The Ultimate Guide to Roof Racks for the VW Amarok

Released in 2010, the VW Amarok has caused quite a stir on the Aussie ute market, proving a worthy rival to the established Japanese brands. It features a healthy dose of German engineering excellence, frugal engines, and capable drivetrains able to tackle tough Aussie conditions. Winning a series of accolades and awards, even in the first year of its release, it has allured buyers wanting something different.  

The VW Amarok is ready for a 2022 refresh. Not that existing utes had any faults, and VW has already extended its engine lineup, to include a meaty 6-cylinder 3 litre diesel for anyone needing more performance. Improvements are more in line with new tech and more usable space. Until we get the new car Down Under, there’s a range of products to help alleviate the need for anyone wanting more carrying capacity. Aftermarket VW Amarok roof racks are the sensible and pocket-friendly choice here.  

Why Get Roof Racks for the Volkswagen Amarok?  

Utes like the Amarok are meant to be driven hard, no matter if it’s for work or play. But there are times when you wished the tub or tray had that little extra to hold everything you’d be taking with you. Trailers can be an option, but towing can be difficult on more demanding surfaces. They’ll also limit speed, and where you can drive. 

A roof rack fitted to your car has no such issues. In fact, it’s safer by improving overall visibility for longer and heavier loads as well as better organising and distributing that weight along the car. For tougher terrain, a roof rack doubles as a mounting point for accessories like additional lights or antennas. It also combines with rear sports bars and front and rear H-racks for maximum loading capacity. 

These additions, and other necessary off-roading gear, are readily available from a 4×4 accessories online store, to get those goodies delivered sooner before any more testing trips in the bush.  

Types of Roof Racks for the VW Amarok 

Roof racks can be sourced directly from VW Australia as OEM products, but be prepared to dig deep. Aftermarket options are aplenty, and you can put those savings to better use. You’ll find aftermarket Amarok racks suitable for all cab variants, and in different lengths and designs. Dual cabs will naturally carry more weight on the roof, and they’re by far the choice for most ute buyers. 

Designs come in as flat platforms, good for carrying longer items, like sporting and camping gear when out in the red soils, or buildings supplies for the worksite. These can be bare, but fitted with additional crossbars for better strength, or come in a mesh design to carry more smaller items at once. 

Another option is to go for roof baskets or cages. These have additional bars on all sides, so are safer for things like spare wheels, tools, or smaller camping accessories you don’t want in the tub or cabin. They also provide more realty when adding driving or fog lights to improve visibility on all sides in harsher lighting. They can also be used as mounting points for tents and awnings when camping. 

Lastly, there are tradesmen racks, with bars above each door, intended for longer supplies and equipment like wooden planks and ladders. These sit lower, and need some extra work when fitting. 

What to Look for in Aftermarket Roof Racks?

The build and materials will determine how long the racks last. Aluminium racks provide the best balance between strength and carrying capacity. They’re lighter than comparable steel offerings, are tightly assembled with strengthened welds in joining parts, and allow you to carry more stuff without the fear of the roof sagging. For better weather resistance, external coatings will keep your VW Amarok roof racks looking as new for much longer. 

Additional internal crossbars help in overall strength, and with multiple mounting points, a sturdy fit along the roof line. Allotted spaces for mounting extras are always a worthy addition, so extend usability.  

Loading capacity will depend on sizes, that is, the specified length. Racks are rated to safely carry more than double what your roof is intended for, but be wary when loading up. Larger variants will have no issues holding up to 100 kilos of gear and supplies.  

Fitting Roof Racks to Your Amarok 

Most aftermarket roof racks, with the exception of a few tradesmen options, can be fitted without the need for drilling into the roof. Factory mounting points accept bolts and brackets in aftermarket kits, and the job is done relatively quickly. Aligning the roof rack properly along the roof line helps in centering any weight. Tradesman racks, and a few other variants that sit lower, may need drilling, and this usually can incur higher labour costs. All kits come with the necessary mounting gear, and some include the hardware if you’re ready to install them yourself.  

Benefits of Aftermarket Roof Racks 

The intended purpose of racks is carrying more of your gear safely. Not only do roof racks increase overall storage, they are safer in carrying extra-long or bulky items like kayaks, surfboards and bikes. Fitting these may be possible in the tub or on the tray, but won’t be as secured when riding on a rack. 

Smaller items too won’t take up space in the tub, or in the cabin where they encroach on passenger space and comfort, not to mention gear like tools, gas bottles and jerry cans that can mess up the inside. 

Lastly, there’s the better appearance. Roof racks just look good and are a worthy addition for any ute. 

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