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The Ultimate Guide on How to Smoke Dabs



The Ultimate Guide on How to Smoke Dabs

Today, many people are enjoying themselves by smoking dabs. If you know “dabs” as the popular dance kids did just a few years ago, then you might be a bit confused.

What is dabbing? It’s where you smoke a concentrated form of marijuana. In most cases, they range from 70% to 99% THC! It’s great for people who want something stronger than smoking regular weed.

So how exactly do you smoke dabs? Read on to find out.

How to Smoke Dabs With a Rig

The easiest way to smoke dabs is to use a dab rig. Seeing as it’s created for this specific purpose, it’s the best way to enjoy yourself.

However, we do have to give you a disclaimer here. As we’ve pointed out earlier, dabs are very potent in comparison to regular marijuana.

For this reason, beginners should not try dabbing. And for those who are experienced with weed, make sure you have a high tolerance. Otherwise, you might end up passing out or couch locked when you first try dabbing.

How to Use a Dab Rig

If you have a dab rig handy, then you’re in luck. It’s very easy to smoke dabs with one.

First, you’ll want to get your weed concentrate ready. Most people use it in wax form, so our directions are with this in mind. However, you can also use oil, shatter, dust, budder, and bubble.

Rigs are essentially the close cousin of the bong. They have all the same pieces: a mouthpiece, glass pipe, and vertical chamber.

But dab rigs also have a nail. This can be made from glass, titanium, or quartz.

To smoke dabs, first add water to the rig’s chamber. Heat up the nail with a blowtorch, but aim it away from the glass since the heat can crack it.

Once the nail starts glowing, take the blowtorch away, turn it off, and use your dab tool (or wand) to apply your weed concentrate to the nail. Because you’ve heated up the nail, this will convert your concentrate into vapor. You can then go ahead and inhale this vapor to get high.

When you inhale, make sure you do so slowly. As you’re doing so, rotate the nail to get every last bit of concentrate off of it. You’ll want to rotate the nail slowly too so the vapor’s not too hot as it enters your lungs.

As we’ve said above, people can pass out from dabbing. So make sure you’re sitting and in a safe place before you give this a try.

How to Smoke Dabs Without a Rig

If you don’t have a dab rig, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of other ways you can smoke dabs. Here are some of the popular choices.

Hot Knives

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to smoke dabs, since you most likely already have knives in your home. You’ll also want to have something that can mitigate the loss of vapor when you inhale, such as a straw, funnel, or even half of a plastic bottle.

But if you don’t have any of those things, don’t worry too much. You’ll just be wasting a little more of your weed concentrate than you’d like.

To smoke dabs with hot knives, simply heat up a butter knife (this is much safer than a steak or cutting knife). Once it’s hot, dab a little of your wax onto it and inhale the resulting vapor. If you find it difficult, use one of the tools listed above to help get the vapor into your nose.


This is another cheap and easy way to dab, especially if you’re always on the go. All you need are rolling papers, a roach, some weed, and some dab wax.

Start out like you’re going to roll a regular joint. Put down your rolling papers with the crease-side up, and sprinkle some pot across it. Put a roach at the end.

Now take the wax and put a little bit at the center. Make sure you avoid putting wax on either end. You don’t want the wax on your mouth and you don’t want to be lighting the wax directly either.

Make sure your fingers aren’t sticky and then roll up the joint. If there’s the least bit of wax on your hands, you’re going to end up ripping your joint, so be careful!


To dab successfully with a vape, you’ll typically want to go with older models. This is because newer ones fuse together the atomizer and cartridge, which you need separate for smoking dabs.

When you get a vape with these separate elements, then you’re set for dabbing.

First, take the atomizer out and make sure it’s completely cool. Then, dab your wax concentrate on the heating element. Turn on your vape and put the atomizer back in.

Put on the mouthpiece of your vape and you can then dab through your vape!


Healthstones are also known as vapor stones. These are porous, which makes them very unique.

You just need to get one and put it in the bowl of a pipe or on the bottom of a titanium nail. Then, you dab the wax (or oil) onto the healthstone. Heat the insert and then you can start inhaling!

Smoke Dabs for the Ultimate Weed Experience

Now that you know all about the subject, you can smoke dabs with confidence. Whether you’ve got a rig or not, there are ways to get the most out of this experience.

So whether you’re using hot knives, a vape, or a rig, make sure you try out dabbing, especially if you’re a weed aficionado already. It’s definitely something everyone should try at least once in their lifetimes!

For more articles like this one on dabbing, please take a look at the rest of our blog page now.

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Stay Lifted: A Guide to Essential Crane Parts



Stay Lifted

There are hundreds of potential crane parts to choose from, and it can all get a little confusing as you look at refurbishing or purchasing a new piece of equipment. With a new infrastructure package passed in Washington and worth hundreds of billions of dollars, chances are pretty good that business will soon be booming.

It’s time to get familiar with these pieces of equipment now so you’ll be ready to move some metal! Let’s look at the five core components. 

1. Boom

The first thing that will catch your eye when looking at a crane is the boom. The boom is that long piece that gives a crane its giraffe-like form. When looking for crane parts for sale, boom-wise, you also might focus on the pulley and hoist, which rest on the end-piece. 

One thing, as booms go, that you’re starting to see a lot more of is flexibility. The knuckle-boom crane visible at the HIAB website is one such example. 

2. Hook

Another important inclusion when it comes to crane machine parts is the hook. The hook rests on the end of the hoist, and it allows the crane truck to grab objects and move them around. A faulty hook will render the entire machine useless, so it’s important to have one that’s capable of managing the weights that you intend to move.

3. Hoist

A third important aspect to look for when shopping for industrial cranes and parts is the hoist. The hoist is the cable that attaches the hook to the boom. 

Like the hook, it’s an essential component to lift objects and move them around. The strength of the wire ensures that objects stays secure for movements over variable heights and distances.

4. Cabin and Components

A key aspect of cranes that is central to the equipment’s overall function is the cabin and its internal components. The cabin of a crane truck is where the operator sits and maneuvers the boom and hoist.

Along with the seat, there are internal electrical components that send the needed power throughout the rest of the crane. This increases the crane’s overall mobility and range of motion. 

5. Counterweights and Outriggers

Counterweights are also critical to the safety and efficiency of the crane. These components operate exactly the way they sound. They are weights that go on the opposing part of the crane to counterbalance the load that operators are tasked with moving. 

Stability is critical when you’re pulling loads that weigh many hundreds, even thousands of pounds. That’s where outriggers can help as well. Outriggers are metal beams that extend out of the crane’s chassis and keep both equipment and load more stable while operating. 

These Crane Parts Will Help You Stay Lifted

Keeping your truck going with the right crane parts is critical to maintaining safety and productivity on construction projects. As you become more familiar with your equipment and its working parts, you’ll see many options for reducing the load and working responsibly. 

Always go for quality over cost. It will save you more in the long run. For more information on operations and construction, check out some of our additional posts!

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Some Key Elements of Good Shooting Positions in Hunting



Hunting is fun but without any animal killing, a hunting trip becomes a complete bore. There are some key elements of shooting positions that make your shoot more accurate with assisting you in animal killing. Of course, certain limitations you can find regarding the challenging terrain and limited time. But, learning shooting positions will assist you in dealing with any situation and increase your shooting comfort.

Shooting positions also improve accuracy, and effective bullets like berger bullets provide a good balance between aim and shoot in your hunts. This balance helps to create devastating results with an immediate kill. Now learn the key elements of good shooting positions that can make your hunting trip a success.

Bone Support

Make sure the weight of the rifle is supported by bone rather than muscle when you get behind the rifle. As you are careful, your muscles will weary and the rifle will ultimately shift. To ignore muscling the weapon, it’s key to understand proper positions that provide appropriate bone support. Maintaining a good position requires relaxation with great bone support and bone support brings the ultimate aim that creates a great improvement in your hunting.

Muscular Relaxation

Muscle relaxation assists in keeping your balance and improving your ability to aim. This can be performed by enhancing bone support to achieve the least amount of movement and the most consistent resistance to recoil. 

Excessive movement of the rifle due to tense muscles would make it harder to stay on target. The rifle will never settle into an aiming point without the combination of bone support and muscular relaxation, making it impossible for the shooter to apply strong trigger control and place a well-aimed shot. To establish a natural point of aim, aim at your target, close your eyes, and then open them again. You have a good natural point of aim and a good posture if the rifle is still on target.

Natural Point of Aim

The natural point of aim is the position of the weapon in reference to the target. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax as much as possible once you’ve gotten into position and aimed in on the target. When you open your eyes, the crosshairs should be sitting on the desired aiming spot. Because the rifle is an extension of your body, you must change your position until the rifle naturally points at the selected aiming point on the target. You’ll stay on target if you continually examine the position and natural point of aim.

Shooting Hand’s Grip

It’s best to keep a strong grip on the small of the stock but avoid white-knuckling it. To keep the rifle butt in its regular position in the shoulder pocket, the shooting hand applies firm rearward pressure. When the thumb reaches over the small of the stock, you’ll have a good spot weld. Hence, if it’s more comfortable, you can rest your thumb parallel to the outside of the gun. Because the trigger finger is positioned on the trigger, it rarely touches the side of the stock. This allows you to press the trigger to the back without interfering with your aim.

Spot Weld

On the small of the rifle stock, the spot weld is the point of strong contact between the shooter’s cheek and thumb. It indicates the point at which the shooter’s head, hand, and weapon make firm contact, allowing the head and weapon to recoil as a single unit. It also serves as an additional anchor point, showing to the shooter that they are in the correct posture and allowing them to replicate that position with each shot. Anchor points are essential for consistency and accuracy.

To conclude, learning key elements of shooting positions can be overwhelming for beginner hunters. It happens as there are so many terminologies to learn and a lot of factors to think about. However, learning these shooting postures can increase your aim and entire shooting experience. This entails putting everything together to sight in your rifle so you can reliably hit your target.

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AA Meetings in Wyoming – Your Gateway to a Lasting Sobriety



Attending one of the AA meetings in Wyoming can take you a step closer to sobriety. There are several locations in Wyoming to help you access the nearest AA meeting from your place of residence. The Members of AA discuss ways to remain sober and also help others achieve freedom from the habit. Fellow members offer valuable guidance to the newcomers. AA group members help each other stay sober during local AA meetings in Wyoming.

Getting rid of the habit

A drinking habit can make an individual suffer from occasional blackouts and use alcohol as a solution to deal with stressful situations. There will be sudden mood changes, and the alcoholic will start distancing from near ones. You may suffer from addiction if drinking alcohol is your priority over your responsibilities.

There is a stage in every addict’s life that makes one realize the ill effects of the addiction. Loss of family ties, increasing debts, loss of job, and health hazards of alcohol are some factors that change the individual’s mind. It is the right time to associate with Alcoholics Anonymous simply by attending an AA meeting.

The simplicity of an AA meeting format makes this a better treatment option than other rehab procedures. Just attending one of the local AA meetings near Wyoming is enough to put you on the threshold of recovery. Choosing the nearest location is a breeze if you are using the AA meetings locator.

How do AA Meetings help you become sober?

The internationally acclaimed platform of Alcoholics Anonymous is the most practical and supportive resource to bring your dream of sobriety into reality. AA meetings in Wyoming have helped thousands achieve abstinence. These meetings are effective, cleaner, and more affordable than most rehab programs.

Collective effort to become sober is a more effective way than in-house rehab programs. You will meet several individuals who have become sober only by attending the meetings regularly. The 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous program and other discussions can boost your confidence in kicking the habit. You will get vital tips to detect and overcome triggers from those who have been practicing sobriety for a long time.

Understanding themes of AA Meetings

There are different topics of meetings to help every individual get support for achieving sobriety. Anyone with a will to recover from the addiction can attend an open meeting. A beginners’ meeting IS the right platform for a newcomer. Attending a speaker meeting will help you get inspiration from the speaker who has successfully achieved abstinence from the drinking habit. Peer support is vital for becoming sober and the nearest AA meeting near Wyoming.

Steps meetings will help you explore the spiritual aspect of becoming sober by accepting your powerlessness over the habit and believing that a superior power will help you fight the addiction. Continuous self-assessment and analysis of shortcomings during the steps-AA meetings will put you on the road to recovery.

Anonymity is an essential feature of AA meetings as members will introduce themselves by using first names only. Inform the members about your problems with no hesitation, as everyone has gone through a similar situation.

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If your site has a large number of visits and a great position in Google, surely at one point or another you will receive an email from someone randomly wanting to publish an article on your site.

Guest post literally means guest post, a term that refers to any article posted on a website that is not yours. Many make these sponsored articles to promote their own website or product.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks
Despite these intentions, the main reason sites exchange articles is to generate backlinks. These are links without the “nofollow” tag that point to certain sites, so they pass a bit of relevance.

Many top sites place sponsored content to related topics. PRPosting outreach specialists verified websites for getting external resources where you can publish materials.

The more backlinks a site receives, the easier it will be to rank high on Google. So thousands of websites and large companies spend tons of dollars to get backlinks and maintain their positions in Google.


Large sites hire specialist SI companies that have teams searching for large, relevant and specialized sites with high DA (domain authority) and SKILLET (page authority) and location on Google.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks
They offer a sponsored article that they write themselves, with full attention to the theme of their website and without appearing to be advertising. They don’t care about the topic of the article, they just want the links to point to their websites.

Most of the time they offer money for it. It can range from R $ 50 to R $ 1,000, depending on the size of your site. Most pay in dollars or euros through Paypal. Others offer backlink exchange or try to offer the article for nothing in return, as some are unaware of this market and accept without winning anything.

They get in touch through emails that are sometimes written in English and even seem suspicious. Some bloggers may have thought it was a lie or a virus, but they actually missed a good opportunity.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks
For some bloggers, only if someone offers a well-written article without advertising for free, they already feel like publishing it. Now imagine someone paying for it? It is the joy of most website owners.

Those companies that offer money to publish sponsored articles do not want the article to look like advertising. They want the article to be as natural as possible to be well seen by google .


It has been years since I have received requests for sponsored items almost monthly. Some offer between 50 and 100 reais, other foreigners offer high prices. The day I wrote this article, I received 100 euros for posting a sponsored article on my website.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks
It is not necessary to have a giant website, the first contact to publish a sponsored article appeared when my website received less than 100,000 monthly visits. I also received sponsored articles on a website that has less than 50,000 monthly visits.

The secret is to have a DA and a PA above 20. My DA, who is currently around 37, already receives articles that earn me more than 400 reais for the sole work of receiving an article, pasting it and publishing it.

I have had instances where the same company has posted multiple guest posts or sponsored articles on my website. They often take too long to ship the item, which can scare you into thinking you’ve quit the business.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks


If you have a website and you want to receive money to publish third-party articles, instead of having to pay publishers, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Whenever you put an external link in articles on your site that are not from a sponsored post, put the unfollow tag . No company wants to publish articles on a website to which all pages have external links.

For example, you will put the source of an article, the link to a product, the link to a tool on the web, use the noffolow tag. Only leave the links to follow for sites that pay or deserve it.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks
Another tip is to grow and improve IF THE and positioning of your website. The higher the DA and PA , but there are likely to be people who want to pay to write for your site. Remember to leave a contact page on the website.

Perhaps creating a media kit is good for attracting partners and opportunities like these. Do you want to earn more money? Have more than one website, because often these people you contact ask if you have another website to do business with.


Some claim that backlink exchange is not a practice well regarded by Google. I think that everything that is done in moderation has no problem. Major sites like Globo and UOL sell sponsored items without a problem.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks
Anyone who is against the practice of selling items on their website will likely decrease the competition. Google cannot do anything with the exchange of backlinks that are totally related to the topic or topic written on the site.

If any company or website uses follow links Unrelated to the niche, the aggrieved is the one who paid and not the owner of the site. Not to mention, the reader is not affected at all by sponsored content, as they don’t even know it is sponsored.

The only care you need to take with guest posting is to verify that the content in question is not duplicated. Make it clear that you will only publish original articles and nothing copied from other sites, to avoid being penalized by Google.

Ganhar dinheiro with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks

You should not be afraid to sell space on your website. Both you and those who pay to post articles on your site don’t want to be harmed by Google. They know the correct way to work, you just need to know.


You can also search for sites to exchange guest posts to improve your relevance on Google, increasing the chances that well-paying businesses will search for your site to serve a guest post.

It is important that you exchange links in a natural and friendly way, without performing techniques that Google considers obscure and prohibited (blackhat). You can also hire companies that sell or buy backlinks or guest posts.

Others even use their copywriting skills to make some money from these companies. Swapping sponsored items is a profitable market for everyone. I hope you have enjoyed the advice in this article, if you liked it, share it and leave your comments

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Top 3 Places to Start a Career in the Performing Arts



Top 3 Places to Start a Career in the Performing Arts

Ok, so you want to start a career in the performing arts, and nothing will stand in your way. That’s the best attitude to have in a highly competitive field. And, it doesn’t matter to you that non-paid artists outnumber professionals 30 to 1.

You made the first big step to focus on the goal. It’s a tough road, but you are ready to make that commitment. Now you need a place to start in the visual and performing arts.

So, if you want to know about three places to get your career started, keep reading. Here are the best places to embark on a great performing arts career.

Learn the Performing Arts

Have you made yourself aware of what is performing arts and all its facets? There are more forms than dance, singing, and acting. Performing artists find roles in the tourist industry, public speaking, and standup comedy.

So, keep all your options open while continuing to learn your craft. Study in the performing arts translates well to other professions too. Learning teamwork and gaining self-confidence are only a couple of benefits.

Professional artists gain more self-confidence with performing arts. And they learn to accept constructive criticism well. In addition, studies have shown that performing artists make better students.

3 Career Starters

Now, with education behind you, doors begin to open all around. But, of course, your career isn’t limited to working in a performing arts center. But that’s not a bad place to start.

1. Home Casting

Local performing arts theaters are always looking for new talent. The pay may not be what you’re looking for, but the exposure is helpful.

Gaining work experience is vital to moving forward. You might be working with amateur performers at first, but that gives you the chance to shine.

2. Go Off-Grid

As mentioned, performing arts roles can take on many forms. Look around for unconventional jobs in your area. Lots of museums and historical sites use actors to tell a story. What could be more fun than dressing up in a period costume?

Your performance will thrill new visitors every day. Plus, it’s a fun way to practice your craft. When a performance arts theater comes calling, you’ll be ready to step into a role.

3. Background Roles

Almost every small town or city has a center for the performing arts. And, though you might not get a stage part right away, there are plenty of opportunities. Search out places like for new performances often.

Many in the performing arts begin their careers as stagehands or behind-the-scenes helpers. However, assisting directors and producers can lead to other avenues you haven’t thought about.

Stepping Out

You have chosen a field with a wide appeal in the world. There’s no limit to where a performing arts education can lead. The important thing is to keep an open mind.

Embrace your craft with every role. Show off your professionalism and willingness to take on the task. And most of all, have fun performing.

If you enjoyed this article, keep coming back for more engaging stories and tips.

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