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The Ultimate Guide to Image Annotation



The Ultimate Guide to Image Annotation

Are you curious about image annotation?

It serves as a foundation for many Artificial Intelligence (AI) products you use. One of these is computer vision, which seeks to give machines intelligent “eyes” that help them recognize and interpret objects and the world around them.

This tool is used for various applications, from teaching self-driving cars to inspecting buildings after natural calamities. Indeed, this area of AI development and machine learning is revolutionizing a wide variety of fields.

Machines must develop enough intelligence to mimic or surpass the capabilities of human sight. This involves feeding computers with a lot of data. And that’s where image annotation comes in.

This guide is a simple introduction to the complexities of image annotation, so read on!

What Is Image Annotation?

Image annotation is the human-powered process of adding labels to a picture. This can either be a single label for the whole image or various labels for different pixel groups in the image.

The AI engineer determines the labels beforehand. Then, they give the computer vision model information about what’s in the image.

Data labelers make use of tags or metadata. They can identify the data characteristics the AI model needs to learn to recognize.

The process is like teaching a child. Children aren’t born with the knowledge of what a dog is. But, after seeing many dogs, they learn to distinguish them from other animals.

In the same way, computers need examples to learn to recognize objects.

How Does Image Annotation Work?

The image annotation process needs three things. First are the images, then human annotators, and finally, a platform like to process the annotation.

A project will begin when annotators are found and trained to do the task. Most annotators don’t have degrees in machine learning. However, annotators receive training on the specifications and guidelines for each project.

Annotators might, for example, review images of animals. They’ll label every image with the correct name of the animal they’re shown. People in the industry sometimes call the annotated images “ground truth data.”

After annotation, these images are loaded into a computer vision algorithm. Through this process, the model learns how to recognize the animals.

They’ll then be able to recognize objects from unannotated images.

Types of Image Annotation Services

Determining the right service for a project depends on the project’s complexity. The higher the quality of image data used, the more accurate the resulting AI predictions will be.

Image Classification

Classification attaches only one tag to an entire image. As a result, it’s the easiest and fastest image annotation service.

For example, annotators might be tasked with looking through images of grocery store shelves. They’ll classify which shelves contain soda and which don’t. In other instances, annotators might be asked to identify the time of day or filter out specific images.

Classification is ideal for recording abstract information. The process provides a single, high-level label quickly. However, it’s also relatively vague because you can’t identify where an object is in an image.

Bounding Boxes

With bounding boxes, annotators have to draw a box around the objects they want to identify. The container must be as close as possible to every edge of the object.

In some projects, the target objects will be the same–for example, drawing boxes around every car in the image.

At other times, there could be a category of target objects. For example, annotators must draw boxes around every car, bicycle, and pedestrian in an image.

After drawing the box, annotators assign a label–chosen from a pre-decided list–to the object.

3D bounding boxes or cuboids are a variation of this technique. Annotators also draw boxes around objects. However, the boxes are three-dimensional and also show the depth of the target object.

Lines and Splines

Annotators use lines and splines to, as the name suggests, label straight or curved lines in images. All they need to do is simply draw lines along boundaries in an image.

Lines and splines are often used for training programs to recognize lanes, sidewalks, power lines, and other physical boundaries. This type of annotation is also used for planning drone trajectories and training warehouse robots to accurately place boxes or items in rows or on a conveyor belt.

Most commonly, however, AI specialists use lines and splines annotation to train self-driving vehicles.


Target objects can sometimes be irregular. They might have an asymmetrical shape, orientation, or size within an image. This means they can’t fit well in bounding boxes or cuboids.

Developers sometimes want more precise annotations for target objects, and that’s where polygon annotation comes into play. Annotators can use polygons to draw points on every vertex of a target object. They can annotate an object’s exact edges, regardless of the shape.

Just as with bounding boxes, the annotated object will then be labeled with a description.

Semantic Segmentation

Unlike the other types of annotation, which outline individual objects in images, semantic segmentation associates individual pixels in an image with a tag. It’s a more specific type of annotation.

In semantic segmentation projects, annotators usually get a list of predetermined tags. They can choose from this list and assign a tag to segments of the image.

For example, when annotating images for self-driving vehicles, they would divide the image into cars, roads, pedestrians, and other segments using specific tags. Each segment has a unique color code.

The resulting single image will contain annotations for multiple objects.

Image Annotation: Essential for Machine Learning

Image annotation is a foundational method for building computer vision. AI specialists use prepared images to teach algorithms.

Different types of image annotation services vary in the objects they target and in their accuracy. Each method, however, is reliant on human annotators to assign labels to objects within an image.

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Serverwala – Manage Your Business With Fastest Dedicated Server in Netherlands



Are you running your own business and puzzled in a big dilemma about how to manage it? Then, no need to look far from reliable and powerful web hosting. Consider the Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands with all exclusive benefits and an ample range of services in your budget by the leading web host Serverwala. Besides, it gives you managed Dedicated Server plans to reduce your workloads and a user-friendly, independent hosting environment. So, you can manage your business without any hurdles.

If you want to know more about this in-depth, you need to go through this post. In the end, you will find a worthwhile solution for your business. So, let’s get started!

What is Dedicated Server Netherlands

A Dedicated Server is the reliable, secure, and fastest web hosting solution used to host large business sites. This means you can host sites with thousands of web pages like E-commerce, online shopping sites, HRMS Portals, Gaming sites, etc. In Dedicated hosting, you’ll be given an independent hosting platform along with a wide range of dedicated resources. These resources include RAM, Solid State Drives, bandwidth, robust hardware, powerful processors, and much more. Since all the resources can be employed by a single tenant, ensure the high availability of resources for your site. This means not a single function has to wait for the resources or stand in a queue. However, you can experience the highest performance and unmatched speed for your site.

Further, the dedicated Server in the Netherlands provides you two versions of hosting: Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting. Managed one is preferred especially for those users and business persons having no budget limits, whereas unmanaged is the preference of users who have expertise in technical skills and limited budget.

About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt Ltd is basically a web hosting provider that was established in 2015. The company provides various web hosting solutions, including Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Colocation, Cluster, and Cloud Hosting. With all these plans, you will get an ample range of exclusive services to experience the fastest speed of your site. Further, Serverwala has received many awards and gained more than 10,000 users’ trust because of catering world-class and industry-leading services. Therefore, you can count on this web host for high data security and better customer support.

Serverwala – Best Plans and Packages of Dedicated Server Netherlands

Serverwala provides reliable Dedicated Server Netherlands plans and packages inclusive of all the exclusive services and high caliber features. You can customize your hosting plans for Windows and Linux Dedicated Server. Pick any plan from the below list that can give you the experience of the fastest speed for your site.

Advantages of Hosting a Website on Netherlands Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is basically known for its world-class benefits; whether it’s about an optimal performance or fast speed, uptime, or support, everything is highly beneficial because it allows you to manage your server smoothly.

Seamless Performance

Netherlands Dedicated Server renders the powerful hardware tools and components that boost your site speed. So, you can experience the fast performance of your site.

Heightened Security

Security is an ever-needed feature that all users who do their business online require to secure their site data and user credentials. Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands gives you a high level of data security measures with the flexibility to install any custom security software. So, you can ensure high security with it.

Allow Customization

When your package comprises lots of resources and services, but you need some of them. At that moment, a Netherlands Dedicated Server is the best choice for you that allows you to customize your resources as per your site requirements. So, you need to pay only for the resources you opt for.

Exclusive Use of Dedicated Resources

With the Dedicated Server Netherlands Hosting, you can enjoy the benefit of using the exclusive resources. This is because it gives you dedicated resources that you can utilize fully for your website. No sharing of resources ensures the exclusive use of resources for your site. So, you can optimize your website.

Dedicated IP Address

With shared hosting, you need to share a single IP with multiple sites that lead to damage and data loss. Whereas, it is one of the best benefits of hosting a site on a Dedicated Hosting Netherlands plans that you get the dedicated IP address that ensures the high security and stability of your site.

Why Host Business Website on Dedicated Server Netherlands

You can not easily manage your hosting with shared hosting due to an ample range of reasons like resource sharing, limited resources, less security, and much more. However, there are lots of reasons to host your site on the Best Dedicated Server in Netherlands. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • If you want more advanced and Better Security to secure your site sensitive data from malicious and suspicious activities.
  • As Response Time is very crucial for every online business, so if you want it then Dedicated Hosting Netherlands is for you.
  • To get Complete Server Access to make server configurations
  • When your site starts growing then handle High Traffic and accomplishes all the requirements.
  • For optimal performance and fast speed that you never get with shared hosting.

Customer Review

Customer Words are valuable words that show you the real image of a web host. So, here you can see the top reviews posted by Serverwala customers on the top review sites.


Serverwala is the one-stop solution for your online business. You can buy the Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands Hosting plans from there and enjoy all the enterprise-grade resources and services for your site. As it is quite an expensive plan, server management is not everyone’s cup of tea. But with Serverwala hosting, the impossible can be possible. You can manage all the activities and functions over your server with Dedicated Server Netherlands plans. So, buy plans now and enjoy limitless benefits to easily manage

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What are the best backend language for mobile app and web development?




With the boom in mobile app development and mobile app design, people have constantly been looking for easy and suitable alternatives to try a hand in these fields. Are you too in search of some of such software or languages to ease your quest? Well, here is the answer for you. Let’s dive in and see suitable languages and suggestions that will enhance your experience and help you keep up with the pace as the system progresses.

  1. For budding software developers

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is one of the languages a beginner must get accustomed to before the person learns to code. Its simple commands and features serve as a great interactive platform with easy and quick execution. Before any person progresses to any other language, it is highly recommended to start the basics with HTML. Some of the disadvantages of working with HTML include the limitations it provides. Though easy to load and run over the browser, HTML does not provide many features to the user. Thus, it has to be paired up with other languages to do away with it.

For an aspiring mobile app developer, nothing could be a better starting point than Javascript. With its advent in the 80s, Java has taken over the world by a faint due to its ease of understanding, simplicity, and easy access. Java Script’s versatility in today’s world cannot be denied, for it can be seen from frontend development to competitive coding. Some of its key features worth noting include its OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Language) format. This allows Java to be platform-independent along with the allowance to run the code anywhere on the system. It provides an allowance for other programming languages to work in parallel to improve the quality.

One of the undeniable benefits of using Java is the reduction in the server load it provides to the user. But it comes with its own set of shortcomings. A single error does not allow the Java program to execute further, thus freezing further proceedings over it. This increases the difficulty in debugging the program. It provides different results over different browsers, thus disrupting the uniformity sought by mobile app development services.

  • Want to scale up? Then there you go.

To overcome some of the difficulties provided by Java, we have C++, which cuts down certain loopholes. Similar to Java, it offers platform independence and eases in developing logic, structure and procedures. It also allows manipulation of data on a specific level providing complete authority over the memory.

Some of the shortcomings that C++ cannot do away with includes lack of background garbage collector. This leads to unnecessary memory allocation issues providing errors in the execution of the program. It has a complex structure, including aspects such as friends functions, pointers which only add to the complexity of the programming language.

Coming to mobile app design services forms another key component of any application, providing the user’s first impression of the application. It requires a certain level of imaginative aspect on the developer’s side, but a few tools could ease out our task if handled properly. Let’s briefly discuss some of these.

  • Looking for better features? Give them a try.

Python is a great approach to start with web-dev. Its simple, user-friendly feature makes it amicable. It is a lighter app compared to its rivals, making it easier to operate over the computer without acquiring much of the storage provided. Its features like Machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it suitable to work with. Some leading tech giants rely on Python for the features it provides.

Ruby is another renowned name in mobile app development services. They provide a developer-friendly interface to work with similar to Python, eventually increasing the developer’s productivity and increasing the speed of the process. Ruby is highly based on some prominent programming languages like Perl, Lisp, Eiffel, providing a plethora of features, namely- automatic garbage collection, flexibility, scalability etc.

What is the best choice for me?

Summing it up, the choice of the platform language is highly subjective depending upon the prior knowledge, exposure one has and the kind of work they do—the choice of the device they choose to work on plays an important role here. But nothing can stop a curious mind from exploring and indulging deep in endless possibilities that will come. It is only a matter of exploration and curiosity that sets one free from any restrictions.

Author Bio

Kamal Singh is a technical expert, a passionate writer, and a seasoned IT professional and who is working with Devstringx, a top custom enterprise software development company. His role includes overall quality assessment and business development for Devstringx. He also holds in-depth knowledge of IT outsourcing services and remote hiring of developers. Explore him through his ideas on a number of domains and as a part-time author of this blog.

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The bone saw machines are designed to cut large chunks of meat into smaller sizes. The bone saw machine is well suited to cut poultry, freezing mat, fish and bones. They are used in butcheries, in the food processing industry, restaurants and hotels. The bone saw machine can be a great addition to your business. That is why you need to consider the bone saw machine prices in Kenya.


  • It is made of stainless steel and surfaces that are specially treated.  This means that is highly durable and in line with food hygiene standards prescribed by the Government.
  • It has a panel for front access which makes it easy to clean up
  • It comes in counter top and upright designs which can be suitable for different spaces
  • A built-in grinder suitable for easy processing and also fast operations
  • It is designed to cut through different bones and frozen meat

Considerations to make when purchasing bone saw machines

The size

The different models come in varied sizes. The different sizes serve certain cutting needs. If you need the machine to cut huge chunks of meat or large bones then a bigger size is more suitable. This makes your work easier, since the large chunks can easily pass through the machine.


It is inevitable that size and power go together. It is recommended that you purchase a machine that needs more power than you demand this is so that as your business expands it can serve your needs.

The available space

You have to consider the space available to accommodate the machine. There are various options that you can consider for example free standing or counter top designs.

The manual or the electric bone saw machine

The manual machine is a more common scene in various butcheries. Going manual may however require some great amount of skill. The electric cutters come with various benefits like; ease of use and safety measures to protect you from injuries or accidents.

Bone saw machine prices in Kenya

The lack of formal employment is on the rise in Kenya.  This has necessitated the establishment of various businesses in, one being the meat business popularly referred to as butcheries. The bone saw machine is a great investment for anyone in the meat business.  A bone saw machine certainly comes in handy in making work easier and ensuring that your butchery is clean.

The return on investment should be your main concern in considering bone saw machine prices in Kenya.It may not be that expensive no matter the size or power of the machine as long as it serves your needs and maximizes output.

Types of bone saw machines

Each bone is special as many butchers may attest. The best model is one that serves your needs. The larger bones or chunks of meat may require a bigger model for ease of use and better output. If you are only cutting very thin pieces of meat then a small model would suit your cutting needs. A 16.5cm model will cut through the thickness of the same length and a 20.4 cm likewise.


Bone saw machinesshould be the least of your worries.  Finding a machine that severs your needs and also gives a great return on investment should be your priority.

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What are the most important stages of digital transformation systems?




 Digital transformation is considered to be the comprehensive process of utilising the digital technologies in such a manner that it will help in transforming the traditional businesses processes and will ensure that the creation of the new ones will be perfectly undertaken that will be very much evolving with the customer expectations and market needs. In this way, the company will be altering the businesses perfectly and will be managing and operating all the time so that value delivery can be ensured to all the customers without any kind of problem.

 Following are some of the very basic stages associated with the digital transformation in the whole process:

 After several kinds of years of study of the concept of digital transformation by the leaders of the industry, they have reached and find the six stages of digital transformation perfectly and following are the basic stages which the people need to take into consideration so that they can become purposeful and can have the result-driven transformation initiatives all the time:

  • Business as usual status quo: This will be the current state of the organisation in which they already exist and deal with them perfectly.
  • Present and active: This is considered to be the time of experimentation throughout the organisation in which they will be encouraging the creativity of the people and will further help in making sure that the digital literacy skills will be given a great boost and people will be having a clear-cut idea about the whole thing very easily.
  • Formalised: When the experimentation will become intentional the initiatives become much clearer than before and people will be able to start looking for leadership perfectly without any kind of hassle.
  • Strategic: This will be the very basic point in which the groups will be starting to collaborate and perfectly sharing their research so that they can create the most important strategic plans for the transformation throughout the process.
  • Converged: This is considered to be the formulation of the dedicated digital transformation system that will help in guiding the strategy, the establishment of goals and putting the systems into the places so that transformation can be supported and there is no hassle at any point in time throughout the process.
  • Innovative and adaptive: When the digital transformation will become part of the business and leadership abilities there will be a comprehensive system that will be directly linked with monitoring the technology and market trends so that company can continue to evolve throughout the process and never have any kind of hassle in the whole system.

 Following are the most common reasons why the digital transformations in organisations failed nowadays:

  1. People: People are the only thing who can either break or make the whole process of digital transformation and further people need to remember that culture is the top driver of the digital transformation and is one of the most important six pillars as well. So, whenever the organisations never pay attention to the cultural aspect then they will fail in the whole process.
  2. Poor communication: Announcing the digital transformation initiative is not the same as communicating about it which is the main reason that companies need to pay proper attention to the communication aspect as well. One of the most common reasons why the digital transformation is feeling nowadays is the poor communication and the organisations are bringing of changes without any kind of intimation to the employees which never makes them prepare for the whole process and ensures that there will be no guidance or support throughout the process. Hence, if the companies never provide specific or actionable guidance before or during the transformation then their initiative will never be able to make so much for and they will never be able to implement the best practices into the industry.
  3. Lack of measurement: People can never have a successful digital transformation if they have failed to define what success means to them. Companies can sometimes very easily assume that monitoring of success will be perfectly undertaken depending upon the key performance metrics and apart from this they will also be able to change how businesses were already been conducted.

 Hence, being clear about several aspects of the digital transformation is the key to success so that employee engagement can be given a great boost. 

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Business VoIP service providers – Just how to Choose the Right One




There are several business VoIP providers and also selecting the best one can be an arduous task so to make it less complicated for you I have compiled the top 8 points to search for when selecting a VoIP carrier VoIP is a modern technology that allows you to make a telephone call over high-speed net lines rather than conventional landlines.

Typically, you get many more functions and pay for much less for your get in touch with VoIP than you would be receiving from your local telephone company. For the most part, the VoIP is a little box that you get when you register for a VoIP solution with a VoIP carrier You just plug your net wire into one side and after that plug your telephone into the other, and also presto! You can make the call. Both main benefits of switching over to VoIP are the multitude of free functions as well as the inexpensive. The top 8 things you need to seek so you can feel great that you have the most effective business VoIP service providers readily available are …

1. Your VoIP carrier should have the capability to “Port” your telephone number. Meaning that you need to have the ability to keep the same telephone number you currently have if you intend to.

2. Your VoIP Company should have a cashback ensure so you can attempt their service and also if you aren’t satisfied you can obtain your refund. A 15-day refund warranty is what ought to be anticipated of your VoIP Provider.

3. Your VoIP Provider should have a wide variety of free features. Some of the attributes you need to expect are voicemail, customer ID, call-waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, call blocking, and also do not disrupt.

4. Your VoIP Carrier should offer yearly plans which lower your month-to-month cost. Currently, I almost really did not put this in because some people do not like yearly strategies yet the company must deal with this to ensure that you recognize you can obtain the most effective feasible bargain.

5. Your VoIP Carrier ought to be mostly a VoIP business. Your VoIP carrier should not provide various other services such as TV, internet, and landline solution. These all-in-one businesses benefit various other solutions but not for VoIP.

6. Your VoIP Carrier ought to have a client service department AND a technical solution division. To ensure that you can obtain the aid you require when you require it.

7. Your VoIP tools need to be easy to establish. You shouldn’t need to mount any type of software application or change any one of your existing devices. Your VoIP devices need to be “Plug-and-Play.”.

8. Your VoIP Service provider must use limitless far away. If you utilize these 8 straightforward guidelines as a standard you will unquestionably find a VoIP company that will supply you with an outstanding VoIP experience.

I have included a web link below to a VoIP company that my household and I have been making use of for fairly some time now. We are extremely happy with them and their business served as a standard for writing this post.

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