The ways your investment portfolio can benefit from security token offerings

Systems in place to account for investor ownership, compliance, and regulation are being overhauled in order to help the new wave of crypto and blockchain-based investments develop and prosper. This is a huge opportunity for investors to get involved with revolutionary systems that will move their financial investment security forward.

The years that have passed since the original ICOs have seen the market evolve at a rapid pace. Further, we have seen new services and products marketed to investors seeking to participate in these revolutionary financial schemes.

Unfortunately, this progression has been slowed down by increasing regulatory requirements, investor protection laws, and a seemingly never-ending flood of news articles detailing ICO scams. 

Investors are clamoring for a safer, more transparent, and completely legitimate method of participating in ICOs. That is why we have seen companies coming up with programs to revamp the current system. The end goal is to create a more secure way for investors to participate in ICOs and cryptocurrency ownership. 

This article will help you understand what security tokens are and how your portfolio can benefit from investments in these offerings.    

What are security tokens?

Security tokens are classified as securities by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means they can be traded only on legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

They are not subject to the same level of scrutiny as ICOs, but they do still require a great deal of responsibility from all parties involved. If investors and companies are careful, security tokens can become a fantastic way for real-world investment.

For example, think about owning an investment property. You purchase it at market value, and you own it. You are responsible for the upkeep of the property, and you can charge rent from tenants. Eventually, you might sell the building to an interested buyer. If things go well and you make money, you can enjoy a nice amount of crypto profit on your investment. The security tokens that are exchanged between investor and company act as ownership certificates for real-world assets.

Many ICOs have promised products and services that will revolutionize the way we interact with financial investments. They also claim to act as revolutionary systems that will innovate our everyday lives.

Moving in a new direction

The ICOs of the past years were designed to bring in huge amounts of money with little to no oversight. Investors were worried about such a high level of risk. This is why the security token and regulation-friendly approach may be the best way for most ICOs moving forward.

This approach is an entirely new path for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, but it could also become a very lucrative way to invest in real-world assets through cryptocurrency.

Benefits of Security Tokens

There are numerous benefits to participating in security tokens. Investors who were previously reluctant to participate in an ICO may now be more open to doing so. Security tokens can be a fantastic way for real-world investment, and you might even see some companies using them as a primary means of trading their assets.

Advantages of STOs

  • investors can expect to get access to a portfolio that is secured by security tokens;
  • it is much more transparent than the ICO approach;
  • it is also more regulated than other options;
  • the STO will have better management, accountability, and transparency compared to an ICO or private sale approach.

Disadvantages of STOs

  • security tokens are still very much not as widely accepted as other cryptocurrencies;
  • compliance issues still pose a big problem for many investors;
  • the STO approach is still not as popular as the ICO one.

Benefits for your investment portfolio

Your investment portfolio will be much safer and more secure if the company you invest in is using a security token. It will be very difficult for investors to lose money on their investments. Your portfolio will also have better management and accountability, which is lacking in today’s ICO approach.

The only disadvantage of using a security token is the lack of acceptable alternatives. If you invest in an ICO, your investment will have to be moved over to exchange before trading can begin. Unfortunately, this can be a very inconvenient process that will create delays in your investment.

The ways your investment portfolio can benefit from STO:

  • security Token Offerings on INX or “Token sales” (STOs) are creating a new way of doing security on the blockchain. In an STO, the company sells digital tokens rather than shares of ownership in order to raise funds;
  • the company and its associated project will offer a product that is tradable within an established marketplace such as an exchange or secondary market platform with liquidity;
  • tokens provide investors with voting rights and other economic benefits usually not found in traditional securities;
  • tokens are more accessible and much less expensive for investors in many cases;
  • the S-Token (Security Token) platform is compliant with SEC regulations.

The future of STO

The future of security tokens and STOs is very bright. The few companies that have started using this method are seeing a lot of success. For example, some companies have raised millions of dollars in a very short period. This has all been done without any legal issues or regulatory compliance concerns. The amount of money raised through STOs will continue to increase, making it a legitimate way for businesses to raise money and investors to make gains on their investment portfolios.

In the future, you will see a large number of companies taking advantage of the STO approach. Security tokens and STOs are here to stay, and they will eventually become mainstream for new cryptocurrency investors.

To sum up, the ICO method has been very popular in the past, but it has also left a lot to be desired. Security tokens and STOs could potentially change the way we invest forever. The STO approach is certainly one you should look into for your investment opportunities by providing more security for investors and providing a better way to manage your investment portfolio.


The crypto world is full of opportunities for investors who are willing to take a chance on new technology. There are plenty of companies that are actively working on developing new solutions. Many of these companies have been around for years and have seen very little success. The reason for this has always been a lack of an acceptable alternative.

Many investors still do not know about the STO approach, but it is now for them to take advantage of this exciting new way to invest in real-world assets.

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