The Ultimate Guide for First-time Wig Buyers

Wigs are the perfect go-to option for all the fashion icons worldwide who love treating the media with their impressive looks every time they step on the red carpet. For anyone who is looking for just an effortless change of cut, length, or color without damaging their natural locks, wigs are the most convenient alternative to consider.

Due to the increased variety and wigs styles, it can be perplexing to decide the best one for yourself. Hence to make it simpler for you, below mentioned are some tips that will guide you to the wig of your dreams.

Synthetic vs. Natural Wigs

First things first, you must know which wig sew ins would be the most suitable for you. Wigs are usually of two types, synthetic and natural. Synthetic wigs are generally cheaper for about $50 Sew in Weave. They are also less durable; hence they last for a few months only like some well-made synthetic original of the $50 Sew In weaves. On the other hand, human hair wigs are much more durable and last for a few years when maintained properly.

Types of Wigs

Patricia Terry Wigs opens a world full of versatility in color, style, and length for clients. To get a professional opinion before purchasing a wig for yourself, there is a 24-Hour Appointment Hotline, which guides you in every possible way to make sure you look nothing but the best. The wigs are readily available, made in one-size that fits all, and is even adjustable according to the client’s requirements.

They offer a free install with purchase of hair– making sure your wig looks absolutely real on you. Front lace sew in, full-lace, ready-made, and even custom-made, you name the style, and it’ll be available. Custom wigs are usually made on pre-order, keeping in mind the client’s style and circumference requirements. As they are solely meant for one-person, custom-made wigs are comparatively more expensive than full-lace and lace-front wigs.

Wig Maintenance

Just like your real hair, you must clean and take care of your wigs to make sure they last long without getting damaged. It is best to store your wigs away on a mannequin head when you’re not wearing them. However, if your extensions are stitched to your hairline, wear a silk bonnet at night to prevent them from getting ruined. Moreover, it is advised to wash your wigs using a sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner as they work as gentle cleansers.

Anything harsh can ruin your wig; hence you mustn’t wash them too often. To ensure your wig looks fresh and healthy, cleaning it twice a month is more than enough.

Styling Wigs

Before blow-drying, straightening, or curling your wig, you must use a heat protectant before. Avoid using styling sprays, cream, or excessive heat on your wig, mostly synthetic wigs, as it will shorten their lifespan even more. To detangle or smoothen the strands, using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers is way better than using a brush as it’ll ruin the wig’s glossy texture.



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