The usefulness of 3D rendering services for renovation projects

An architect working with renovation projects usually deals with multiple issues. The first of them is to present and explain construction plans to a homeowner so they would easily understand them.

There is also a difficulty for the architect and the clients to align their ideas and visions of the expected outcome of renovation. Although there is an option for the architect to explain their design with drawings or sketches, still, the homeowner won’t be able to envision the result by looking at technical drafts. Such misunderstandings may slow down the working process and delay the implementation of the project.

The architect, however, can avoid all these issues by opting for photorealistic 3D rendering services. With CGI, it is now easy to dispel all doubts of the clients by displaying the expected renovation results in pictures that look like real photos. Let see how else 3D rendering can help an architect to accomplish remodeling projects. 

1. Demonstration of architectural solutions in photorealistic quality

It is said that the first impression is the last. This quote applies in the field of architecture as well. People usually notice the exterior of a building before anything else. That is why realistic 3D rendering services are important for presenting a remodeling project – the architect can impress the clients from the get-go.

A skilled 3D artist can use specialized software to create photoreal 3D renders so that the client can clearly understand all the architectural and design solutions. They will see how exactly the renovation of the exterior will look. CG renderings also display all aspects of the design including windows, entrance, terraces, balconies, roofing and materials they’re made of. 

2. Easy changing of the design elements

With architectural rendering, it’s possible for the client to choose from many different design options. 3D artists can easily change and adjust the details of the renovation project at any time.

For example, architects can display the same building with different materials or in different color combinations. This will allow clients to choose the best design option from a wide variety of them.  

  • Ensuring error-free reconstruction

It may happen that an error is not discovered on sketches or drawings in time and then it is too late to fix it. But with CAD and BIM services, all technical miscalculations are impossible to overlook. The software automatically finds all the errors and allows to fix them before the start of the project. Needless to say, it saves time and money like nothing else.

  • Realistic 3D visualization of landscapes

Realistic rendering brings another advantage to the architectural project. It shows a photoreal 3D model of a house or building within its surroundings. Usually, the environment helps to highlight the benefits of the house. It is particularly helpful when a remodeling project includes landscaping design renovation since it is often required by the client as the extension of their house update. 

  • Displaying the layout of a building in a clear way

Realistic 3D rendering is also helpful in the creation of a new layout for a house. An architect can order a 3D floor plan showing new solutions that will be easily understood by the client compared to complicated drawings. After all, 3D floor plans look like a 3D dollhouse that demonstrates the overall layout of rooms, interior design, materials, and furniture arrangement.  

After going through all these points, it’s easy to conclude that 3D rendering services are no less than a blessing for architects and clients. It accelerates the process, helps to save money and avoid misunderstandings with clients.

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