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The Top Web Design Tips in 2021

The digital industry is booming at the moment, particularly with the pandemic, which has accelerated e-retail sales to new heights. Last year, online spending represented 21.3% of total retail sales, compared with 15.8% the year prior. Now more than ever, having a sleek, professional website with a strong SEO campaign is critical to drive organic leads for your business. As a web design London company, EJM Web offers their top tips for ensuring that your website catches the eye of consumers.

1. Optimise for mobile and tablet

Did you know that mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide? Towards the end of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 50.81 percent of global website traffic! If you’re looking to improve your SEO, making sure your website is fully responsive is absolutely critical to help increase your conversions rate. EJM Web Design advises that you do proper testing on your website before launching. This includes checking page width, optimising image size and making sure all fonts are the same size and line up correctly.

EJM Web design London
EJM Web design London

2. Make Speed a Priority

Slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year – that’s a huge amount and I’m sure you don’t want to be the site that falls within that statistic. There’s nothing worse than landing on a page, only to find that flicking between website pages takes 10 seconds each click. The best way to optimise is to use Google Page Speed Insights, which is a fantastic tool for speed testing. It will also highlight key areas for improvement, such as optimisation of image sizing and unnecessary CSS or scripts which may be running in the backend of the site. Speed is critical!

3. Keep things simple!

As a trusted London web design agency, one of the best things that you can do to create a beautiful website is to keep the noise to a minimum. That means not adding unnecessary words and sentences to fill space. Spread out the text across the page and keep content sections to a minimum. Break up the test with sleek images and animations. Remember to also keep the website menu uncluttered and mobile & tablet responsive. Many website designers fail to use proper navigation bars and end up leaving pages scattered all over the place. Don’t be that person!

4. Include a wide variety of call to actions

Call to actions are a great way to increase conversion rates on your website. Did you know that, on average, 90% of visitors that read your site title will also read your call to actions? Making sure that contact forms are easy to find and embedded sitewide is critical for driving leads. In addition, buttons containing phone numbers and business emails is a great way to encourage customer interaction with your website. From this data that you collect, you can then further drive leads by using platforms like Mail Chimp, provided they give you consent of course.

5. Don’t forget about SEO!

Many web designers in London forget about the importance of SEO for a website. If you break it down, you can have the best ship in the world, but if it has no fuel, how will it get anywhere? It’s the same with SEO. You need to constantly “fill it up” to make sure you are ranking in Google or Bing, and this entails are a variety of techniques. SEO is a complex game; it requires consistency and proficiency in a range of areas like off page marketing and on page optimisation techniques like H1 and H2 meta tag optimisation.

And that’s it – top tips for 2021 web design (and a bit of SEO!) EJM Web Design hopes that you found the content useful!

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