The Specialty Of Argyle Pink Diamonds

The Argyle Diamond mine in Kimberley, Western Australia, produces approximately 90 percent of the rarest and desirable pink diamonds worldwide for almost 40 years now. The mine belonging to a Rio Tinto If the color of stones mined in West Australia is distinct although stones from other mines typically have more of a bubbling gum color sound, red, purple, and blues influences. Aside from having such unbelievable color tones and hues in these stunning Argyle diamonds, Rio Tinto has become the leading brand for pink diamonds. Thanks to their brilliant branding and their incredible diamonds, pink diamonds now have to build a highly regarded diamond grading system.

What is the standard of Argyle’s colors?

Although the Light-Fancy Dark GIA Diamond records the grade of color, the color grading method of Argyle is it’s own. This unique system of ratings makes Argyle more precise to minimize color tonality and intensity than GIA.

Why are Argyle pink diamonds now so famous?

The sum has gradually decreased over the last decade, or so Argyle is mined with pink diamonds. The supply of such goods is steadily but certainly deteriorating, and the annual Argyle Tender also shows smaller items and less clarification. This reduction in supply, combined with more excellent knowledge of these phenomenal stones, has made them extremely famous. Today, many private individuals and collectors are searching for Argyle Pink diamonds because of their forecast capital value.

Why Should You Buy Them?

If you’re thinking of buying a pink Argyle diamond, this is probably the moment. Although the average carat price is now higher than ever, these prices increase sharply with the imminent closing of the mine and even more once the argyle diamond mine has closed. Limited amounts of diamonds had been discovered in Australia by gold prospecting since the end of the 19th century. Then, in 1969, Western Australia was systematically exploring and in the Argyle volcanic pipe in the Kimberly Area; on 2 October 1979, diamonds were discovered.

Argyle diamonds rightly come by their name: they are from Western Australia’s unique Argyle mine. While some of Argyle’s diamonds are pink, they are not all – pink diamonds are extremely rare. The name of Argyle is a brand in a certain way. You even prepared your grading study for rosy diamonds and a single Fancy diamond color map. A volcanic pipe is a widely recognized composition of Argyle diamonds. The Argyle pipe—made from a lamproite olive tree. Owing to an explosion in the formation of minerals such as zeolite, mica, kaolinite, and clay, they communicate with the diamonds.

Most Argyle diamonds contain low numbers, but the bulk of their color is related to crystal grid structural defects. Although the 4Cs (Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat) are Argyle diamonds, the company has created its color grading system. The rose diamonds have four diamonds: PP (purple rose), P (Pink), Pink rose (price rose), and PC (Pink Champagne). And so, based on their color strength, the diamonds are in grade. This stuff is between 1 (most) and 9. (The lowest). The pink Argyle diamonds contained in the mine are more like rose bubblegum with a refined look. But Red is Argyle Diamond’s rarest color.

RARITY of ARGYLE Diamonds 

More than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine. However, only one million tons of ore mined in the mine every two and a half million produce a pink diamond. In the last few years, Argyle pink diamond production has decreased considerably, and it seems that it is still increasing.

While Argyle diamonds have a distinct color, they are much more expensive than rose diamonds because of their perceived prestige. In Fancy Paint, Diamonds color is by far the most critical price factor, which is certainly true of the Argyle mining. Rose is one of the rarest and perhaps most popular diamond colors available.

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