The Trendiest Shoes for Women this Seas

Shoes are… something of an obsession among some of us. Honestly, you cannot have too many. Like, ever. You need a pair for every outfit, a pair in every color, a pair in every style. Boots, sneakers, heels, all of them; a lot of us simply need multiple pairs. We need variety.

Any reason to buy a new pair of shoes is a good one, and one of the best reasons is the changing of seasons. As we finish up winter and head into spring, let’s take a look at the trendiest shoes for women this season.

Low Heel Booties

If you think about it, the low heel bootie meets at the crux of multiple different styles. A shoe that’s shorter than a boot, but higher than a sneaker, less of a heel than some of those pumps you wear, but definitely more of a heel than just flats. This marriage of the best parts of all shoes makes the low heel bootie arguably the best shoe.

Though they have been in style for many seasons and for many years, this versatile shoe keeps up with current trends and is capable of changing with the seasons. This is why they are, in fact, still in style this season.

For more on-trend versions of this classic shoe, look for low heel booties in leather or snakeskin (or vegan versions of these) and fun colors. Pale shades like light grey and even white are a great way to transition your booties from winter to spring.

Plus, you can wear these low heel booties with a wide variety of this season’s trendiest outfits; they look good with rompers, cocktail dresses, and fun pants.

Cowboy Boots

Yeehaw, partner. Believe it or not, these Western classics are projected to be very much in this season. They have the perfect mix of a comfortable classic, but with an eccentric, bold flair. They say “I’m down to look fashionable, but also I’m chill about it.” The right pair of boots looks laid-back but still fashion-conscious.

To rock these new stand-out favorites, try them in a classic tan suede or black leather, for a nod to the old Western days. Or, to spice things up a bit, try a fun, bright pattern, for a look that’s sure to make a statement at any gathering. 

These boots can easily be the focal point of a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, or a more subtle addition to a flowy mini or midi dress.

Mary Janes

These old school staples are no longer just for schoolgirls. These adorable simple shoes are making their way onto the grown-up scene. This season, try out the cute, preppy simplicity of this throwback to your days back in grade school.

You can wear the same shiny, black, patent leather Mary Janes of yesteryear, or revamp them in white leather, or even a light color in suede. Designers are making these with kitten heels, flat soles, or the newly popular lug sole, so you can play with height, too.

Now, what to wear these Mary Janes with? Well, you could really lean into the classic schoolgirl vibe with a pinafore dress or even a plaid skirt. You can also play up the classic preppy vibe of these by pairing them with nice-fitting, tailored slacks, and a high-quality sweater.

Invest for Quality

No matter which of these new trendy styles you try out this season, keep in mind that your shoes face a whole lot of wear and tear on the day-to-day. If you’re in the market for a new pair to add to your wardrobe, it’s better to invest in a nice quality pair of shoes that can carry you through all of your adventures for a longer time.

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