Themes you may choose for your WordPress Web Design

There are more than a thousand themes for your WordPress Website design. So, choosing one perfect for your website is always a difficult task. Having a lot of options makes it tiring to choose from. But obviously, the right one will allow your website to enjoy leaps of success. So, before buying a theme or customizing one, it would be good to go through the list of do’s and not to do’s while selecting a WordPress theme. You can visit WordPressiv for more information.

1. Do make a list of the features

Before you pick a theme, it is crucial to know what features are essential for your website and which you can live without. The WordPress Feature Filter allows you to easily customize your search for free themes based on what you want. Better if you have a design in mind before selecting one for you. 

2. Don’t choose a bloated theme

It is wise not to choose a theme having a mess of features, as it is of no use. A feature-rich theme might prove good, but it will affect site performance. So, ensure that you are not installing every feature that you feel cool. Though gaming capabilities or music players might be fascinating, they may negatively affect site performance. They are also using codes available on the internet, so it might put your website at security risks. 

3. Do choose a responsive theme

A responsive design makes your website more handy and easy to use on most devices. Thus, it must be compatible with mobile and come with menus and widgets that should be easy to navigate. Don’t forget to use flexible images that are translatable to non-desktop devices. Maybe you choose a theme but it is not much responsive, you can think of customizing it. 

4. Do keep color in mind

If you plan online marketing, visual appearance is a matter of great concern as colors will increase brand recognition among your targeted audience. Do match your color scheme with your brand logo, if you own. It is very easy to change the appearance on WordPress. Do choose lighter colors as visitors feel good with light colors. The only problem with dark sides is that it reduces the readability of your website and choice for more design themes. 

5. Do consider buying a premium theme

Though free themes are a good option when the budget is limited, they bring some technical issues. Free themes are also having some risks as these are not usually receiving any update, lacking support, and even the theme author abolishing at all. So, it is a wise decision to buy premium themes as they are dynamic and are provided with more themes as compared to the free ones. 

After you are done with all required tweaks and you have uploaded all of your content, don’t forget to review it before it reaches your targeted audience. Reread content, check out your website on your mobile, and make sure that images are properly loading. Consider investing in website design to avoid any inconvenience.

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