The Ultimate Guide on How to Smoke Dabs

The Ultimate Guide on How to Smoke Dabs

Today, many people are enjoying themselves by smoking dabs. If you know “dabs” as the popular dance kids did just a few years ago, then you might be a bit confused.

What is dabbing? It’s where you smoke a concentrated form of marijuana. In most cases, they range from 70% to 99% THC! It’s great for people who want something stronger than smoking regular weed.

So how exactly do you smoke dabs? Read on to find out.

How to Smoke Dabs With a Rig

The easiest way to smoke dabs is to use a dab rig. Seeing as it’s created for this specific purpose, it’s the best way to enjoy yourself.

However, we do have to give you a disclaimer here. As we’ve pointed out earlier, dabs are very potent in comparison to regular marijuana.

For this reason, beginners should not try dabbing. And for those who are experienced with weed, make sure you have a high tolerance. Otherwise, you might end up passing out or couch locked when you first try dabbing.

How to Use a Dab Rig

If you have a dab rig handy, then you’re in luck. It’s very easy to smoke dabs with one.

First, you’ll want to get your weed concentrate ready. Most people use it in wax form, so our directions are with this in mind. However, you can also use oil, shatter, dust, budder, and bubble.

Rigs are essentially the close cousin of the bong. They have all the same pieces: a mouthpiece, glass pipe, and vertical chamber.

But dab rigs also have a nail. This can be made from glass, titanium, or quartz.

To smoke dabs, first add water to the rig’s chamber. Heat up the nail with a blowtorch, but aim it away from the glass since the heat can crack it.

Once the nail starts glowing, take the blowtorch away, turn it off, and use your dab tool (or wand) to apply your weed concentrate to the nail. Because you’ve heated up the nail, this will convert your concentrate into vapor. You can then go ahead and inhale this vapor to get high.

When you inhale, make sure you do so slowly. As you’re doing so, rotate the nail to get every last bit of concentrate off of it. You’ll want to rotate the nail slowly too so the vapor’s not too hot as it enters your lungs.

As we’ve said above, people can pass out from dabbing. So make sure you’re sitting and in a safe place before you give this a try.

How to Smoke Dabs Without a Rig

If you don’t have a dab rig, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of other ways you can smoke dabs. Here are some of the popular choices.

Hot Knives

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to smoke dabs, since you most likely already have knives in your home. You’ll also want to have something that can mitigate the loss of vapor when you inhale, such as a straw, funnel, or even half of a plastic bottle.

But if you don’t have any of those things, don’t worry too much. You’ll just be wasting a little more of your weed concentrate than you’d like.

To smoke dabs with hot knives, simply heat up a butter knife (this is much safer than a steak or cutting knife). Once it’s hot, dab a little of your wax onto it and inhale the resulting vapor. If you find it difficult, use one of the tools listed above to help get the vapor into your nose.


This is another cheap and easy way to dab, especially if you’re always on the go. All you need are rolling papers, a roach, some weed, and some dab wax.

Start out like you’re going to roll a regular joint. Put down your rolling papers with the crease-side up, and sprinkle some pot across it. Put a roach at the end.

Now take the wax and put a little bit at the center. Make sure you avoid putting wax on either end. You don’t want the wax on your mouth and you don’t want to be lighting the wax directly either.

Make sure your fingers aren’t sticky and then roll up the joint. If there’s the least bit of wax on your hands, you’re going to end up ripping your joint, so be careful!


To dab successfully with a vape, you’ll typically want to go with older models. This is because newer ones fuse together the atomizer and cartridge, which you need separate for smoking dabs.

When you get a vape with these separate elements, then you’re set for dabbing.

First, take the atomizer out and make sure it’s completely cool. Then, dab your wax concentrate on the heating element. Turn on your vape and put the atomizer back in.

Put on the mouthpiece of your vape and you can then dab through your vape!


Healthstones are also known as vapor stones. These are porous, which makes them very unique.

You just need to get one and put it in the bowl of a pipe or on the bottom of a titanium nail. Then, you dab the wax (or oil) onto the healthstone. Heat the insert and then you can start inhaling!

Smoke Dabs for the Ultimate Weed Experience

Now that you know all about the subject, you can smoke dabs with confidence. Whether you’ve got a rig or not, there are ways to get the most out of this experience.

So whether you’re using hot knives, a vape, or a rig, make sure you try out dabbing, especially if you’re a weed aficionado already. It’s definitely something everyone should try at least once in their lifetimes!

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