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A business loan may be the only option for you to gain the equipment, or start up costs, that you need. You may think that the amount you borrow, plus some interest, is what you need to pay back. Since you need the money now it is fair that you pay a little more than you borrowed.

There is more to it than that. You cannot understand the actual cost of a loan until you understand what the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is, and how it is calculated. Investopedia defines it as the yearly amount that you agree to pay back to the lending agency over a set amount of time.

  1. Fixed Interest Rate-If you have a fixed interest rate the only number that you will need is the total amount being charged to you over the length of the loan. This is the best option when obtaining a loan if you want a set amount that you need to pay. Your monthly payment will always be the same, with no chance of inflation affecting it.
  2. Variable interest rate-If your loan has a variable interest rate you will never truly have an exact amount of interest that you owe. As the market fluctuates, up or down, your interest charges follow. It is a gamble on your part to go with this type of loan, but if you obtain it when rates are high, you could feasibly end up paying less over time.
  3. Principal-You will need to have the exact amount of the loan that was given to you to figure out the APR, which in turn will give you the actual amount that you will have to pay.
  4. Loan Term-This is the total amount of days that you have to pay back the loan. This is usually a set amount that is defined in the original contract that you sign. The longer the term is, the more interest that you will normally have to pay.

Now, to figure out your actual APR, you will need to do some math. The equation may seem complicated, but if you take one section at a time you will be able to do it. Most lenders today will tell you what your rate is throughout the life of the loan, but if they do not, or if you simply want to check, plug your numbers into the following formula to figure out the true cost of business loans Australia.

APR=Fees +Interest /Principal. That number/loan term. That numberX365. That numberX100

Confused yet? A sample might help clear up any confusion that you may have. Let us say that you have a 5-year loan (1825 days) for the amount of $10,000. The added fees together are $500 and the total interest rates are $1000.






It is that simple to find out the APR. Once that is completed, you would take the principal amount of the loan and multiply it by the percentage rate that you have found.


If you have a fixed rate loan this will be how much your loan will cost you in total. If you have a variable rate you will have to complete this formula every year to get the total amount. Each time you plug the numbers in you will first have to find your new principal amount by subtracting your payments from the original amount of the loan (plus last year’s interest amount). It will not be possible to figure out the actual cost of the loan until you have paid it back. You can use the formula above to get a close estimate, however, which is beneficial when you are trying to compare loans through various lenders.

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How to Choose Electric Bike for Men Or Adults




So, you’ve decided to try electric bikes. But how do you know which one to buy? What are the best features for a men’s electric bike? Here are some tips to help you choose the best one. Consider the Frame type, Saddle height, Tire width, Battery life, and more. This will make your purchase more comfortable. And, you won’t have to worry about falling off the bike on your way home!

Saddle height

The ideal saddle height for an electric bike for men or adults is 109 percent of the inside leg length. However, individual differences in saddle height can cause variations. It is better to go with a slightly lower saddle height if your knees are at 80 to 85% extension. This will ensure optimum muscle stretch and pedalling fluidity. To measure the exact saddle height, stand without shoes. Then, multiply the leg length by 109 percent to get the length from the seat to the pedal at the bottom of the stroke.

Choosing the right saddle height for yourself and your riding comfort is crucial. Having a saddle that is too high will make it difficult to pedal smoothly. You will have to rock your hips side-to-side to reach the pedals. The solution is to gradually lower the saddle. Make sure the saddle is at least two inches higher than your frame. Similarly, if your saddle is too low, you may need to increase or decrease the frame size.

Tire width

When choosing an electric bike for men or adults, the tire width is important. The width of the tyre determines the stability and traction of the bike. Wider tires are best for riders who prefer stability and traction. A wide tire provides extra grip, a smooth and super-plush ride, and ultimate rollover capability. However, choosing a bike with a wide tire may not be practical if you are planning to ride on a muddy path or on a rocky surface.

The tire width of an electric bike for men or adults depends on several factors. It varies according to the frame and the fork size. It usually reflects the purpose of the bike. For example, a racing bike will have narrower tyres than a touring or gravel bike. In addition, an adult electric bike must be stable and have a large enough wheel base. However, if you want to use the electric bike for commuting, a bicycle with wide tyres will be more stable.

Frame type

Before purchasing an electric bike for men and adults, make sure that you know what size you are. It is very important to have the proper measurements and adjust the frame properly. You should also consult with a professional if you have any questions. Though this may take some time, the end result is a safer, more comfortable biking experience. In addition to safety, you will also get more enjoyment out of your bike.

There are two types of frames available for electric bikes: step-through and traditional. Step-through bikes are easier to ride, since you can get on and off without having to step over the top tube. These bikes were designed for women years ago when women’s dresses were long and made riding a traditional bicycle difficult. Women also had difficulty riding bikes with horizontal top tubes because their dresses covered their legs. Women’s electric bikes were designed with this in mind.

Battery life

The battery life of electric bikes for men and adult riders is one of the most important things to consider before you purchase one. Lithium-ion batteries are made by reputable companies and have a range of up to dozens of miles of riding on a single charge. They should be stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. It is also important to keep the battery as cool as possible, under 20 degrees Celsius.

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Advantages of Business Savvy and Sales Agility for Succeeding in the Post-COVID World




After a couple of years, the COVID era is finally nearing its end. But now, the main question is what skills will be needed in a post-COVID world. Unfortunately, it can probably be some 20 years before it can be possible to analyse all the effects of the pandemic on the world’s economy. That is because the essence of many business types has changed as well as the employers’ and employees’ expectations. However, the good news is that many of the changes won’t require significant time and money investments in the learning process. On the other hand, agility and resilience will be the most necessary survival skills. In this article, we present you with the business savvy and sales agility requirements for succeeding in a post-COVID world.

The picture of business savvy

Business savvy is a rare and valuable trait that implies an effort to reach your aims in business and, during that process, become an expert in a specific business area through continuous learning, self-development, problem-solving, and communication. So, communication is one of the essential characteristics of business savvy. It means a two-way process – both talking and listening. Excellent communicators unite people because of their ability to comprehend employees’ needs and wants and then send messages that engage and motivate the audience. They understand that fruitful communication is important and that employees mustn’t stop learning and improving their thinking. In addition, great communicators encourage power in their employees by recognising them as individuals with ideas they can present and implement in the company.

Finding the solutions through developing the skills

Businesses can quickly become focused on the issues and challenges that prevent the company from reaching its financial and other aims. But focusing on the problems should be replaced by creating the solutions. That is crucial both for the employer and their employees. It entails initiative, growth, research, brainstorming, and attending business management short courses. When managers, company owners, and their employees are fixated on creating solutions to the problems instead of the obstacles, they can experience more excellent morale and productivity in their work as well as better business results.

The importance of sales agility

Nowadays, managers, leaders, and company owners cope with more complexity than ever. In addition, digital transformation, industry convergence, and chain supply management come with new issues. Therefore, the sales professionals’ capacity to understand the details of these problems can also be challenged. On the other hand, sellers try to provide solutions to the new requirements of the customers, as their services and products also become more complicated. So, professionals in the sales industry must possess appropriate skills to comprehend the customers’ new issues and connect the solutions to them. For all of that, agility is one of the essential characteristics. Namely, sales professionals with an agile approach use the customers’ issues to their advantage. Firstly, they spend some time thoroughly inspecting how the requirements of the customers have changed. Then, they use these facts to effectively assess the value of their solution. Every conversation with the customer will contribute to the seller getting closer to understanding the customer’s essential needs. This approach is agile and considered one of the best because it offers a lot of flexibility. This kind of engagement attracts the customers because they know that they work with a seller who is determined to figure out the core complexity of their issues. In addition, it is effective for the seller because they become able to shape and understand the customers’ thinking.

Sales agility is the secret to the success of small businesses

Small and medium business owners research winning sales practices that imply agility. Partnerships are evolving, markets are changing, and employees come and go. Therefore, companies have to act quickly to stay on track. In those cases, sales agility has to come first. The sales department’s ability also has to be adjusted to all external environments because that is the key to handling any changes. Companies with exceptional sales agility skills are placed somewhere between being extraordinarily rigid and making super quick decisions, almost without a plan. A successful small or medium-sized business owner has to adopt a sales strategy focused on comprehending the target market and competitors and a sales methodology that prioritises customers, sales process, territories, forecasting, and sales activities. Small business owners have to be focused on sales metrics, goal settings, compensation plans, and CRMs. They also have to organise sales training and improve management performance.  

Long story short, business savvy and sales agility are equally as important for succeeding in the post-COVID world as they were in the pre-COVID era. Maybe the times have changed, but the main principles remain the same.

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How to Use a Divergence Cheat Sheet in Forex Trading




Intro of Finansya

The divergence cheat sheet has become a popular way of investing in the stock market. This is because it identifies important signals and gives you an idea of where the market may be headed. It uses the RSI, a widely used oscillator, to measure price movements over time. Its divergence provides important indications of upcoming price movements, such as higher highs and lower lows.

How to Trade With Forex Indicators

There are several ways to trade with forex indicators. The moving average is a popular forex indicator because it represents the overall sentiment of the price. If the price is above this level, this suggests that buyers are controlling the price. Simple moving averages are used to measure price over a period of candles, while exponential moving averages are used to focus on the most recent movement.
Finansya Technical indicators are analytical tools that help traders make the best forex indicators decisions. They help them predict price trends and help them minimize their risk. They also help investors understand how to analyze a currency’s fundamentals before making decisions. They are also useful for confirming the results of a fundamental analysis.
Divergence Cheat Sheet in Forex Trading
A Divergence Cheat Sheet is a simple way to learn about divergence and its implications for trading. It contains a free Mt4 divergence indicator and video tutorials, and it contains information on how to use it in trading. Divergence is an important indicator, as it is used to determine whether a trend is likely to reverse or continue moving forward. Divergence can be confusing, so the cheat sheet provides an easy-to-understand guide to understanding its meaning.

Free RSI, MACD, Or Bearish RSI Divergence Cheat Sheet

If you are trying to master the art of divergence trading, you can use a free RSI, MACD, or Bearish RSI divergence cheat sheet. These three indicators are popular for day traders and investors alike. Divergence signals an ongoing trend losing momentum, and it could also signify a reversal trend. Here is a quick overview of each indicator.

RSI divergence cheat sheet

RSI divergence is an important technical indicator that indicates when the price and RSI indicator are moving in opposite directions. Divergences can either be bearish or bullish. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you learn about RSI and its common signals. Use it to determine when a price is likely to reverse trend. If you see a higher high or lower low, buy or sell the stock.
The RSI divergence cheat sheet shows you when the price is making a higher high and lower low. It is an early warning sign that the trend has slowed. It doesn’t always predict reversals. Many traders use this technique to determine trend direction. The two most common types are MACD and RSI. This cheat sheet demonstrates how to identify the two popular technical indicators.
RSI signals are most accurate on longer time frames. In addition to RSI divergence, RSI failure swings can also be a good indication of a reversal. Failure swings are independent of price action, and ignore the concept of divergences. A bullish failure swing occurs when RSI moves below 30 and bounces off of its previous high. In other words, a bullish failure swing is a move to an oversold level.

MACD divergence cheat sheet

The MACD indicator has proven its worth in the financial markets, but a few key tips can help you use it to your advantage. This cheat sheet is based on the concept of divergence, which means a change in the trend. It works on both the daily and weekly timeframes, though longer time intervals tend to produce more accurate indications. Listed below are the most important tips when using this indicator.
Divergence is an important technical tool for investors. The main purpose of this indicator is to give a signal when the price moves against the indicator. It can also be used as a momentum indicator. In the case of the MACD, the price of an asset may deviate from its trend if the moving averages do not agree. However, this doesn’t mean that the market is destined to reverse itself. Click here to Learn more about divergence cheat sheet.
In contrast to the MACD, the RSI can also provide significant signals. A divergence occurs when the RSI and the price chart do not show the same reading. When the RSI drops below its high, the price may be in a downtrend, signaling a short position.

Bearish RSI divergence cheat sheet

If your market’s RSI shows a downward trend while your price reaches its highest level, you may be looking for a bearish RSI divergence. This RSI divergence happens when the price makes a higher low and a lower high. This pattern usually signals a reversal in the market. It’s crucial to note the time frame of your divergence. The higher the time frame, the more impact it has. However, if you’re only looking at a short-term chart, you could miss a reversal.
A divergence cheat sheet is an excellent tool for beginners who want to learn more about technical analysis. This type of charting tool is based on the RSI, a popular oscillator. Whenever the RSI and price chart don’t show the same value, you’ve found a good trading opportunity. RSI divergence has two types, regular and hidden. The former indicates the potential for reversal movements, while the latter shows the direction of the current trend.
A bearish RSI divergence signal is generated when the RSI indicator and price are no longer in phase. In other words, the price makes a higher high than the indicator does. The opposite occurs when the price makes a lower low. If there’s a divergence in the RSI, the trend is likely to reverse soon. However, when RSI diverges, it suggests that the price is losing momentum and may soon reverse.

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What is Software as a Service (SaaS): A Beginner’s Guide




Once upon a time, in the “dark ages”, information and programs were stored on floppy disks and disks. They were difficult to obtain and even more difficult to handle. And when these technical treasures ended up in the hands of the user you needed a friend who could “cram” these things into your computer for a nominal fee. The only problem is that these “computer geniuses”, often almost sticks stuck programs which later run very crooked and difficult. And everyone’s main fear was the phrase: ‘What if the computer breaks?’ Well, for example, the hard drive will burn out. And that’s the end, because the information could not be recovered. All this horror haunted the user before the advent of SaaS. You can find everything about it at saas design agency. And in this article we will explain what SaaS is and why you need it. 

What is SaaS?

SaaS is software as a service. This option is a business solution that removes the need to install hardware and software. That is, you are no longer tied to a PC. Business software is now available online. And it doesn’t matter if you work with it via your laptop, smartphone or tablet. This solution does not require installation on a stationary medium. Thus, your program is stored in the cloud and everyone who has login passwords can use it. SaaS applications and programs can be stored both on a third-party cloud and on your own, created specifically for them. SaaS technology is often used in catering, shipping companies, and so on. Any calendars, organizers, CRM and ERP systems for project management, email and even a simple google drive are also SaaS. 

Features of the SaaS Model

Obviously, the SaaS model is chosen because of its flexible availability, relative low cost and productivity. But, the question remains, “Why is this the case?” Let’s break it down:

  • Using SaaS, you won’t have anything tangible (installation files, filing cabinets, document files) on your computer. It will all be stored on a server that can be accessed through a browser anywhere in the world. 
  • Payment is based on a renewable subscription. As, for example, in Lightroom. You pay for a month of use. For this period, you are given storage with all your projects and photo editing tools. Since, all of this requires no file installations, the process is cheap.
  • And the tastiest thing in my opinion is the customer care. All issues related to this problem are taken care of by the party providing the service. You can forget about inviting “computer guys” when in the middle of the work process, the whole system went haywire. In addition, the service provider is also responsible for updates and support. In other words, the whole technical side is no longer your problem. 

Strong Sides of SaaS

More often than not, once you buy the software, you are left alone with it. All the other questions, problems that arise, and so on are not the concern of the seller. In the SaaS option, you get 24/7 support. Also, unlike standard software, SaaS is safer to use because it is handled by professionals. In addition to the cost savings and wide geographic reach, there is also the advantage of time optimization. Previously, in order to get a good software, learn how to work with it and adjust all the processes, it was necessary to spend months. Now it takes (with SaaS) a few hours. Last but not least, there is the advantage of having a huge storage. Your company documentation tends to keep growing. But, this is not a problem for SaaS, since cloud storage is often almost bottomless. 


SaaS is a solution dictated by the times. It can significantly reduce the financial costs of the entrepreneur, as well as solve the issues of document control at a distance. In addition, this model significantly saves time and nerves. The only nuance, you should buy SaaS only from professionals, as it is a question of security and the right approach to choice. You can find a team of SaaS experts at the link above.

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Small Business Focus: How To Build A Better Business Plan




A comprehensive business plan can guide your organization towards success. Read on to learn how to write an impactful business plan. A business plan is one of an entrepreneur’s most crucial documents. It outlines an owner’s ideas, vision, and goals. More than identifying the type of business and products or services offered, the plan also includes the activities an enterprise is expected to perform to grow a business.   

The document also discusses the market and strategies to make an enterprise stand out from the competition. It may also include essential apps and tools. For instance, if you’re a dog walking business for example, you might want to include customized software from Jobber to manage your customer relationships, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing platforms. 

While there’s no one-size-fits-all business plan, there are general tips that will improve this vital business document. Once you’re familiar with the basic framework, it’s time to think of ways to improve it. 

  1. Conduct extensive research

While your business plan should focus on your business ideas, strategies, and projections, some sections will require familiarity with the market and your consumers. As a business owner, you must perform due diligence by looking into relevant data on the market, your niche, and the products or services you plan to offer. (1)

Capitalize on your prospects’ challenges and pain points to generate an offer they can’t resist or, at least, be interested in buying. Understanding the current market is vital to knowing how your brand can stand out from the competition. 

If you have no idea what a business plan looks like, download a template and review it to know which information you need to supply and focus on. Choose a template that allows you to retain complete control, similar to this free downloadable estimate template that you can fully customize based on your unique business needs. 

  1. Be succinct 

It’s easy to get overzealous when putting your thoughts and vision into writing. However, writing a business plan that looks like a research paper isn’t a good idea. Cut the deadwood and keep your document brief yet insightful. Doing this is especially critical when applying for a loan, where you must focus on specific sections, particularly sound financial forecasting and planning.

Focus your discussion on income projections and spending and less on market behavior and your target audience’s preferences. Besides, you can attach some of the references and documents in the appendix.  (3)  

The same principle applies to the executive summary, which must focus on your vision and backstory. Don’t go too in-depth, or you’ll likely bore and confuse your audience instead of stirring their interest to read further. Your objectives and reasons must be clear from the get-go. (2) 

  1. Take your readers’ perspective  

Think about your audience, motivation, and purpose in making the document. If you’re presenting the business plan to a lending institution or venture capitalists, focus on the financial and market sections. A good proposal will include realistic projections about revenues, return on investment (ROI), and an exit strategy. (1) (2)

Your business plan structure will also depend on your chosen niche. If you’re a local business looking for government funding, aim for sustainability and underline social responsibility strategies such as tapping farmers in your area for raw materials.

Before sharing your document to various audiences, ensure that your business plan is comprehensive and don’t leave more questions than answers. Having an expert read and review your business plan before showing it to the public or investors is also a good idea. (3)

  1. Focus on the most important sections 

Depending on your audience and purpose, some document sections may need to be highlighted more than others. However, as a general rule, you must focus on the following elements: 

  • Operations: Your business plan must discuss how your venture will be managed. Discuss the structure, the number of people you want to employ, procedures, and the strategies you’re taking in hitting your goals. If you’re planning to keep your workers to a minimum, it might be necessary to invest in automation and prepare for digital security breaches to increase productivity and efficiency.      
  • Unique proposition: An efficient operational plan can help you identify some potential problems you’ll face when managing your enterprise. But your product or service is the heart of your business. Anyone who’s taken an interest in reading your document wants to know what makes your brand different from the other ventures existing on the market. You’re already assured of their attention if you’re offering a breakthrough product. Of course, you must also have a transparent market for your products to make your business idea fly. 
  • Financials: Making realistic projections on how much money you need regularly and how much income you will earn is crucial. Financial forecasts, sales goals, expense budgets, and cash flow predictions and management must be highlighted in these sections. 


A business plan is a guide that discusses how an enterprise can achieve its objectives. It helps entrepreneurs and managers identify potential problems and make strategic business decisions. Additionally, this non-static document must be reviewed and revised to increase your chances of growth and success. 


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