the CEO, started in the Construction Sector and gave his valuable eighteen years to that field. He reached the position of a Manager with his impeccable performances and skills. At this peak of his career he took a brave decision of changing the field which would not only require his skills but time too. He was never the same though, as he realized his passion in Graphic Designing and Digital Product Development.

 This is what he does now; helping people create brands and digital products and services. Polishing people to get innovative and find opportunities and sustain their ideas. He is pride to his company as an innovative, creative, and managing executive and Transformational technology leader. With expertise lying in managing product technologies, building, and delivering competitive consumer products digital platforms and enterprise-wide applications and systems, and digital customer experiences.

This is his take on his experiences,

It is my pleasure and honor to share my experience in this industry and how my passion has developed, and how to build a digital product. I believe some core values are vital when it comes to thinking as a team, and these values are essential when thinking about a digital product. In my years of experience, I have learned that digital products require a technology platform that must be built and accounted for the experience. This means that it should be business modeled to be considered a product platform for a technology platform to be considered a product platform rather than being system modeled. The fact is that the world is diving deep into technology, servers, and systems. As a technologist, I have come to understand it is my responsibility to get out of my comfort zone, whether it is a group, a room, or an organization. I made a choice to get out there and understand the digital world from the customers’ point of view. Some of the questions that one should ask themselves is, what is your model? And how can one model from a business perspective?

As a specialist, he understands that digital transformation has created significant changes for an organization’s information technology. However, it can create the need for significant changes in the processes and management of other business functions as well. An effective transformation can impact each organizational area. He believed in his skills and expertise in this area of work. Regret never comes into his mind for leaving his previous profession because He is highly passionate about his current profession, as stated earlier. 

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