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The Soberlink Portable Alcohol Monitor Review

A remote alcohol monitor can play an important role in determining the level of alcohol in our bodies. There are still many people in the world who are not aware that such a device exists. The main goal of a remote alcohol monitor system is to determine the level of alcohol. 

Of course, there are different companies on the market who offer alcohol monitors, but none is as advanced as Soberlink. You should definitely give their handheld breathalyzer a try.

But before using it, you should know what remote alcohol monitoring actually is. That, and more, you can find below. We’ve done our research ourselves and also found many positive Soberlink reviews online.

This new technology is a great way to monitor your blood alcohol levels. Are you worried about your alcohol intake because you notice you are drinking more and more often? If this is the case, then get help ASAP. You might be addicted to alcohol without even realizing it. If you feel this is your situation then get Rehab for alcohol addiction as soon as possible. The faster you get help the faster you can get your life back on track.. 

What is remote alcohol monitoring?

Remote alcohol monitoring is a type of technology that enables a person to check their alcohol levels with the help of a handheld breathalyzer. This system monitors alcohol levels and can transmit information accurately to the other party.

It’s a perfect device if you need help with accountability. Many people that are recovering from alcohol addiction will need all the help they can get. Luckily, there have been many positive reviews online.

The Best Portable Alcohol Monitor: Complete Review

Soberlink’s expert engineering technology has enabled them to create the world’s best alcohol monitoring systems. There’s a reason why Soberlink is a more convenient and effective alcohol monitoring technology. The device can even accurately monitor facial recognition. Because of that, the device will help you save time by reducing the need to review any identity. Its temperature detection sensors are suitable for flagging inconsistencies with each breath. 

One of the features of Soberlink is that it can provide automatic warning alerts. Any text message is customizable and is sent as a reminder. The results of this test are sent directly to the involved parties. 

Read on to find out why Soberlink is the best alcohol monitoring system.

Some important features:

  • Popular for its advanced reporting.
  • Very effective for real-time results.
  • Easily view daily, weekly, or monthly test reports using artificial intelligence
  • Enjoy test results directly from the Soberlink device using a cellular connection.
  • Easy to use due to its weight of 5.3 ounces (150 grams).

It’s safe to say that the Soberlink Cellular device is the best ‘’all-in-one’’ remote alcohol monitoring device on the market. It’s designed to have the best features that you can think of. 

The Soberlink Cellular device also comes with a protective case, a USB charging cable and 5 mouthpieces. 

Without a doubt, we can give Soberlink a positive review, as it’s one of the best and leading companies in their industry. Experts, such as family lawyers, also prefer this device. There is a huge demand for this worldwide and we can clearly understand why. The device even connects with Bluetooth. 

You can confirm test results very easily by setting up this system with any smartphone. There are a lot of questions among people using Soberlink. This way you can read real-life experiences of people who have actually used the device themselves.


It’s been very clear that we are very positive about Soberlink. It’s perfect to determine the level of alcohol in your body, to be held accountable, and to get rid of your alcohol addiction. What else can we say? Just try it out for yourself now.

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